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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 121.1

    Going Back to the Village

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    After he was done, Ryan pinned her against the wall for a few moments before he calmed down. He pulled off her animal skin to wipe between her wet legs a few times and helped her put it back on.


    Most of the animal skin was wet with the liquid from their climax, and it was uncomfortably cold and sticky against her skin. A kind of after-love smell also rushed straight to the nasal cavity, making Tian Xin frown. But there were no other clothes to wear here, so she had to put up with it.


    After taking care of her, Ryan carried her back to the fire and added more firewood. The two of them lay down in each other’s arms, and Ryan began to think about convincing her to come back to the village with him.


    The wolf’s howl from earlier in the day had made him uneasy. He was worried that he might encounter the wolves at some point and do something terrible to the village. So he wanted to take her back to the village first thing in the morning. But how could he convince her? This was a problem that gave him a headache.


    Tian Xin nestled in Ryan’s arms. With her back warmed by the fire, she was a little drowsy. But she had just eaten a lot of meat and grunted and moaned for a long time. Tian Xin stuck out her tongue and licked her lips, which were a little dry. She whispered as Ryan looked down at her, pulling Ryan’s disheveled hair over her shoulder, “Ryan. I’m thirsty.”


    Ryan was in a bit of a bind because there was no water in this cave. Although there was a water source not far from here, he didn’t feel comfortable leaving her and Yaen alone in the cave. At the same time, he was afraid of encountering the wolves if he took her with him. He could not help but let out a sigh. This little thing… This little thing was really good at finding trouble.


    Suddenly, a good idea came to him. So he curled his lips and bowed to her lips, wanting to give her a drink of saliva. Tian Xin sensed his intention and rejected his saliva. She refused to open her mouth, saying nothing. Ryan held her waist with a bit of force. She opened her mouth and cried out in pain. Ryan took the opportunity to feed his saliva to her.


    Tian Xin was forced to swallow as she was unable to struggle. Ryan then released her, chuckling and licking the corners of her mouth, and teased, “Baby. Is it sweet?”


    Tian Xin spat twice to the side and gave him a vicious glare, complaining, “Sweet, my ass. It’s dirty.”


    “How dare you dislike me? Hmm?” Watching her disgusted movements made Ryan feel uncomfortable inside and pressed himself again. Forcing her to suck on his tongue and swallow his saliva, he roughly pried her teeth open. Tian Xin struggled and gradually figured out his temper. She knew it was best to obey him in such matters; otherwise, he would never stop.


    So she obediently sucked, and Ryan released her only when he was satisfied. While nibbling on her neck, he asked, “Honey, Is my saliva good?”


    Tian Xin rolled her eyes. She didn’t know if it was because the food here was healthy, but this beastmen didn’t brush their teeth for years and didn’t have bad breath. Tian Xin felt very grateful for this. But she really did not know what a man’s saliva had to offer. But to avoid him playing on the issue again, she had to respond perfunctorily and against her will,  “It’s good.”


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