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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 112.2

    Bad Idea

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    “What did you … do to me last night” Tian Xin subconsciously asked rhetorically but realized halfway through what he was talking about. It made her blush again and hurriedly closed her mouth, not daring to look at him as her eyes wandered.


    Then remembered, it was not right. Moussa had just been pregnant for more than a month but less than two months. During this period, making love would not be allowed. Also, Chelsea was a male beastman who looked very fierce and did not have much tenderness during lovemaking. Were they not afraid of losing the child?


    So she looked at Ryan and condemned, “You are lying to me. How do you know they are busy?” Even if there was something, the sound could not be heard from this distance.


    Ryan gave her a thoughtful look and didn’t say anything. He picked her up and brought her to Chelsea’s house in a couple of steps, which was the closest to his bedroom. It was only a wall away from the bed, so clearly, the sound could be heard.


    Tian Xin finally vaguely heard the voice from inside the house, “Baby, your chrysanthemum is so tight. So warm. To strangle me. Relax, let me f*ck a little longer.”


    The chrysanthemum? Tian Xin was petrified. Was it the legendary ‘chrysanthemum’? My God, this beastman indeed had a strong taste. How dared he, even the chrysanthemum was not spared? Even if she was pregnant, there was no escaping from his poisonous hands.


    Tian Xin had infinite sympathy for Moussa, who was crying and moaning inside the house. She shouted so loudly that she must have been in pain. Tian Xin was more determined to leave the place. Ryan did not know Tian Xin’s thoughts at the moment because if he knew, then he would have regretted everything.


    He was congratulating himself that he had succeeded in getting the lesson. Listening to Chelsea, the taste of that chrysanthemum seemed even more soulful. His eyes subconsciously fell on Tian Xin’s shapely buttocks, waiting to taste that little hole tonight as well.


    Tian Xin came back to her senses and saw that Ryan was staring lustfully at her ass. She didn’t have to think about it to know that he must be hunting for her ass. In anger, she kicked him hard in the leg and said through gritted teeth, “Don’t you ever think about it.”


    Then she bolted towards home. In a good mood, Ryan chased after her, and he pressed her against the door and kissed her.


    While she was weak from the kiss, he stripped her. He pulled her legs apart so she could wrap her legs around his waist. He then rubbed his hard and aching rod against her entrance to her hole. He couldn’t wait, but she was still very dry, and it was hard to get his huge glans in.


    Hearing her little mouth gasping in pain, Ryan anxiously tried to find something to help her lubricate. His eyes caught the wild fruits on the table. As soon as he had the idea, he carried her to the table. Ryan casually picked up several small, soft-skinned, watery red fruits (similar to cherry tomatoes) and lay her on her back on the bed. He crushed the fruit with his hands and applied the juice to her flower.


    “Hiss! So cold. What are you doing?” Tian Xin exclaimed, trying to get up to look, but Ryan pushed her back down on the bed again.


    “Be good. Don’t move. It will be hot later.” Ryan held her writhing waist and looked at her flower with fascination. The cold juice coated the flower. It was stimulated like a small mouth constantly opening and closing as if it was swallowing the red like blood juice. The lewd sight encouraged Ryan, which instantly lost his reasons. There were three remaining fruits in his hand, and he stuffed them all inside her.


    The cold foreign objects entered and made Tian Xin involuntarily scream, “Ah! What did you stuff into? Take. Ah ah ah! “

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