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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 125.1

    Asking For Advice

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    Ryan smacked her arse suddenly, warning, “Don’t move.” The sudden pain startled Tian Xin, making her strung tight hole contract even harder as if to strangle Ryan.


    “Hiss! So tight. So comfortable. So good at sucking,” Although the tightness made it difficult for him to get in and out, the soul-crushing sensation of having countless small mouths sucking him at the same time made him thirst for more. So he continued to pound hard and deep while slapping her ass cheeks, not too light but not too hard.


    “Ah! Don’t! Oooh, Ryan, I was wrong. Don’t. Don’t. ahhhhhh!” Surprisingly, like a drug inducer, the pain in her buttocks triggered another kind of pleasure inside her. The two types of sensations kept stacking up and soon overwhelmed her, bringing her to a wave of climax.


    Ryan continued to pound her ferociously amid her orgasm. The sounds of smacking flesh against flesh and gurgling water were racy.


    “Oooh,” Tian Xin cried as her womb was about to be punctured by him. It was so swollen, numb, and sore that her whole body became dizzy. Ryan saw that the little person underneath him seemed to pass out again, so he grabbed her waist and pounded her again, feeding all his hot essence inside her while she came again.


    “Ah,” Tian Xin let out a long moan and fell unconscious on the bed.


    Seeing her fainted, Ryan steadied his breathing a little. He pulled over the animal skin skirt around his waist and turned around to go out. He had to seed her today, but he didn’t want to hurt her, so he thought about it and went to ask Karida if there was a medicine that would keep her from getting hurt.

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