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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 111.1

    A Passionate Entanglement

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada





    He looked down and nibbled her lips. He asked teasingly, “Baby, are you satisfied with the way I’m f*cking you?” Then he was fascinated to see her blush from shyness.


    Hearing those obscene words from him, Tian Xin was so ashamed that she pursed her lips and refused to answer anything.


    Ryan felt that the shyer she was, the stronger her flower sucked. He couldn’t help but bang her twice, threatening, “Baby, say it. If you don’t, I’m going to do it even harder.”

    “Mmm,” Tian Xin moaned. She cursed in her heart, “Beast.” Then she said in a tiny voice, “I feel good.”


    “Baby, what did you say? I didn’t hear you.” Ryan was not satisfied with her tiny voice. He pulled his rod so that only the head was left inside, and then he pushed it in again, crashing it powerfully at her cervix. This caused Tian Xin to gasp.


    Tian Xin felt that her womb was going to be invaded by him. Fearing that he would really break her, she had to shout, “Mmm! Feel good! Ah! Gently!”


    “Baby, it is very good? Mmm, shouting so loudly. Me fucking you is very good. You like me to fuck you, right? You see how gluttonous you are down there, salivating all over. Wasn’t it enough? Have some more. Take some more.” Ryan’s movements were getting wilder than ever. He charged harder and harder to the point where even his son’s pouch slammed all the way to her.


    “Ah! Don’t! Don’t! Ooooh! Stop!  Stop!  Ahhhh!” Tian Xin got disoriented when he banged her. The corners of her eyes were filled with tears, and her mouth was slightly open. She was shaking and begging for mercy, but unfortunately, it didn’t arouse any sympathy from Ryan. On the contrary, it was like an aphrodisiac that stimulated Ryan to be more aggressive.


    “Ah!” At last, the intense stimulation made Tian Xin scream. She trembled as her body snapped into tension. Her cunt clenched furiously, and a torrent of hot liquid gushed out from her depths.


    As she squirted, Ryan pushed the large, thick, and long shaft hard inside her. It forced its way inside her womb, breaking through the twitching flesh that kept clenching from her climax.


    “Ah!” Tian Xin climaxed with her already sensitive body. She screamed with excitement as he entered so relentlessly, locking herself firmly to his glistening rod and twisting it tightly.


    Ryan’s rod hurt as she strung it hard. The fire in his heart was burning as if there was a hot current underneath him, wanting desperately to find an outlet.


    The fierce thrusts, rapid withdrawals, more violent and high-speed penetrations each time, drove Tian Xin, who was firmly pinned against the wall, to the verge of madness. She tried to struggle but was vigorously suppressed by him. He charged more aggressively inside her, forcing her to bear all of him.


    “Ahhhhh! Um. Slow. Slow. Slow. Please. ah!” Tian Xin shouted until her throat was dry. Her voice of broken pleas for mercy, which was drowned out by the sound of violent flesh slapping, did not have the slightest effect at all. Ryan’s movements did not ease up a bit, entering the deepest time after time. It made Tian Xin afraid that her body would just be torn in two by his thrusts.


    When Tian Xin felt like she was about to pass out again, Ryan finally let out a low roar. He slammed deep inside and poured a stream of hot liquid all the way.


    “Mmm,” Tian Xin received the hot essence inside her. Before she fainted, the only thought in her mind was: he came inside again. Next time, next time, she must not let him cum inside.


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