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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 124.2

    Half Willing And Half Unwilling

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    “Ahhhhh! No. No. No. Please. Oooh,” Tian Xin could not resist the intense stimulation he brought her. Her flushed face was anguish-like, and she was squirming, letting out a series of whimpering pleas for mercy.


    “You want it. Look at how wet the little mouth down there is. It wants a big stick in there, doesn’t it? Hmm?” Ryan said as he added two more fingers, groping and stabbing at the most sensitive point inside her.


    “Ahhhhh,” The intense pleasure flowed wildly through her limbs. She was in a trance, and she was involuntarily contracting her flower and oozing more nectar and couldn’t help but scream as she raised her little face.


    Ryan knew she was close and abruptly pulled his finger out. He smiled wickedly and watched her frown sadly because her desire was not satisfied.


    “Ryan. Mmm. Uncomfortable. Uncomfortable, ” Tian Xin opened her eyes and wailed as she looked at him for pity. She also had her legs together and took the initiative to rub against him. The intense feeling of emptiness inside her was driving her crazy. She knew she was so lewd and shameful, but she didn’t want to. She really didn’t want to, but…


    “Baby, you want more? Then be a good girl, spread your legs wide, and let me in.” Ryan’s bat also grew hard, so he stopped teasing her and ordered by patting her bottom.


    Tian Xin was so overwhelmed with desire that she didn’t care about being shy and opened her legs wide under his gaze, inviting him in.


    Ryan saw her obediently open her legs, and without any nonsense, he stroked his big meat stick and pushed it in hard.


    “Hoo. so tight, so good. Mmm, sweetie. Relax a little. Let me have a great time pounding your slutty little hole. ” Ryan pulled the petals of her flower with his fingers and forcefully stretched them apart. Ryan looked down and saw his big meat stick slowly being swallowed by that trembling mouth little by little. That soul-crushing tightness made him more and more beastly, and he couldn’t help but want to fuck her to cry out for mercy.


    “Ahhhhh. so big.” The pleasure of being stretched to the limit made Tian Xin couldn’t help but scream. She had now gradually gotten used to his size. Although it was still a bit of a struggle to bear it, it was not too painful anymore, so she cooperated to ease herself.


    Feeling her bite wasn’t as tight, Ryan straightened his waist and gave a hard slam. He entered at the end with his long, thick rod, and he was hitting her cervix opening with his huge glans, forcing it to open up and let it in.


    “Mmm.. so deep. Easy. gently.” Tian Xin could not bear it. She wriggled and tried to dodge away, but Ryan held her down and controlled her body. He pounded faster and stronger with each stroke, slamming into her womb, making her scream: “Ah! Ah! .slow. slow. Ah! Ryan, Ryan, ah!”


    With Ryan’s wild in and out, the nectar in Tian Xin’s flower was flowing more and more. His big rod kept getting more and more nectar out of her hole. The gurgling sound made Ryan’s every pore squeal with excitement. He growled with excitement, “The little mouth down there is screaming at me to fuck, isn’t it great? Eh?


    “Ah! You. Ah! Bastard. Mmm,” Tian Xin was so ashamed and annoyed by his words that she twisted her body and began to struggle.

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