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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 113.1


    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada





    Suddenly being penetrated by something bigger, the swelling pain of being stretched to the extreme made Tian Xin tense up and scream. Trying to lift her waist to avoid it made Ryan push the meat stick deeper. All the fruits stuffed earlier pressed deeper into her womb. Her little belly bulged, and she felt like she was about to burst, “Mmmm. So much. Take. Take it out. Don’t. Ah ah ah!”


    “Good girl, bear with it. It won’t go up after mashing.” Ryan gave her kisses on the lips to soothe her and then slammed his rod in heavily. The red fruits crashed hard against the inner wall of the womb and were mashed into a paste in just a few strokes.


    “No! Want. Ah ah ah. Ooooh. Don’t,” The fruits were mashed, and the juices flowed into Tian Xin’s uterus, swirling and flowing with Ryan’s brutal thrustings of the ins and outs. Excessive stimulation made Tian Xin cry for what she couldn’t say was pleasure or pain. Her legs were in midair, flailing wildly. Her slim waist was frequently raised and then roughly pressed down.


    Ryan was wholly engrossed in this more intense lovemaking than ever before. The beast-like ramming and pounding became more and more brutal and rough.


    The wooden bed was shaking violently, and each of Ryan’s relentless penetration caused Tian Xin to scream. Her screams grew hoarse until there was no sound at all. She finally couldn’t take it anymore and faint. Ryan knew that it wouldn’t hurt her if she passed out, not to mention that he couldn’t stop at this point because of her hold. So he didn’t wake her up but continued to ruthlessly pound her, and his hands fiercely grabbed her breasts and rubbed them hard.


    “Mmm,” Not long after, Tian Xin was wakened up by his brutal banging and vigorous rubbing. There was no strength left in her body, and she was dizzy. Tian Xin could only whimper with the pain and dizziness of his up and down movements.


    Hearing her whimpering, Ryan found her awake, so he leaned down and nibbled on her earlobe. With a seductive tone, he coaxed, “Tian Xin baby, don’t pass out again. Hold on, I like to hear your little mouth scream out loud. Your hole in the front is so tight, and it is hot and comfortable. Let me fuck you for a while longer.”


    “Ah!  Don’t! Ryan, don’t!” His movements were too rough, almost like a different person. The intense to near-death feeling made Tian Xin’s tears stream down, and her body shivered and beg for mercy.


    “Yes, yes, you want it. Look how greedy your little mouth is down there. Every time I come out, it sucks me tight, and you say no, huh? Here you go, you can have it all. Open up a little wider, and let me f*ck that greedy little mouth.” Ryan growled in pleasure. The banging operation grew more and more brutal. Tian Xin’s breasts were also covered with finger marks from his pinching, and they swayed violently with his movements.


    “Oooh!” Tian Xin was turned on by his vulgar and nasty words. She sobbed in resignation as her breasts numbed and burned from his pinching, her flower was burning and sore from his pounding, and the root of her thighs was numb from his brute force. It was killing her.


    Ryan did a few dozen more strokes and saw Tian Xin lose her voice again. Then he roared and shot his load, pouring a lot of hot essence inside her. It lasted for a while before he was satisfied and lay on top of her, panting roughly.


    “Mmm,” Tian Xin laid out on the bed for a while to recover. Remembering that he ejaculated inside again, she choked and tried to push someone away who was still on top of her. She was slightly annoyed and complained about it, “Do you want to kill me? Get out quickly.”


    After the show of force, someone in a good mood raised his upper body. The gentle light of his eyes returned. He bowed and pecked her repeatedly on the lips. He smiled softly and said, “I was too comfortable just now, and I couldn’t hold back for a moment. Did I hurt you? Hmm?”

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