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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 116.1


    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    “Mmm. Get it out, get it out,” Tian Xin patted his shoulder while lifting up her waist, trying to get his big meat stick to go out a little.


    “Be good. It will be ready in a moment. Take it easy.” Ryan saw that she refused to cooperate, but he could not stop. All he could do was to capture her lips, then his big hand held her waist and pushed her down. Then his big meat stick reached the top with a ”poof” sound; finally, he entered.


    “Mmm,” Tian Xin almost fainted at his sudden attack. Her canal was on fire as the walls of her cave were stretched out, and she was twitching inside to tell him how rough he was.


    She couldn’t get over the pain, but her mouth was held by him. All her screams were swallowed until she got accustomed to the huge size of his body. Then Ryan let go of her mouth and pecked ingratiatingly at her red and swollen lips. At the same time, he started to slowly grind his big rod deeper and deeper.


    Tian Xin furiously looked away, and then she panted as she complained, “Hmm. Bastard. Son of a bitch. Mmmm. You get out. Ah. Um. Not. Not that. Just a kiss. Ah ah ah ah! Um. You be gentle. Uh. How could you? How could you,” She got penetrated again? How could he do that? Tian Xin couldn’t finish the rest of the sentence.


    Ryan took her earlobe and bit it lightly. He let go of her after hearing a hissing gasp and then licked the teeth marks, saying, “Baby, it’s the big stick that keeps wanting to go in. It got so hard and sore when I kissed you and screamed that it wanted to go in. This is all its fault, not mine. Don’t you think so? Hmm?”


    “You. Ah ah ah ah!” Tian Xin was infuriated by his hoodlum-like manner that she did not know what to say. He suddenly pulled the big rod away from her and rammed it in again, causing Tian Xin to scream. She then threw back her head and gasped for breath to withstand the ramming beneath her, forgetting what he had just said.


    “Baby, I’m not lying to you. It is really hard. If you don’t believe me, feel it and see if it’s hard.” Ryan looked at her pitiful little image of being bullied and got more excited. He led her little hand to their mating point and made her feel the wet rod as it withdrew from her.


    “Mmm,” Tian Xin felt the meat stick inside her seemed to have swelled up again. It was stretching her. The hard and hot thing in her hand seemed to be the very thing that was rampaging inside her. It was so embarrassing that she wanted to pull her hand back, but Ryan was there to hold her down. Then he persisted and asked, “Baby, tell me. Is the meat stick that is f*cking you hard and big?”


    Tian Xin was forced to grit her teeth and said in a shy and timid voice, “Hard and big.”


    Ryan loved her shy and feminine appearance. He was so excited to hear the nasty words coming out of her little mouth. Ryan pinned her down and kissed her hard. After the kiss, he didn’t forget to tease her, “Tian Xin baby, is this big and hard meat stick making you feel comfortable? I’m not sure if you’re comfortable with it.” That said, he went on to attack more than a dozen times with ferocity and speed, smashing her if she did not say so.

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