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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 118.2

    The Wolf's Howl

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    The wolves were warlike and ferocious. If there were really wolves in the vicinity, they might have a hard time going back alive today. It would be another great racial melee in the Grand Flores.


    According to the old generation, it was about five hundred years ago when the last one occurred. All the beast tribes were seriously killed and injured, and the females were nearly wiped out. If another war occurred this time, it was unknown what kind of disaster it would bring.


    Ryan and the panther beastman exchanged glances and understood in their hearts that the wolf beastman had come all the way here this time and must have heard about the lion race getting the most fertile female.


    It was instantly agreed that the most important thing was to protect Tian Xin first. So Ryan took the lead and transformed into his human form, picked up Tian Xin, and quickly ran to the side facing away from the wolf’s howl. The panther beastman followed closely behind, responsible for guarding the tail.


    He didn’t know how far he had been running, but it had gotten dark. Ryan stopped and listened for a while, and there seemed to be no sound of the wolves coming behind them. This made him feel a little relaxed. But he was a little tired because he had rushed for most of the day, had done some ‘physical work,’ fought with the panther beastman, and had run for his life like this for half a day. It was only natural that he was tired.


    So he slowed down the speed to search around a bit. He found a mountain in front of him on the left and guessed that there should be a cave or something for the wild animals. He could get a wild animal for dinner or something if he was lucky.


    So, holding Tian Xin, he changed direction and ran there.


    It was really fortunate. He found a cave quickly and easily slaughtered the animal that lived in it. Ryan saw that its fur was still soft, so he peeled off the skin and made three suitable-sized holes in it, and directly covered Tian Xin’s body.


    The strong stench on the fur made Tian Xin frown but compared to being naked in front of two men, she would instead be killed by the stench. So she tugged the animal skin on her body, flattened her mouth, and did not say anything.


    When Ryan peeled the animal’s skin, the panther beastman had found a large bundle of dry wood and built a fire in the center of the cave. Ryan quickly cleaned the animal and then divided it into three parts. He skewered it on three thicker branches and handed one to the panther beastman. He then pulled Tian Xin to sit by the fire and protected her in front of him as he roasted the meat.


    Tian Xin was tossed all day and was scared and frightened. She was physically and mentally drained, so she nestled softly in Ryan’s arms. Putting her arms around his waist, she felt very relieved to hear his steady heartbeat. It was warm because of the fire behind her, making her drowsy.


    To see her like this, Ryan could not help but softly curl the corners of his mouth. He bowed and kissed her lightly on the cheek. His eyes were full of joy and gratitude for finding the missing person.


    The panther beastman looked at the warm atmosphere between the two and was suddenly a little envious. He had thought that his partner was just a tool to satisfy his desires and produce offspring. So, even if she did not want to, he could force his seeds on her. It would be okay to let her go back after giving birth to his child. Now it seemed that something was wrong.


    He felt sorry for what he had done before, so he said, “I’m a black panther, Yaen, and I’m sorry for what happened before.”

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