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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 128.1

    One more time

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    “Mmm,” Her belly felt like it was getting bigger. Tian Xin roused in her sleep and struggled to get up to go to the toilet.


    But as soon as she moved, the big lion behind her opened his eyes and rolled over to firmly pin her down again. The big meat stick that was stuck inside her was gradually getting hard.


    “Mmm, so heavy. Don’t press on me. Get up. Ah!” Feeling as if her belly was about to burst, Tian Xin struggled to get up, flailing her limbs.


    “Ahhhhh! Don’t! Ah!” He actually began to thrust again. The remaining essence was not discharged yet inside her womb. All the cum was pressed deep inside, causing her uterus to become ripped apart, which was painful! Tian Xin tensed up her hips, controlling her belly and trying to push that bulge out.


    “Roar,” The big lion roared with pleasure, slamming into her with more and more savage movements. The huge hard meat stick penetrated deeply inside Tian Xin’s, rubbing intensely against every inch of the tender wall. It ferociously hit the tiny womb, forcing it to tremble and cry.


    With his brutal heavy thrusts, those cum mixed with her nectar swirled and flowed in her belly. Her tender womb could not bear such torture. She shook her head desperately, shivering and crying, “No! Ah ah ah! Spare! Me! Please! Don’t!  Ahhhhhhhh,” The climax nevertheless erupted in this instant. It was so intense that she could not make a sound and could only lie on her back on the bed, panting helplessly.


    As she was repeatedly pounded deeper and deeper during her climax, the remaining essence in her body plus the nectar that came out when she had her orgasm were mercilessly stirred up. Tian Xin was tortured to the point of going crazy. She contracted her flower with difficulty, gripped with both hands the animal skin beneath her, tensed her raised hips, and kept pleading and moaning, “Mmm, no more. Ryan, please. So uncomfortable. Ah! Ah!”

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