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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 117.2

    Dark-Haired Handsome Man

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada



    Tian Xin freaked out when she realized that the black-haired beastman was doing something untoward to her. She couldn’t care less about the breath of air and wriggled her waist in a desperate struggle.


    “Hoo!” It was hard to break free. Tian Xin breathed in the air and suddenly had a kind of trance of coming back from the dead. She then found that both of them had surfaced somehow. The two were locked in a death grip, and she was pressed against a strong male body, and there was a hot thing against her belly.


    She knew what it was because Ryan had been sleeping with her every night. She was shocked, ashamed, and scared and didn’t dare to move for fear of stimulating the huge thing that was already hard and erect.


    She looked up timidly and saw a handsome man with black hair and black eyes staring at her curiously.


    Tian Xin was a bit dazzled. Okay, so she had to admit that she was a naughty girl, and she was crazy at the sight of a handsome man. She was scared to death when the bear tribe took her captive last time because they looked horrible to the viewers. This time, her captor was a handsome man, and she completely forgot to be scared as her eyes stared straight at him.


    She also did not forget to compare Ryan and Chelsea. Ryan was a gentle and elegant kind (except when he was in heat), while Chelsea was a handsome iceberg, and the one in front of her was a wild kind. All three of them had their own characteristics. She dared to guarantee that they would definitely be idols if these three handsome men appeared in the world where she lived.


    “Tell me, where is the entrance?” The dark-haired, handsome man suddenly spoke to interrupt Tian Xin’s continued infatuation.


    “Er,” Tian Xin froze for a moment and looked at him with confused eyes. She didn’t really know what the entrance he was talking about was.


    The dark-haired, handsome man saw her confused face. Obviously, she did not understand what he meant, so he smiled evilly and groped between her legs a bit harder.


    “Ah! Stop. Stop!” Tian Xin’s private parts were vigorously pressed. She was startled and quickly voiced out to stop him. Although she liked to fawn over handsome men, it did not mean that she was a very casual woman. She was not given her free will when Ryan was there, but she didn’t know if it was her virginity or what, but she couldn’t accept anyone other than Ryan touching her. The same was true even if the other person was a handsome man.


    “Tell me, where is the entrance?” The dark-haired, handsome man pressed again.


    “Don’t, I, I have a partner.” Tian Xin exclaimed in panic and nervousness.


    The dark-haired, handsome man’s eyes darkened for a moment. Apparently, he was still very concerned about this. Nevertheless, when he thought of the crisis that females in their clan were getting fewer and fewer, and the chances of pregnancy were getting smaller and smaller, he still said as if he had made up his mind, “It’s okay, I don’t mind. I’m more powerful than him, and I will make you feel good until there is only me in your heart from now on. Tell me, where is the entrance?”


    She was not like the females in their panther tribe. There was no meat stick underneath her, but there were two entrances. Earlier, the lion male had shoved his big meat stick into her front. When he pulled the unconscious male off her, he saw a wet hole. However, he fumbled around for a long time trying to enter, but it felt complicated, as if he was looking in the wrong place.


    Tian Xin almost bit her tongue. What was wrong with that? He didn’t mind, but she did, OK? Tian Xin was sad to find that this male beastman seemed to have no sense of morality and was not ashamed of robbing others of their partners.


    Tian Xin was scared and did not know how to convince him to give up the idea of wanting to do that to her. Suddenly she felt a tightness around her waist, and then she was taken out of the water and was quickly moving away.

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