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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 122.2


    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    Tian Xin thought in disbelief: this stinking lion is really stingy, getting angry in three days. Moussa called him gentle and considerate. He is gentle, my ass. Whenever Ryan starts to become affectionate, it looks like he wants to eat her alive. He’s not considerate at all. He always ignores my feelings and is very domineering. If it were not for the fact that she had to rely on him to help her find her way home, she would have tied him up and given him a good beating. Hump! If you want to be angry, you can be angry. Do not think I will coax you.


    When they got back to the lion tribe in a hurry, it was dark. Ryan carefully checked the surrounding area and found that wolves were lurking around.


    Ryan’s heart sank. He took Tian Xin, carefully avoided the wolves, and silently returned to the village based on his familiarity with the terrain. He didn’t go home and went straight to Chelsea’s house. He saw that his house was brightly lit by fire, and many males were guarding around the house. Obviously, the wolves’ intentions had been detected, and they were on guard.


    Ryan was a little relieved. He wanted to go in immediately to discuss countermeasures with Chelsea, but Tian Xin refused to do it. She had to go home and freshen up first. Ryan was frowned at by her but remembered that he was busy all day today. He did not have the time to find food and drink for her, and she didn’t have any water and was a little distressed. So he turned around and took her home first.


    Once inside the house, Tian Xin rushed straight to the bathroom. She smelled so bad, and it was unbearable. Ryan took advantage of her bath to change clothes and quickly made dinner. As soon as she came out of the bathroom, he dragged her to eat.


    But Tian Xin was really hungry. The first thing she did was drink a big bowl of bone soup and then gobble up a lot of meat stew with no need to be served by Ryan.


    When Ryan saw that she had almost finished eating, he packed her clothes and dragged her to Chelsea’s house. Other males were guarding the house at all times, so it should be much safer. It was unclear what the wolves were up to now. He didn’t know if they wanted to rob or attack, so he had to be on his guard.


    When they arrived at Chelsea’s house, Moussa was the only one there. She was worried and anxiously walked around the house. Seeing Ryan and Tian Xin come, Moussa was slightly surprised and rushed to welcome them. Puzzled, she asked, “How did you get back? How soon did you find your way back?”


    Ryan put down the things in his hand while giving a brief explanation, “We saw the wolves halfway and feared that they would be working against the village, so we came back. Where is Chelsea? I have something to tell him?”


    So that was it. Moussa nodded to show understanding and then responded, “Today, some wolves came to the village elders and said something. After they left, Chelsea asked someone to protect me outside the house. Then he was called by the elders to talk, and he hasn’t come back yet.”


    Ryan nodded and whispered, “Stay here with Moussa. It is dangerous outside, do not go out. I’ll go over and see what’s going on. I’ll be back soon.”


    When Tian Xin nodded, Ryan turned around and prepared to go out. But after taking two steps, he felt uneasy again. He turned around and said, “Promise me you’ll stay here until I get back. Don’t go out.”


    “All right. I know, and you should go now. Why are you so nosy?” Tian Xin was impatient with his nagging, and she stomped her foot and urged him to go.

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