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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 115.2

    Set Out On A Long Journey

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    Ryan frowned at this. He hesitated. He could move faster by carrying her in his beast form, but he couldn’t tell why he didn’t want to go that fast. It was better to go as slow as possible.


    Seeing that he was a little hesitant, Tian Xin rushed to curry favor with him. She shook his arm and said, “Ryan, you’re the best. Please.”


    Ryan got all soft in his heart when she kept rubbing and behaving pampered. He took her into his arms and, breathing unsteadily, “If you let me kiss you, I’ll say yes.” She could not stop him if he wanted to kiss her, but he still wanted her to be willingly kissed by him.


    Tian Xin smiled and immediately blushed. In her heart, she cursed, “Lustful lion.” But still, she nodded slowly. Anyway, she had already been kissed several times, and her first kiss was no longer there. If she was kissed again, she wouldn’t be missing a piece of meat.


    When Ryan saw her nod, he happily lifted her chin and lowered his head. He first wrapped his lips around hers, biting and sucking them, and then extended his tongue to lick against them, trying to pry open her teeth and get inside.


    But Tian Xin was a little shy and refused to open her mouth. Instead of forcing her, Ryan just licked her lips and said, “Honey, be a good girl and open your mouth.”


    His low and somewhat husky voice seduced Tian Xin. She stupidly did as she was told. As soon as she opened her mouth, his tongue squeezed into her mouth and eagerly tangled with her little tongue.


    She didn’t know when his hands slipped inside her clothes and kneaded the softness of her breasts. Tian Xin was thrilled at how much pain and tingling she felt when he kneaded her. She subconsciously tried to avoid him, but she couldn’t. His nimble tongue was still stirring in her mouth, so Tian Xin’s mouth could only make whimpering sounds.


    Tian Xin kept squirming in his arms that Ryan got turned on by her. The meat stick was getting harder and harder. He desperately wanted to vent his desire, so he pushed her hard against the thick tree trunk next to him. He spread her thighs with his right hand and went between her legs, looking for that familiar little ball of flesh.


    “Mmmm,” Tian Xin let out a muffled moan. He was rubbing and twisting the sensitive spot, stimulating her to become hot and muddled. A lot of juice was coming out of her.


    After a few minutes, his right hand got soaked with her nectar. His eyes darkened, and he suddenly poked a finger into Tian Xin’s hole and started pumping it in and out, then two, three.


    “Mmmm. Enn. Mmmm,” Tian Xin’s little tongue was in Ryan’s mouth. He sucked it vigorously, and she leaned back against the trunk with half-squinting eyes, grunting and enjoying his ministrations.


    Ryan felt it was almost enough, and he could hardly hold back. Then he pulled his fingers out, lifted her hips so that both her legs were coiled around his waist, then stroked his big rod and pushed it in ferociously.


    “Uh,” The discomfort of having her stretched to the limit brought Tian Xin back from her lust. She grunted and began to beat his shoulders desperately. How could he do this to her here in the middle of nowhere? Suddenly a very unholy word popped into Tian Xin’s mind – ‘wild.’ They should be considered wild this way. The realization made Tian Xin even more nervous, and her flower tightened its grip.


    “Mmm. Baby, relax. I haven’t gotten all the way in yet.” Ryan was a little hurt by her grip, and his big meat stick only got halfway in before it got stuck and couldn’t move. Only then did he let go of her tongue to lick the corner of her wet mouth and coax softly.

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