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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 113.2


    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    His smile full of pleasure certainly pissed off someone who had just been ravaged miserably. Tian Xin gave him a fierce bite on the lips until blood was tasted.


    “Hiss! So cruel. Biting through the skin.” Ryan complained as he sadly looked at someone who had a villainous face.


    “Hmph,” Tian Xin licked her lips and glared at him fiercely. She was still gentle compared to how hard he tossed her just now, okay?


    Ryan was seduced by her lip-licking action. His body got hot again, and he subconsciously swallowed his saliva and shamelessly kissed her again.



    Tian Xin could not dodge, and he forcibly pried open her teeth. She wanted to bite his tongue that was running around in her mouth. Still, Ryan was prepared for it and narrowly avoided it every time. So someone didn’t get her way, and she glared at him in anger.


    “Haha!” Ryan was amused at her cute expression and laughed, making the lust that was on the verge of fever wash away.


    “Get out. It’s unbearable.” His sunny smile warmed Tian Xin, and her anger subsided. She hammered him twice on his chest and pouted.


    Ryan looked at the slightly furrowed brows and the bloated little belly stuffed with three fruits and filled with a lot of semen by him. She was so small there and figured it was unbearable for her. He complied and pulled the rod out.


    But once the meat stick was pulled out, the pink juice flowed out of the hole. For Ryan to see that, he couldn’t help but lean down and suck on her spot.


    “Uh! Don’t. You get up. Don’t. Ah ah!” Tian Xin wiggled her waist to avoid him in shame and annoyance but was held down by his large hands. She had no choice but to grab his hair and tried to pull him up, but he didn’t care. He continued to suck and swallow hungrily. When waves of electricity hit her, Tian Xin soon went limp and changed the pulling action to grinding.


    But Ryan suddenly got up and regained control of her. He kissed her and gave her the liquid in his mouth to drink.


    Tian Xin was forced to swallow it before he let her go. He looked at her red and wet lips and asked with a teasing smile, “Is it good?”


    Tian Xin was annoyed and glared at him, but she was too tired to fight with him anymore. She turned her head away and ignored him.


    Ryan kissed her cheek without much concern, and his big hand went down, wanting to do it again.


    Tian Xin, sensing his intention, hastily pulled his hand back and hurriedly voiced out to stop him, “Don’t, I’m still in pain.”


    “Then, I want to enter here.” Ryan smiled as his big hand changed position and slid to her back, and applied pressure at the entrance.


    “No.” Tian Xin was startled and exclaimed, subconsciously clenching her legs and holding his arm in place. She was filled with panic and looked at him and said, “Ryan, I’ll die of pain. Don’t do that, please.”

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