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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 124.1

    Half Willing And Half Unwilling

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    Ryan’s chest swelled with joy, and he jumped off the bed. In three steps, he followed Tian Xin to the bathroom. He wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and rested his head on the nape of her neck, gently smelling the sweet scent of her body. He was filled with tenderness in his heart, but he didn’t know how to express it. It was primarily at this very time that he could only convey his feelings through physical contact.


    “Let go, don’t hold so tight. I can’t wash my face.” When Tian Xin struggled uncomfortably, Ryan’s reply was to lock his arms twice as tightly.


    She had never seen such a clingy side of him before, and Tian Xin sighed helplessly as he refused to let go. All she could do was drag him along to wash her face and brush her teeth. Ryan followed her like a big teddy bear, hanging on to her and following her every step.


    But he stuck to her so intimately, making Tian Xin have the illusion that they were a couple of lovers. Tian Xin shook her head and cautioned herself not to be in love with him. She had to go home sooner or later and could not stay here.


    They ate breakfast together, and then Ryan took her to bed. She knew he was trying to be mean again, so Tian Xin struggled and refused to give in. It was hard to resist his strength, so she stopped and let him press her to the bed after a few struggles.


    Ryan quickly stripped her clothes and kissed her impatiently. She closed her eyes in shyness and unconsciously pushed her hands on his chest. With one hand around her waist, Ryan pressed her body against him. Then he dragged her tongue out. He sucked her up and down as he did so, twirling and flipping her passionately.


    His rough kisses left her breathless, and her body became increasingly soft and hot. She felt a surge of hot liquid that flowed out from her lower part and dripped down her flower.


    Tian Xin suddenly blushed. How did she become so lewd? She was only kissed by him and got wet down there, and she knew that it was a physiological reaction when a woman was in heat. Did she have been conditioned by him to become a wanting woman? Whoops, she didn’t want it.


    “Mmm,” She made a little indistinct sound from her nose and wriggled her body restlessly. Her bare breasts kept rubbing against Ryan’s chest as she squirmed. This made Ryan burn, so he grabbed one of her tender breasts on one side and kneaded it vigorously.


    His other hand squeezed in between her legs and covered her flower. Feeling the wetness at his fingertips, Ryan first froze, then released her mouth and teased, “Wet already? Do you want to eat a big meat stick? Hmm?” He licked the corners of her mouth and then moved down to take her earlobe and gently nibble on it. Simultaneously, he rolled the little nub, spread the flower lips, and his middle finger slammed his way inside and started working his way up her hole.


    “Ah! Don’t! Mmm,” Tian Xin shuddered in response to his teasing. She was ashamed and annoyed. Tian Xin moved her head from side to side to avoid his lip and tongue attack. She wanted to get rid of that shame, but her body was hotter and hotter, almost roasting her.


    Ryan paid no attention to her efforts, and his hot lips and tongue traveled down her shoulder blades to the softness of her breasts. At one point, his mouth opened, and he took the tips of her red nipples without mercy. He sometimes sucked the end with his lips, licked it with his tongue, and even nibbled it with his teeth. Before she knew it, her delicate white breasts were covered with hickeys that had been maliciously left behind.

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