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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 122.1


    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    Yaen looked at Ryan and said earnestly, “Ryan, the Golden Lion. I, Yaen, always say what I have to say. I’ve been thinking about it all night. I want to make a deal with you. I think you know clearly what the wolves wish to this time, and the bears and tigers are also eager to move. The lion tribe faces enemies on three sides, and we, the panther tribe, can ally with you. We can help you fight against the wolves, the bears, and the tigers. But in exchange, the condition is that I hope you will give birth to a female with the same fertility as her. When she becomes an adult, she will be allowed to attend our matchmaking party and choose a male panther as her partner. What do you think?”


    “This,” Ryan was a little hesitant. He could not ask for anything better than to be allied with the panther tribe. But when he thought that the female child he would have with Tian Xin, like her, would have to choose a panther as her partner and go live in that tribe, he didn’t feel good inside, and it was as if someone was plucking the flesh from his heart.


    “What do you think? Do we have an agreement?” Ryan unconsciously looked at Tian Xin and asked for her opinion in a soft voice. He thought that if she was against it, he would be selfish and refuse this offer that was so beneficial to the lions.


    Tian Xin had just been woken up, and her thoughts were still a bit muddled. She tilted her head and thought for a while before she reacted slowly and half-heartedly. So the handsome panther tribe wanted her daughter to marry him.


    Seeing her frowning for a long time, Ryan thought she did not want it. He was about to say no when he heard Tian Xin slowly say, “Oh. Okay.”


    “Hmm?” She actually agreed to it. Ryan incredulously looked at her.


    Tian Xin clung to his neck and cheerfully fantasized. “Look at how Yaen looks. The males of the panther tribe should not be bad-looking. There will be so many handsome males for our daughter to pick and choose at will in the future. How wonderful!” The thought of having a bunch of handsome men around her made her drool. Besides, she was going home. She and Ryan would never have a daughter, right? She was writing a blank check. It would never be honored. It was a sure thing.


    Ryan narrowed his eyes and stared dangerously at Tian Xin. He said, word for word, “Are you admiring that?”


    “Yeah. Yes. I’m totally admiring.” Tian Xin was still immersed in the fantasy of being surrounded by a large group of handsome men. At his question, she nodded dumbly.


    Ryan’s eyes squinted into a line, and there was a flash of light in them. He suddenly came close to Tian Xin’s ear and said with a smile that seemed not to be a smile, “Very good.”


    Tian Xin suddenly felt a cold air surrounding her body, and she shuddered. It was so cold. Why did she feel as if she had seen Chelsea?


    Tian Xin was still in a daze when Ryan reached an agreement with Yaen. Yaen went back to the panther tribe to find the manpower to quickly rush to the lion tribe for backup while Ryan carried Tian Xin back to the village first.


    On the way, Ryan didn’t pay any attention to Tian Xin. She was uncomfortable being held in his arms, jumping up and down. She asked several times to stop and rest, but Ryan ignored her. Only then that Tian Xin realizes that Ryan seems to be angry.

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