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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 108.1


    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada





    The following day, Ryan woke up early and saw Tian Xin in his arms, sleeping soundly. There was a kind of happiness arising from it. He gently printed a kiss on her lips, then reluctantly rose from the bed. There was no more meat stored at home, so he had to go out hunting today.


    He boiled water first, then helped Tian Xin clean her lower body. Seeing that it was still red and swollen, he rushed to Karida to ask for anti-swelling ointment and carefully applied it for her.


    Then he cleaned the house thoroughly and left her enough roasted meat and wild fruits to eat in the morning and noon before going out of the house.


    Hearing the sound of the door closing and making sure that the house was indeed empty, Tian Xin, who had been pretending to sleep, opened her eyes. She was actually awake for a while. He touched and kissed her, then rubbed her body and gave her medicine. She was not a vegetable to not wake up.


    But as soon as she remembered last night’s passion, she was ashamed and annoyed. She didn’t know how to face him, so she simply closed her eyes and pretended.


    Now that he was gone, there was no need for her to pretend to be asleep. She squirmed in bed a few times, doing her morning preparations. Not that she wanted to stay in bed, but her body was sore and aching. It was like all the bones in her body were dismantled and reassembled. The slightest movement made her want to shed tears.


    The book stated that 20 minutes was already a long time for an average man. However, last night, well, she didn’t know how long he had been working on her, but she had been awake for an hour or two. Moreover, she had been unconscious twice, and he had relieved himself once from the beginning to the end.


    Thinking about the issue of shooting, Tian Xin was alarmed. He seemed to shoot inside her all the time. Yesterday, she forgot about this issue because she was thinking about leaving.


    Oh god, she still had to go home. If her hymen broke, she could take it as a premarital s*x experience. But if she went home with a big belly, how could she explain this to her grandfather? If she could give birth to a normal child, it would be fine, and she would be forced to be a single mother. But what if she gave birth to a little monster? How could she meet people in the future?


    The more Tian Xin thought about it, the more scared she was. She couldn’t care less about the soreness and pain in her body. She got up from the bed in a hurry, got a basin of water, cleaned her hole, and got out all the residual fluid inside.


    Although she knew that this may not be effective, so long as it reduced the chances of conception, Tian Xin did it over and over again. Who made this place without birth control pills? Otherwise, taking a piece of it would save a lot of work.


    Not sure how long until Tian Xin’s legs were numb from squatting. Sensing that it was about time, she stood up and reapplied the ointment that Ryan brought to reduce the swelling.


    After barely eating a few mouthfuls of roasted meat and a few fruits, she hurriedly went out, looking for Moussa’s house based on her vague memory of yesterday.


    The good thing was that Moussa’s house was not far from Ryan’s. She soon found it, but the thought of the cold eyes of that silver-white-haired gorgeous man yesterday scared her a little.

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