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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 129.1


    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    When Ryan saw her finally open her eyes, he hugged her and spoke incoherently. He was almost in tears with excitement, “You finally woke up and scared me to death. You have been sleeping for a day and a night and scared me to death. It’s good to be awake. It’s good to be awake.”


    “Mmm. Water. Water,” Tian Xin’s body was weak and sore, and her throat was so dry that it seemed to be on fire. He was holding onto her tightly like she felt suffocated. She frowned slightly and asked for water.


    “Water? Oh, okay, you wait.” Ryan was truly scared for her. When he heard her ask for water, he froze for a while before reacting. He stumbled out and fetched water, then gently lifted her up, letting her lean on his body and feeding her small sips.


    “Hoo,” Tian Xin drank a whole cup of water. The slightly cool liquid moistened her throat and gradually woke up her somewhat confused mind.


    “Mmm,” It was so uncomfortable. Tian Xin had just moved her body slightly and felt as if her body was being torn apart, especially in the center of her legs, where there was a burning pain. She even felt something flowing out from below, and suddenly that scene of lustful images replayed in her. Tian Xin almost died of shame and indignation. She hurriedly put her legs together and pulled the animal skin next to her to cover herself with her arms and legs.


    “Grunt,” Ryan also saw the scene that made his body hot. He could not help but swallow his saliva, and he was afraid that he could not resist jumping on her again. He turned his gaze to the side and said softly, “You are hungry after a long sleep, are you not? I’ll get you something to eat.”


    He padded the animal skin cushion behind her, letting her lean against the wall, and then got up to get food for her.


    Tian Xin was indeed a little hungry. Besides, she held her breath and wanted to settle the score with him, so she didn’t refuse. Tian Xin ate whatever he fed her until her belly puffed up. Then she stopped, leaned against the wall, looked askance at Ryan, and ordered, “I want to take a bath and boil water.”


    Ryan stopped cleaning and softly persuaded, “I had helped you when you were sleeping. You do not have the strength to wash now. Wait until you have the strength to wash, okay?” Ryan did not want her to take a bath now, and she had no strength for one reason. Another reason was he wanted his essence to stay inside her for a while longer to increase the chances of conception.


    “No, I want to wash now. I want to wash now.” Tian Xin was furious and did not listen to him at all. She yelled at him rudely, like a grumpy little beast.


    “Okay, right now. I’m going to boil the water, and it’ll be ready in no time, so don’t move.” Ryan soothed her as he patted her on the back nicely.


    He quickly boiled the water, carried Tian Xin to the bathroom, gently put her in the bathtub, and helped her prepare clean clothes. He knew she would not want him to help her take a bath. Since he did not want to upset her, he turned around and went out and closed the door for her like a gentleman.


    When he went out, Tian Xin hurriedly put her fingers inside her and tried to get everything out of it.


    “Hiss. Hiss,” It swelled up so much that a touch hurt her hissing and gasping. Tian Xin endured the burning pain and washed clean inside and out.


    But she knew that this was not enough if she did not want to get pregnant. From what Ryan said, she had been unconscious for a day and a night. So even now, it was too late to take the contraceptive medicine afterward. If the bestiality was a special ritual like Moussa said, maybe she was pregnant now. Oh God, let her die. So how could she go home in the end?

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