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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 126.1

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    Tian Xin struggled to open her eyes and saw Ryan’s handsome face magnified in front of her. She felt a sense of confusion that she didn’t know where she was for a moment.


    When Ryan saw that she had finally woken up, he stopped what he was doing. His half-narrowed eyes were thick with lust, and he said seductively in a slightly husky voice, “Baby, give me a baby, okay?”


    Tian Xin’s imagination showed an image of a monster with a lion’s face, which scared her and made her wake up. She was somewhat confused and shrieked, “No!”


    “No?” Hearing her refusal, Ryan’s heart was very uncomfortable. She still did not really accept him and was unwilling to bear offspring for him.


    Looking at the hurt look in his eyes, Tian Xin wanted to reach out and comfort him, but she found her hands and feet were tied to the bed like a great character. She suddenly had a horrible feeling and forced herself not to panic. Looking at Ryan pitifully, she pleaded slightly tremblingly, “Ryan, it’s very uncomfortable to be tied like this. Let go of me, okay?”


    From the low mood of rejection, Ryan came to his senses and remembered that he had more important things to do. He bent down and kissed her and said, “Baby, I can’t let go of you yet, and it will save you the trouble of struggling and hurting yourself. Don’t worry; I will make you very comfortable.”


    He said that while grabbing her right plump breast with his left hand, his right hand went down and fiddled with the petals under her body. Flipping the pink petals outward to reveal the slightly trembling shy spot, Ryan skillfully pinched her sensitive little ball of flesh and kept kneading and playing with it.


    Remembering what Moussa said about special rituals, was this what she talked about? Tian Xin was anxious and ashamed. She wanted to reach out and push him, but her hands were bound to the bedposts above her head. Tian Xin wanted to clamp her legs, but her legs were tied separately to the foot of the bed, so she couldn’t move at all. All she could do was helplessly lean back and moan for mercy, “Ah! Don’t. Please, let go of me.”


    Seeing her seductive appearance, Ryan swallowed hard and couldn’t wait to get on top of her. At that moment, he lowered his head and kissed her mouth, but Tian Xin shook her head and tried to avoid it. Unfortunately, she was one step too slow and was kissed by him. He stuck his tongue into her mouth and forced it to tangle with his wet tongue, causing Tian Xin to make an ‘mmmm’ sound.


    Feeling her flower pussy getting wet, Ryan pressed the small fleshy ball with his thumb, inserted his middle finger inside her wet slippery canal, and started to pump it up.


    “Mmmm. Ryan, let go of m. Please, let go of me. I promise… To be good, and I won’t struggle. Please, ah!” Tian Xin was panting from his efforts, twisting her body impatiently and trying to distract him by convincing him to let her go.


    Ryan suddenly withdrew his fingers and then used a feather soaked in love juice to tease her hole. The feather’s touch felt like it was not there, making Tian Xin squirm harder and continuously rub her body against the animal skin beneath her. She tried to resist the itch, but the itch became more and more intense, causing her flower to keep on leaking nectar.

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