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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 110.2

    A Fruitful Outcome To Reward One's Labor

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada





    Tian Xin shivered and was taken to the extreme by him again. After the climax, she softly nestled in Ryan’s arms. She thought mournfully, hoping that Moussa was right and that she really wouldn’t get pregnant this way.


    She wondered if all male beastmen were of that size. Uh, it was difficult for her to contain. Was Moussa hurt as much as she was when she slept with Chelsea? She wanted to ask her about that. If she hurt the same way, how did she stand it? Moussa even wanted to stay with that male beastmen for the rest of her life. Wow, the thought of being constantly impaled by that big thing every day made her scared to death. The climax was very pleasurable, but it hurt as much as the first time he entered.


    Tian Xin then thought she still had business to do. So, she looked up and kissed Ryan on the lips ingratiatingly. It made Ryan’s eyes light up, and he looked at her in surprise.


    Tian Xin smiled weakly at him and asked very gently, “Ryan, I’m your partner, right?”


    She came unexpectedly gentle, so Ryan shivered. He had a bad feeling, but he nodded to not spoil her fun.


    Tian Xin was pleased that he nodded and asked happily, “So, will you love me very much, and you will agree to whatever I want?”


    Ryan thought for a moment and replied thoughtfully, “I will love you. As long as your request is not too much, I will agree to it.” He felt that it was not normal for her to be like this, so he picked a safe way to answer.


    Tian Xin squinted and sighed in prayer when she heard his answer: This lion is not stupid. He didn’t fall for it.


    Tian Xin continued her efforts. She moved closer to him, wrapped her arms around his neck, and pretended that she had unintentionally rubbed her breasts against his chest. She was satisfied to see Ryan swallowing his saliva. Then, she leaned forward and pouted in his ear, saying, “Then will you take me home to have a look? I promise I’ll go and have a look, and then I’ll come with you, okay?” She used the beauty trick and didn’t believe the big lion could refuse.


    Her hot breath sprayed on his neck, making his whole body numb. Now, even if she wanted him to die, he would not hesitate to do it, so Ryan agreed almost without thinking about it.


    Seeing him agree, Tian Xin was finally relaxed. She wanted to continue to play spoiled, saying a few words like “You are the best, the most wonderful.”


    He kissed her, and the huge thing that had gone soft was hard again. He was grinding against her insides at every second.


    “Mmmmm,” Tian Xin was sore and swollen and could not help but whimper and scratch his back with her small hands.


    Ryan was tickled out of excitement and stood up with her in his arms. He pinned her against the wall and f*cked her hard and fast from base to tip in short strokes.


    Tian Xin was completely unable to keep up with his rhythm. She grabbed his hair wildly, panting and begging for mercy, “Ah! Gently. Ryan, gently. Ah!. Ah! I’m going to be ruined by you! Slow down. ah!”


    Ryan got blown away by her unintentional lustful words. The big rod below grew even more energetic as it went in and out of her.

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