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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 106.2

    You Are Mine

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada





    “Mmmm,” Ryan was already so tense and uncomfortable that when she rubbed him like this, he couldn’t help but moan involuntarily. When his dark eyes turned scarlet, he couldn’t hold himself back any longer and withdrew his fingers. He drew her legs apart as far as he could and pushed his rod, which had long been as hard as iron, inside her.


    “Ah!” The sudden rip-like pain made Tian Xin scream in shock. Since Ryan’s rod was huge, Tian Xin was already very wet. However, its brutal penetration still caused her to experience painful jerks and tears.


    “So tight.Hu! Relax, be good. I do not want to hurt you.” Ryan resisted the desire to plunge to the bottom. He tried relaxing her by pecking her lips, and his fingers rubbed the sensitive little nub down there. It stimulated her to ooze more juice as he slowly pushed forward until he reached the deepest point possible inside her.


    “It’s too much. Mmm. Out, out, out a little.” Having experienced the initial burst of pain, Tian Xin only felt that her entire flower was about to burst, and her belly was slightly bulging upwards. She gasped and tried to pull back and let the massive thing out of her body a little so that she could feel better.


    However, as soon as Tian Xin moved, she was pulled back with great force. The huge object that was only at the entrance of her uterus squeezed in hard this time, causing Tian Xin to scream again.


    Before her scream could be heard, both feet were lifted up high. One of her feet was hanging on Ryan’s shoulders, and the other was spread outward by him. The big rod started pumping, not so hard, but in small strokes inside her.


    Ryan’s forehead beaded with sweat. He held back his desire to wait for her to adapt because she was too tight and he was too big, and he was afraid of hurting her.


    As the pain gradually receded, Tian Xin felt her desire for more and more pleasure overcoming her. The frown on her face gradually relaxed, and she moved her slim waist in response to Ryan’s thrusts, moaning sweetly.


    “Are you feeling good?” Ryan tightened his arms around her thin waist, kissing her softly on the lips and asking her softly.


    “Yes, it’s good,” Tian Xin replied as her white body flushed pink with lust.


    Ryan got the affirmative answer and couldn’t hold back any longer. He moved his hips up, withdrawing as far as he could and pushing in heavily, poking straight inside her.


    “Ahhh! Mmm, stop! Stop! Ah! I can’t take it. I can’t take it anymore. Slowly, slowly,” Tian Xin could not take it after a few strokes. She could not stand it and started begging for mercy from time to time. Her thin fingers clutched his shoulders, sinking her nails deep into his flesh. Her long and slender legs swayed helplessly in the air as she was lifted up. Her skin was flushed and hot, dripping with sweat. Her tummy sank, and even her toes curled in a hook.


    “Dear, relax. Relax some more. You won’t be able to stand it if you bite so hard.” Ryan took her earlobe, soothing her. But his rod was not gentle, slamming deeper each time.


    Tian Xin had no experience in male and female love affairs. Besides, the human body was still too delicate, and she could not bear the fierceness of the male-beastman. Not long after, the lower half of her body felt no sensation. Her waist also wanted to break. She was sore inside, and the big meat stick kept wedging in like a pestle. There was an illusion that she was about to break apart, and she started to resist. She frantically shook her head and hoarsely screamed. She was shaking her head frantically and screaming at the top of her lungs, “Ah! Don’t! Really don’t!” Sob! So hard, she seemed to be dying.

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