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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 126.2

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    “Oooh! It tickles. Don’t. Stop. Ahhhh! I can’t stand it! I can’t stand it!” She finally burst into tears, crying while unconsciously twisting her waist. A tear-soaked face was flushed with lust.


    “Tsk, baby, the mouth below has a lot of water. The feathers are soaked by you. Do you want to eat? Hmm?” Ryan said wickedly, using his fingers to prop open her quivering hole and slowly stuffed the feather in. Halfway in, he pinched the root of the feather and started rotating it.


    “Ahhh! Don’t! Mmm. Please, take it out. Take it out.” The delicate flesh of her flower was constantly brushed and scraped by the feather. The sensation put Tian Xin on the verge of a meltdown. It was better to be penetrated by a big meat stick than this, so she cried out regardless. She said, “Use the big meat stick. Use the big meat stick. Penetrate me hard. Ah!”


    Ryan breathed a sigh of relief as Adam’s apple slid up and down involuntarily. It was hard for him to resist her temptation, but at the thought of breeding, he resisted the urge to thrust his big meat stick. With a low growl, Ryan pulled the feathers out of her and couldn’t help but lean down and grab the base of her thighs. He buried his head and licked her pink petals. The faint fragrance and sweet nectar mixed with the unique fruity aroma made him crave for more. His thick tongue spread the shy petals and went deeper into her flower.


    “Mmm,” The tingling sensation inside made Tian Xin’s whole body go soft. She couldn’t help but arch her waist so that he could lick deeper. The sensitive entrance of her flower could clearly feel his flexible tongue licking and grinding and biting its way in and out.


    “Ah! So good,” Ryan sucked hard, causing her to scream at the top of her lungs.


    Hearing her erotic screams, Ryan laughed out loud with a sense of accomplishment and intensified his sucking efforts on her.


    “Ah! Ah! Ah!” The intense pleasure coming inside made Tian Xin reach her climax, making her nectar splash everywhere.


    Ryan thought it was about time, then he stood up. He stroked his big meat stick, rubbed it against her entrance, and squeezed the head in with some nectar. Then, holding his body still, he pressed his fingers and teased the sensitive little ball of flesh, “Baby, do you want my big meat stick inside? Eh?”


    The itch inside Tian Xin’s was not relieved because his tongue had left. Fortunately, the hot wand came in again, but he stopped at the entrance and refused to come in. The woman was provoked to push her waist under him while screaming, “Yes, yes, I want the big meat stick to penetrate me hard. Give me. Give me. Ah!”


    Ryan smiled. His waist was pushed forward, holding her thin waist to his body and pressing it, and instantly plunged to the end. The layers of tender flesh were opened and pushed inside that tighter hole. The flesh was wrapped tightly around the meat stick and drew it in as it was tightened. That soul-crushing taste made him moan, “Hmmm. It is so tight. Really good at sucking, mmm.”


    “Ah!” Tian Xin’s flower was instantly stretched to the limit. It was sore, numb, swollen, itchy, and tingly. It was a mixture of several sensations into a kind of unspeakable pleasure, making Tian Xin entirely out of her mind. She couldn’t help but sway her waist to meet Ryan’s manipulation.


    Watching her writhing lustfully beneath him and her snow-white breasts moving with her movements sent waves of blood to his veins. Ryan felt his blood rushing to his lower abdomen, causing his meat stick to swell and grow a few inches thicker.

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