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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 118.1

    The Wolf's Howl

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    The man who attacked the dark-haired beastman was none other than Ryan, who had awakened and found Tian Xin missing. Knowing that she must have been taken, Ryan followed the scent with great urgency and saw her naked in the arms of a male. The two were submerged in the water, so it was impossible to see what they were doing. That ambiguous position made him furious enough to rush forward with no sense at all. Then he attacked the dark-haired beastman with all his might with a sweep of his claws.


    Ryan failed in his strike because the dark-haired beastman sensed his attack first. So he quickly picked up Tian Xin and ran forward with Ryan following after them.


    It seemed that he didn’t want to fight and only fled as far as possible. However, he found the panther’s territory when he looked in that direction. So the dark-haired beastman should be from the panther tribe.


    Ryan secretly screamed that it was not good. The panther tribe had always been good at war. Since the panther tribe had a bad relationship with the tiger tribe and the bear tribe, they didn’t cooperate with those two tribes. They had been secretly glad that they didn’t have to suffer from three enemies. Still, he didn’t expect that they would also sneak into the lion tribe’s territory.


    If Tian Xin was taken back to the panther’s territory, snatching her back from them would be difficult. So he quickly transformed into his beast form and attacked with his front paws. The tree in front of him had been knocked down and blocked the panther’s path. Then he leaped up and jumped in front of the panther beastman and roared, blocking his path.


    The panther beastman saw that his path was blocked, and he complained to himself that he had been too gentle to allow him to wake up so quickly. He also regretted that he should have not been too selfish. He feared that the legendary fertile female would be snatched away by another male when he returned to his territory. He wanted to seed her first, and therefore delayed and was stopped by her original partner.


    If he hadn’t stopped, he would have been able to reach the panther’s territory by now. Unfortunately, it was too late to regret it. It seemed that he could only fight. He had heard that the white lion of the lion tribe was the strongest in fighting, followed by the golden lion. He had wanted to fight with the white and golden lions for a long time, but he got what he wanted today.


    The panther beastman made up his mind, placed Tian Xin under a nearby tree, and transformed into his beast form. From there, he leaped up and fought with Ryan.


    Tian Xin was naked and curled under the tree. She watched with fear and trepidation as the two figures, one black, and one gold, fought with each other. The two men, no, the two beasts, moved too fast for her to see clearly, but the smell of blood was getting heavier and heavier, saying that someone was hurt.


    Tian Xin clenched her fist and prayed secretly that the one injured must not be Ryan. Please, it must not be Ryan. Inwardly, she still favored Ryan even though the other party was also handsome. She did not want to see Ryan injured.


    “Whooooo,” suddenly a wolf howl was heard.


    Hearing the wolf’s howl sound, Ryan and the panther beastman’s tangled action stopped. With a long leap to Tian Xin, they guarded her and then vigilantly scanned left and right for the source of the wolf’s howl.


    Since the wolves were far away from here, they could not be seen at all normally. So the sudden sound of the wolf’s howl could not prevent Ryan and the panther beastman from getting alarmed.

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