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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 110.1

    A Fruitful Outcome To Reward One's Labor

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada






    “Mmm. Mmm. It is so much. Out. Out. Get out a little. Mmm,” He had not yet entered fully, but Tian Xin felt uncomfortable inside. At this point, she could not care less about shyness. Her small hands kept pushing his chest, trying to shove him away and make herself feel better.


    If you did not know, this act of resistance could stimulate a man’s desire to conquer, especially in front of a beastman. Even if his temperament was gentle, he still had a wild beast in his bones.


    “Tian Xin, baby,” Ryan roared. Holding her hips tightly, he slammed his waist, pushing the large rod inside her.


    “Mmm. Pain,” Tian Xin struggled from the sharp pain of her cervix being opened. She squirmed and wriggled her limbs to push away the man who was being aggressive on her.


    Ryan’s eyes were already red at the moment. She refused to allow it, but his hand caught her hands above her head, keeping them in place. The other hand pulled her thighs up and hung them on his shoulders. Then he moved his strong hips and slammed them hard, each going deeper and deeper, causing Tian Xin to cry in pain.


    “Don’t! Ooooh! Ryan. Spare me. Mmm. Spare me. Please.” Tian Xin didn’t take long before she lost the strength to struggle. She threw her head back and cried for mercy with unsteady breathing.


    When Ryan saw her crying pitifully, he was a little distressed. He picked her up from the bed and let her sit on himself, then sucked the teardrops from the corners of her eyes. He coaxed, “Good girl, move on your pace. It doesn’t hurt if you move on your way.”


    Tian Xin hammered his chest in tears. The hell if she believed him. Although Tian Xin had no actual experience in sex, she had a lot of theoretical knowledge. When she was very curious about sex, she had watched pornography alone in the house. What was more, there were stacks of medical books at home. She knew the body structure of men well.


    But whether it was a book or a porno, it didn’t say that sex would make a woman suffer this much. It would hurt for the first time only, but God knew it wasn’t the first time, okay? She was still in a lot of pain, which only meant that either he was not skilled or the size of the lion was too big.


    “Move it.” Ryan saw that she did not move for a while, so he slammed upwards and whispered in a dissatisfied voice.


    “Mmm,” Tian Xin muffled a moan at his thrust. She straightened her somewhat sore waist and moved up and down reluctantly. Although it was not at all painless, she controlled the force, and at least it would not enter too deep and make her suffer.


    Ryan allowed her to ride slowly for a while. When he felt that she was almost used to it, he stroked her waist with his big hand and brought her upwards. His lower body thrust upwards when she descended, giving his hard iron rod a heavy shot to her tomb. This was followed by another, making Tian Xin lose her soul and hang limply on him, shaking her head and moaning loudly.


    She didn’t know how long it took, but Tian Xin felt her cervix was about to be destroyed by him before he moaned and shuddered.


    “Don’t shoot inside!” Tian Xin shrieked, guessing that he might come inside. However, it was too late, and his hot essence had already blasted inside her.


    Tian Xin received his warm blessing and subconsciously raised her waist to avoid it. However, he held her down and entered deeper, filling her without missing a drop.

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