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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 127.1


    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    Ryan held her waist with both hands and moved to ram up more ferociously. He involuntarily hissed, “Naughty little thing, f*cking you to death!”


    “Mmmmmmm. So comfortable. Ryan, ah! ah!” Tian Xin’s internal itch was relieved, and she screamed in comfort, slightly closing her eyes with a face of intoxication.


    Listening to her scream underneath his body was like something was scratching at his heart that provoked him to be even more unable to withdraw his force. He kept moving forward to her crotch with one hand holding her waist. The other hand grabbed her white breasts and kneaded them vigorously while watching them coming out from between his fingers. The bottom of his heart could not help but rise up with a tyrannical pleasure.


    “Ah! Ah! Ah ah!” with Ryan’s wild movements, Tian Xin sprawled like spring water, collapsing on the bed. She did not even have the strength to move a finger, and her moans gradually decreased. Ryan felt a convulsive contraction in her hole and knew that she would come again, so he pulled out his big meat stick.


    “Mmm. Don’t go. I want. To. Give me. ah!” Tian Xin cried out in pain because her desire had not been satisfied. All the while, she opened her eyes and looked at him, begging.


    Ryan placed several layers of animal skin under her waist to raise her hips high before getting back on her. He kissed her on the lips and then soothed her with a husky voice, “Baby, take it easy. I’ll feed you.” His body convulsed as he spoke.


    Tian Xin saw a flicker of light, and a big golden-haired lion appeared in front of her eyes.


    “Ah!” Tian Xin was frightened and then realized that it was Ryan in beast form. Just why did he turn into beast form at this time?


    The golden-haired lion opened his beastly eyes and stared eagerly at Tian Xin’s naked body, stopping at the drenched flower hole in the center of her legs.


    Tian Xin got a bad feeling when he looked at her, and her voice trembled as she made her last stand, “Ryan, can you turn into a human for me? I’m scared.”


    The big lion sniffed, stuck out his tongue soothingly on her lips, and licked her up.


    “Mmm. No,” Tian Xin was shaking her head, trying to refuse, but instead, he took the opportunity to push his tongue in.


    The tongue of the beast was much longer than the human, and Tian Xin was stuffed full in her mouth. Yet he was not satisfied and kept pushing his tongue in, right up to her throat, where he kept licking and pressing heavily. The discomfort of entering her throat made Tian Xin want to vomit. Her tongue desperately resisted its long and thick tongue. But she made the big lion even more pleased and more aggressive. He was imitating the action of intercourse by poking her throat, while he couldn’t help thinking that the one entering her mouth at the moment was his big meat stick. What would it be like then? He must try it when he has the chance. This idea got him hot in the lower abdomen, and his thick, scary meat stick grew a few points bigger. There was a frightening bump against her hole.


    “Mmmm,” Tian Xin’s full attention was drawn towards the discomfort at her throat until her lower body was in pain-like tearing. She realized that there was a pestle in her flower that was slowly inserting itself through layers of tender flesh.


    “Ummm,” Tian Xin’s eyes were tearing up from the pain, but her mouth was gagged, and she couldn’t voice a moan. She could only contract her flower and try to squeeze out the big pestle-like rod.


    “Roar,” The big lion was clamped with pleasure and pain. When he roared, he finally let go of her mouth and rotated his hips with scarlet eyes so that the big glans were frequently grinding on the tender flesh in her hole.

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