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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 116.2


    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada





    “Oooh. Comfortable. I am very comfortable. You gently. Ahhhhh!” Tian Xin cried as he banged her. Her delicate walls felt as if they were breaking as he poked them, and she cried out in fear of having them torn apart.


    “Baby, I am also comfortable. You are so good at squeezing me, and I want to stay in there and f*ck you all the time.” Ryan was satisfied listening to her cries. His passionate meat stick pushed harder and faster into that mind-blowing hole.


    “Mmmmm,” Tian Xin couldn’t keep up with his rhythm at all, and it was like all the air in her lungs was being pumped out by him. She tilted her head up for more air as she had difficulty breathing.


    However, she saw a black shadow on the branch of the tree above her head, “Ah!” Tian Xin was startled, and she could not help but cry in shock and shuddered afterward.


    “Hiss, baby, you want to squeeze me well. You bite so tight, have I not satisfied you? Hmm?” Ryan got hurt and almost couldn’t hold it back.


    A little pissed off, he held her up, then placed her down on the animal skin skirt he had just casually thrown aside. With both hands going around the bend of her legs, he spread her. Ryan grabbed her waist so that her legs were hanging on his arms and could not be closed. Satisfied, he f*cked her hard from all the way to the end.


    He moved quickly, pinning her to the ground and ravaging her. He was so aggressive on her that there was no way she could get away from him. But she was concerned about the dark shadow for fear that someone might see her, which would make her die of shame.


    So, looking up, her eyes wandered to search for the dark shadow in the tree. Suddenly, a black shadow scurried down the tree and came straight at them.


    “Ah!” Tian Xin was shocked and wanted to warn Ryan, but she was banged so hard that her mouth could not speak.


    The black shadow was fast approaching, and Ryan, who was wholly immersed in lust, did seem to notice that something behind him was off. He tried to turn around to look, but he felt a sudden pain in the back of his neck. Then he passed out.


    “Ahhhhh!” Ryan’s meat stick was still inside Tian Xin’s, which was already unbearably thick and hard. Now that he passed out, he fell on top of her. Because of the angle, the big meat stick got plunged heavily inside her. Tian Xin could not stand it and scream. Then she passed out and did not see who attacked them from the beginning to the end.

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