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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 119.2


    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada



    Ryan’s eyes darkened for a moment. He smiled wickedly and rolled her over, then moved his head down and licked the corner of her lips. He said lustfully, “Hungry? Where are you hungry, little one, here? Or here?” As he spoke, he pushed his hand down and squeezed between her legs, pressing and teasing her flower.


    “Hmmm. Jerk. You stop it. Uh!” Tian Xin was startled and muffled a grunt. She hurriedly reached out to grab his big hand playing tricks below her.


    But Ryan kissed her at that moment, swallowing her protests into her stomach. At the same time, he grabbed her small hand and pressed it to her flower.


    Tian Xin was held tightly under his control. His tongue was in her mouth, sucking hard, and he was holding her flower in his hand and fiddling with it. Her increasingly sensitive body could not withstand his teasing, and in no time, she became wet.


    Ryan was satisfied and curled the corners of his lips. He released her small mouth and said in a low tone, “It seems that my little thing is starving. You’re drooling. You want a big stick, huh?”


    “Bastard. Don’t,” Tian Xin was out of breath from the kiss. Shy and annoyed, she clamped her legs together and hammered him hard on the shoulder.


    Ryan chuckled lightly and lifted her dress up to her shoulders and neck. Then he lowered his head to the soft side of her breast and nibbled on it. At the same time, he inserted two fingers inside her and began to quickly thrust up.


    “Oooh,” he played freely with every spot inside her. When the most sensitive place was pressed hard, a stream of water came out of her.


    “Oooh. No. Ah. No more.” She was so sensitive that she moaned with a sob. She felt her hole was sore and empty. A tingling sensation on her breasts made her shake her head from side to side, intermittently begging for mercy. She suddenly noticed a dark figure of a man on the other side of the fire and recalled that there seemed to be more than just the two of them here. There was also a handsome dark-haired man too.


    “Hmm,” Tian Xin was startled. She quickly pursed her lips and swallowed her moans. Then with all her strength, she pushed away Ryan, who was on top of her.


    Ryan was in the throes of lust when she pushed him away. For a moment, he froze. He saw Tian Xin pursing her lips and glaring at him with a red face. She was so busy pulling down her clothes and glanced warily towards the other side of the fire.


    Ryan then remembered that Yaen was nearby. He cursed, “Damn it.” What was wrong with him? How could he have been in a rut without knowing where and when? But she was so delicious. As soon as he touched her, he couldn’t help but pounce on her and ravage her.


    He smiled at her in embarrassment and went up to help her fix her clothes but was shrugged off by Tian Xin. She was angry and glared at him, and he was so embarrassed that he touched his nose. Remembering that she had just said she was hungry, he took the roasted meat that had already gone cold and put it on the fire. After warming it up a little, he handed it to Tian Xin ingratiatingly.

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