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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 107.2

    Make a Vow

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada




    Tian Xin gradually could not even hum. Breathing became a luxury, her eyes went black, and she fainted.


    Ryan hammered her a few dozen more times before unleashing that hot essence. After panting on Tian Xin for a while, he was uneasy and looked up again. He was physically satisfied, but his heart was getting more agitated and restless.


    “Baby, wake up. Wake up. Say you won’t leave me. Say it, or we’ll do it again.” Ryan nibbled Tian Xin’s earlobe and threatened her.


    Tian Xin was awakened by him. She was still in a daze when she heard him say that he wanted to do it again. Visions of being ravaged by him on the bed came back to her, making her cower in fear and plead hoarsely, “No, please.”


    “Then swear to the God of the Forest that you will not leave me.” With eyes full of unease, Ryan looked at her and forced her to swear.


    “I swear I won’t leave you.” Tian Xin was physically and mentally exhausted at the moment. She struggled to open her eyes and gasped as she followed his words before falling asleep again. As for what was said and about the God of the Forest, it was not in the range of her thinking.


    Ryan got her assurance that slightly relieved his heart. It was only then that he lay down on her side and put his arm around her, sleeping contentedly.



    Chelsea was a little annoyed. He was obviously irritated by Tian Xin’s words about going home with Moussa.


    He knew she was different from the females here and should be from a faraway place. Yet she never said anything about going home, and he didn’t look deeper into where she really came from.


    But now there was a Tian Xin, who was of the same tribe as her. She had been whispering in Moussa’s ear all day that she wanted to go home, and inevitably, she would want to go home as well.


    Chelsea was worried that if she didn’t get her way, she would run home with that Tian Xin when he wasn’t looking. Who let her have a history of such sneaking out?


    Moussa saw that Chelsea had been restless all night and knew that he was still mindful that Tian Xin was planning to drag her home with her.


    She moved closer to him, wrapped her arms around his waist, and asked softly, “Chelsea, what are you so upset about? We’re having a baby, and I’m not going to leave you. Have faith in me, hmm?”


    Chelsea hugged her back. Inhaling deeply, he said with great determination, “If you want to go home, you must tell me. I will take you back. Do not sneak away by yourself.” Both the tiger and bear clans were now very dissatisfied with them. War could happen at any time. As the clan chief, it was not appropriate for him to leave at this time, but he was willing to take the risk for her sake.


    Moussa shook her head, “I will not go back. There are no more loved ones there, and the people closest to me are here. So why would I go back?”


    Chelsea saw that she was sincere. She did not look like she was coaxing him, so he was at ease and kissed her head.


    Moussa cooperated by opening her mouth and taking his tongue in. After being taken by him for a long time, Moussa already knew how to please him.


    Tonight Chelsea’s foreplay was exceptionally patient and long. He licked her over and over again as he lay beneath her but refused to give her any relief.


    Moussa was whimpering and writhing against him, softly begging him, again and again, to enter and f*ck her harder. Only when she was screaming from the torture that Chelsea penetrate her. His actions were like no other. His heart was full of tenderness, and he couldn’t help but want to cherish the little person underneath him.

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