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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 114.2

    Becoming Hostile

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    Seeing him turn away, Tian Xin released a long breath. She was really nervous, and she wondered how Moussa could stand this big ice cube? Besides, he had such a heavy taste. Tian Xin’s mind accidentally showed what happened last night that seriously disturbed a harmonious relationship’s image. Instantly she blushed and hurriedly took a deep breath to drive away those unhealthy images in her mind and cautiously followed him in.


    Moussa was just lying on the bed while Chelsea was feeding her one morsel at a time when she heard a knock, and Chelsea went to open the door. She looked out curiously from the bed and saw Tian Xin following Chelsea and Ryan following her. Moussa was a little surprised at how these two came so early, and she asked Tian Xin to sit by the bed.


    Tian Xin walked to the bedside and, without any nonsense, asked straight to the point, “Moussa, do you remember how you got here? Where was the first place you appeared?”


    Moussa was stunned, then reacted. That was why the two came so early. So Tian Xin successfully persuaded Ryan. He agreed to take her home, so she could not wait to go early in the morning to inquire about the way back. Moussa thought for a moment and said, “That’s a question for me too. I was unconscious when I got here, so I don’t remember anything.”


    Tian Xin was disappointed to hear her say that. Moussa couldn’t bear to see her like this and then said, “Although I don’t remember, Ryan should remember. He was the one who brought me here, and he must remember where he got me.”


    Six eyes looked at Ryan at the same time. Ryan nodded and said, “Hmm, I still remember if it was the place where I first got Moussa. The only thing is that there are mountains on three sides, and it doesn’t look like there is any road.”


    Tian Xin smiled brightly. She and Moussa fell from the mountain, where three sides are mountains, and it should not be wrong. Tian Xin forgot that she was still angry with him and turned around to jump to his side. Grabbing his arm, she shook it hard and pleaded, “Ryan, take me, take me. I want to go see.”


    Ryan watched her as the corners of his lips curled up slightly. He rubbed her nose and teased her, “So you are willing to talk to me and not angry anymore?”


    Tian Xin was so focused on going home that she couldn’t remember what she was angry about, so she thoughtfully nodded and said, “I’m not angry about anything. Stop talking nonsense. Take me there.” Without saying goodbye to Moussa and Chelsea, she pulled him by the arm and headed out.


    Ryan shook his head helplessly and obediently followed her out the door.


    Moussa and Chelsea looked at each other and sighed together, saying, “They’re really a good match.” They also wondered what Tian Xin was angry with Ryan for.


    Moussa was completely unaware, but Chelsea knew something about it. Their late-night visit didn’t escape his ears.


    He guessed that Ryan probably wanted to do the same but, unfortunately, was rejected. The female got angry, and Chelsea could not help but gloat and smile.


    His Moussa was better, and that female named Tian Xin was evidently the one who could not be obedient. It seemed that Ryan had to suffer.

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