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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 114.1

    Becoming Hostile

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    “No, don’t be afraid. Relax, I’ll be gentle.” Ryan softly coaxed. He silently squeezed a finger in, rotating and pressing inside, trying to make her relax.


    “Ah! No! You, take it out. Take it out!” He actually poked a finger in. Tian Xin was scared to death and struggled frantically.


    “Be good, don’t move. It’ll be fine in a minute, don’t move.” Ryan softly coaxed, but his finger did not stop moving.


    “Ryan, I don’t want. I said don’t! What the hell do you think I am? How could you force me without regard to my will? You’re raping me. Rape, you know, that’s against the law.” Tian Xin struggled desperately but could not break free. She simply gave up and sharply glared at him.


    Ryan was shocked by her attitude. He did stop his movements and looked up at her in a daze. Although he did not understand rape and breaking the law, he sensed that she was furious. She really did not want him to touch her chrysanthemum, and it was not because she was shy or any kind of denial.


    Although he would like to taste that hole, he had to give up since she had strongly expressed unwillingness. Anyway, the future was long. As long as he had patience, he would always coax her to agree.


    Under her glare, Ryan compromised and pulled out his finger, “Okay, okay, I won’t touch it. Don’t be angry.”


    Tian Xin paid no attention to him at all. She pushed him off her body and then turned her back to him.


    Ryan couldn’t help but touch his nose, then he went over and hugged her from behind. He spoke sweet words in her ear, but he didn’t get a response for a long time. When Ryan sat up and looked, Tian Xin was asleep.


    He sighed softly. Apparently, his words were taken as lullabies by Tian Xin. He shook his head in amusement. He lay down, wrapped his arms around her, and went to sleep with her.


    The following day, Tian Xin woke up and was still angry. She ignored Ryan, took a shower, took care of herself, and ran out of the house without eating.


    Ryan hurriedly chased after her. Seeing that she was running in the direction of Chelsea’s house, he felt a little more at ease and followed behind her.


    When she got to the door of Chelsea’s house, Tian Xin was a little hesitant to go in. She was afraid that she might interrupt someone’s good deed if she just barged in.


    But out of the corner of her eye, she saw Ryan following behind her. He didn’t mean to stop her from going in, so she thought it would be okay.


    So she walked to the stairs and knocked twice on the wooden door.


    Soon the sound of footsteps could be heard, and the door creaked open. Tian Xin saw that the cold and handsome man opened the door but then frowned when he saw it was her.


    Tian Xin cowered and said, “Chelsea, good morning. That, I want to ask Moussa something. Is it convenient for her now?”


    “Hmm.” Chelsea nodded, then turned around and walked in. Although he disliked the female who wanted to take Moussa away from him, he couldn’t do something like throw out the guest visiting his house.

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