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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 108.2


    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada



    After hesitating at the door for a long time, she finally got the courage to knock. After waiting for a while, the door creaked open, and she saw that it was Moussa who opened the door. Tian Xin was relieved to see that the extremely handsome man had gone out as well as the big lion.


    Seeing Tian Xin, Moussa hurriedly pulled her in and looked her up and down. She saw that she was not hurt anywhere, so she put her mind at ease. Just her neck was covered with hickeys, her lips were slightly swollen, and her eyebrows were more charming. She guessed Ryan had made love to her last night.


    Moussa smiled knowingly and pulled Tian Xin inside to sit by the bed. Tian Xin’s face burned from her smile, but she didn’t have time to be shy now. She must figure out the route home while the big lion was away, or else she wouldn’t be able to leave when he returned.


    “Moussa, do you know how to get home? I don’t want to stay. I want to go home. There’s still grandpa waiting for me at home.” Tian Xin grabbed Moussa’s hand and asked eagerly.


    Moussa got hurt by her grip. She frowned slightly, patted her hand, and comforted her softly, “Don’t be in a hurry. Listen to me slowly.”


    Seeing Tian Xin nod and relax her hand, Moussa told her story. “I have no relatives over there and have never thought of going back. So, I have never looked for a way home, but this place is different from our world. This is full of fierce beasts, and it is perilous if you want to go out alone to find a way home. You will likely lose your life first before you find it. ”


    Seeing Tian Xin’s face darkened, Moussa was somewhat reluctant to continue. “In fact, Ryan is good, gentle, considerate, and he is better than some of our men in that world by many times. You can think about accepting him.”


    “Okay, I will not talk about that.” After seeing Tian Xin’s eyes red with anxiety, her lips moved as if she wanted to retort. Moussa hurriedly stopped and changed the subject, “In fact, you can try begging Ryan to help you find your way home,”


    Tian Xin thought of that abominable lion and said flatly, “How could he possibly help me?” Last night, not only did he torment her, but he also forced her to swear to him that she would not leave him. How could he possibly help her find her way home?


    Moussa had a thought and said, “He’s just afraid you’ll leave him, and you can ask him to take you home.” A male beastman had a strong desire to possess his partner, and it was impossible to let his partner leave him once he had established that he had a bond. Since Chelsea was willing to take her home, she guessed that Ryan would be the same.


    Whether or not they could find her way home, it was the right thing to let Tian Xin stay in peace. She wanted to help Ryan out; otherwise, Moussa would not feel good seeing him alone. More so, she felt that Tian Xin would not be able to go back. How could it be so easy to come and go? Since the Lord let her come here, there must be a purpose, and he would not let Tian Xin leave quickly. Just like her, maybe she came here to meet Chelsea.


    Tian Xin’s eyes lit up at the words. Right, why didn’t she think of it? That big lion looked dumb enough to trick, right? Even if she had accepted him, it wouldn’t be too much to ask him to take her home for a visit. Tian Xin suddenly saw the hope that her heart blossomed.


    But then thought of another serious problem. Tian Xin’s eyes darkened, and she hesitated for some time. She gritted her teeth and boldly asked, “Moussa, do you know how to prevent pregnancy?” After speaking, her face flushed. She looked down and did not dare to look at Moussa. She was here longer than her, so she should know something about it.

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