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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 120.1

    Making The First Move To Beg For Pleasure

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    Tian Xin was really hungry, and she wasn’t polite with him and took it and devoured it. Ryan took a few deep breaths to suppress the fire of desire as he was tenderly watching her eat. Seeing that she was eating too fast, Ryan was afraid she would choke. He looked around, but there were no water or wild fruits in the cave. He had no choice but to pat her on the back, saying softly, “Eat slowly, be careful of choking.”


    Tian Xin glared at him again. She said to him in a small and muffled voice, “Bastard. If it weren’t for you, would I be so hungry? You don’t even know how to call me for dinner.”


    Ryan touched his nose and said with a smile, “I’m sorry. I did call you, but you asked me not to disturb you.” While saying that, he took the opportunity to approach her and took her into his arms.


    Tian Xin’s temper came and went quickly. After the incident, she did not put it in her heart. After struggling a few times, she did not break away, and she simply stopped doing so and softly leaned on him to continue eating. Anyway, sitting on his lap was more comfortable than sitting on the ground, so she partially resisted and half-heartedly let him hold her.


    Tian Xin quickly ate half of the food. She patted her slightly bulging stomach, feeling that she could not eat anymore. After burping, Tian Xin put the leftover roasted meat on the leaves next to her. It felt like her hands were sticky and full of oil, and there was nothing to wipe her hands with when she looked around. So she reached back and rubbed it all on Ryan’s animal skin skirt.


    While rubbing, she felt that something was wrong. Something seemed to be bulging under the skirt.


    Immediately, she heard a muffled grunt from Ryan. Breathing unsteadily in her ear, he said, “Hoo, little thing. Do you want my life?”


    “Er,” Tian Xin realized what was bulging underneath the animal skin skirt, and her face turned red. She withdrew her hand and kept it in front of her body, twisting it uncomfortably.


    Ryan’s desire had just been barely suppressed, and she again provoked this. It was even more aggressive this time, and the big stick was aching and screaming for release. Ryan swept a glance across to Yaen. He knew he must be awake. But since he was pretending to be asleep, he regarded it as a way to save everyone’s embarrassment.


    He could not help himself, so he flipped Tian Xin over and sat her on his lap with her back to the fire. Then Ryan grabbed her hand and pressed it against his big stick. He coaxed her, saying, “Baby. Good girl. Move your little hand up and down. Let me come. Hmm?”


    “No. Don’t,” as if she had been burned by him, Tian Xin pulled hard her hand back.

    She refused to look at the big guy bullying her night after night.


    Ryan saw that she refused to cooperate, so he came to her ear and whispered threateningly, “Baby, If you don’t let me come with your hand, then I’ll stick my big stick in your hole and f*ck you hard. If you…”


    “Damn, son of a bitch. You just know how to bully me,” Tian Xin cursed, interrupting his words. At the same time, a ruthless, small hand heavily gripped the bad thing that kept rubbing between her legs.


    “Mmm,” Ryan was almost unable to describe the pain and pleasure of her firm grip.

    With a muffled grunt, he nibbled on her earlobe and then whispered, “Little thing. Be gentle. If you break it, then you’ll have to cry.”

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