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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 127.2


    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    When the glans rubbed against the swollen flesh, the tingling pleasure kept attacking Tian Xin’s nerves, so she gradually stopped paying attention to the pain as if she was being torn apart. She screamed, “Ah! God ah! I want to! Die! Spare! Me ah! Ah ah!”


    The large tip kept pushing away the tender flesh blocking its way, squeezing a little into the ever-wiggling flesh. The layers of thin walls bit into his thickness. Although it was moist enough, it couldn’t fully engulf his big rod, which was too big in beast form.


    The small cavity was forced to contain his thickness. Tian Xin swallowed it with difficulty. Her inner walls were uncontrollably getting shaken by his constant grinding. A flood of nectar was flowing out along with his large meat stick.


    The big lion could not stand it anymore after grinding for a while and still hadn’t wholly entered. Ryan held her wriggling bum with his front paws, pushed up his waist with a ‘poof,’ and heaved it in, entering at the end.


    “Ah!” The pain of being pierced made Tian Xin scream and faint. At the same time, the big lion could no longer stop moving and thrusting furiously inside her body regardless.


    “Mmmm,” When Tian Xin woke up again, her arms and legs had been released, and her whole body was placed in a crawling and kneeling position. Under her belly was padded with animal skin, her hips raised in a high part. The big lion was behind her, thrusting her viciously from a top-down position.


    Tian Xin saw the beast’s claws on her side and knew that the one screwing behind her was still the big lion. Her lower body was numbed from his banging, and her sensitive inner flesh was rubbed hot like it was on fire. He was too strong, and every time he pushed in, he completely filled her narrow cave and penetrated deep into her womb, deeper than when he was in human form. With each impact, the violent contraction, like begging for mercy, sucked his glans, causing the big lion to grunt with excitement and more vigorous ramming. Tian Xin was soon f*cked out of her mind. With her mouth slightly open, she kept screaming, “Ah!. Ryan! Don’t! Don’t! I can’t take it anymore! Ah ah!”


    “Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh!” The big lion used his thick member to indulge in wild thrusts inside Tian Xin’s. The pain was accompanied by tremendous pleasure climbing inside Tian Xin.


    “Ah!” Suddenly, Tian Xin seemed to float. She began to have spasms in her lower body, and a gush of hot water spurted out of her uterus uncontrollably. It poured out on his fierce meat stick and gushed out with its impact. The fur of his lower body and the animal skin below were all moistened.


    Tian Xin’s climaxing flower was like a myriad of small mouths squeezing his big meat stick softly and forcefully. The overwhelming pleasure swept over the big lion like a wild tide, making him involuntarily hit her wildly. The big lion finally roared and blasted out after a couple of strokes and continued to shoot for several minutes. The hot essence filled Tian Xin’s tiny uterus to the brim, and her already bulging belly was visible even more.


    “Roar,” The big lion roared with satisfaction as he finished and fell on top of Tian Xin, panting roughly.


    The intense lovemaking had exhausted Tian Xin’s strength, and she fell asleep almost as soon as the big lion had cum.


    The big lion calmed his breathing a little bit and then rose up. Sensing that the little one beneath him was breathing steadily and seemed to have fallen asleep, he lovingly stretched out his big tongue. He gently licked Tian Xin’s smooth white naked back.


    To increase her chances of getting impregnated, he did not take out his big meat stick and just plugged all his essence into her womb. Then he half lay on top of her and closed his eyes, waiting for her to have enough rest so that he could have another go.

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