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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 120.2

    Making The First Move To Beg For Pleasure

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    “Hmph, it’s better if it’s broken. See what you can still bully me with in the future.” Tian Xin pouted in anger and retorted. However, despite saying so, the movements of her hands were eased unconsciously.


    “Better to be broken? What? Ruthless little thing.” Ryan pretended to be annoyed and nibbled on her pouting mouth. His big hand took the opportunity to probe between her legs, which were still moist from the previous teasing. So he quickly inserted two fingers inside her.


    “Mmmm. No,” All of Tian Xin’s senses were focused on the hot, hard rod under her hand, and she was not prepared for his sudden invasion. It was too late by the time she noticed and then tried to close her legs together. Ryan kissed her mouth to swallow her refusal, and then his fingers started to thrust in and out.


    “Oooh,” Tian Xin’s mouth was blocked, and she couldn’t make a sound, so she whimpered with difficulty. Her small hands subconsciously continued to move up and down, fiddling with the big thing in her grip.


    Ryan felt that she had enough water in her flower, so he pulled his finger out. Then he pulled her ass cheeks forward so that her petals were pressed against his big rod. He then guided her up and down so that her petals kept rubbing against his big rod. Although this seemed like an itch in the middle of a match, it did not satisfy his desire. But after the last lesson, Ryan had to be careful and did not dare to be too loose.


    “Mmmm. Oooh,” Tian Xin was really too uncomfortable. He was rubbing the tender flesh of her flower with a hot and unexplainable itch deep in her hole. She wanted so badly to have something to enter and rub against. Oh, God. Tian Xin could not give herself a smack in the mouth. How could she have such a lewd thought? Oooh, the more Tian Xin tried to ignore it, the more pronounced the itch became. Finally, Tian Xin was so tortured that she couldn’t stand it anymore and couldn’t care less. She took the initiative to climb around Ryan’s neck, and

    in his ear, she begged pitifully. “Ryan. Enter. Please,”


    Apart from the time she ate the love fruit by mistake, this was the first time she asked for sex.

    Ryan almost couldn’t hold back and put his big meat stick inside her. But when he thought that there was still Yaen in the cave and that the wolves might appear outside at some point, he stopped moving and pushed his finger inside her hole.


    As soon as his finger squeezed in, it was immediately sucked by the soft inner wall. Tian Xin automatically swayed her waist and moved up and down. Ryan saw her like this for the first time and his lower abdomen tensed up, even more, turning his eyes red. With his fingers sticking up, he let her toss and ride like a wooden horse.


    After a short while, he felt a series of regular contractions down there. Hearing Tian Xin’s moans in his ears, he knew that she was about to come and cooperated by pushing his fingers upwards to poke twice the soft and slightly bulging flesh. The intense sensation stimulated Tian Xin, and she wanted to scream. Ryan was prepared for this and moved his head down to take her lips. The other hand pressed against her hip, holding her firmly in his arms. He waited until she had calmed down from her shaking and twitching before releasing her.


    He took his fingers out, then picked her up, walked deeper into the dimly lit cave, pressed her against the wall, and held her legs together. He then thrust in and out of her with the nectar that had just flowed from her climax.


    Tian Xin had just had an orgasm and was too limp and weak. So she clung to his neck and grunted as he made his way up and down.


    It was not known how many times he plunged in and out until Tian Xin’s legs were numbed by him, and only then did Ryan release with a muffled grunt.

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