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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 1

    Passion of the Night

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    “Ah … ah …” Chelsea inserted his soft and slippery tongue into Moussa’s flower. His lips were pressing hard against the already red and swollen entrance of hers, sucking hard. Chelsea’s long, strong fingers were slowly and gently circling the pearl. There was the sound of sucking and breathing as well as his heavy panting. Moussa could not stand it anymore and let out a moan.


    “Let’s get some more out. I want to drink.” Chelsea gave her a couple of not-so-gentle slaps on the buttocks. He urged her to flow more juice out.


    “Oooh …” Moussa pursed her lips and whimpered. She felt herself being sucked dry by him. But his tongue was stabbing her right and left, making her feel all tingly down there. She could not help but ooze more juice out.


    “Ah …Don’t …It hurts …” Chelsea suddenly put a finger inside her chrysanthemum. She cried out in pain.

    She kept twisting her body to squeeze his finger out. As a result, her flower became dry because of the pain.


    Chelsea sucked for a long time, but nothing came out. He raised his head in dissatisfaction. Chelsea got up and pressed down firmly on her. And then he kissed her slightly open mouth. There was no more sweetness in the lower part of her, but there was still something in her mouth.


    He sucked Moussa’s tongue firmly and vigorously. At the same time, there were fingers in and out of her flower and chrysanthemum.


    Although it hurts, she didn’t dare to struggle. She was afraid of annoying him, only to be treated more roughly. She could only hold on to the animal skin underneath and obediently let him poke her.


    Until Chelsea felt that her flower was almost stretched enough, he took his finger out of her and put it in her mouth so that she could suck it clean.


    Then he grabbed her waist and turned her over. He sat her on his crotch, grabbed her hand, and wrapped them around his hot rod. She had to hold her head up and shove it into her flower.


    Moussa knew that she could not escape from the beast’s strong desire. Every night he would not stop without her fainting.


    And he was so big. It was a bit of a stretch to get it all the way into her flower. When he entered for the first time, he even ripped the entrance of her flower open. The pain was so bad that she had to stay in bed for a week to get better.


    He also did not touch her for a week. But after that, he made her insert herself and let her control the force. That way, he could avoid tearing her up. But he was so big that she couldn’t stand the pain every time he entered.


    Looking at his eyes, which were scarlet with desire, she knew she couldn’t dilly-dally any longer. He was running out of patience. If he couldn’t resist, she would only suffer more.


    She gritted her teeth, grabbed his hot rod, and slowly pushed the head into her flower. Then pursing her lips, she endured the pain and sat down little by little.

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