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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 94

    Wise Emissary (Bottom)

    Translated by Green Cake
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    It was the 40th day of Akizuki, and winter was just around the corner.
    (TN: Akizuki (秋) means Autumn. Source: Wiktionary).


    This day, the ‘new city’ that the children of <Kikyou> had been working so hard on recently was finally completed.


    The design of the city was submitted to Yuri on the 16th of autumn, which means that the construction was completed in a very short time, only three weeks. Even with the highly developed construction technology of modern days, such a reckless construction period would have been impossible to achieve.


    Moreover, the scale of the new city is equal to or greater than that of Yuritania, and it is said that it is designed to accommodate up to 60,000 people.


    However, Yuri is afraid that the city will look deserted when the initial population is small because of its large capacity.


    The new city is divided into a “Tourist Resort Section” and “Labyrinth Dungeon Area”, with the former being managed by ‘Hayes Chamber of Commerce’, headed by Aurence, and the latter mainly by the ‘Explorers Guild’.


    ‘Explorers Guild’ is a new organization created by Yuri, it would be necessary to make the new city a city that sells [Labyrinth Dungeon].


    So naturally, it has nothing to do with the original ‘Scavengers Guild’ in this world.


    Even those who are already active as scavengers in other countries must visit the Explorers Guild to register as ‘Explorers’ if they wish to explore the [Labyrinth  Dungeon] in the new city.


    Of course, the headquarters of the ‘Explorers Guild’ is located in the new city, but we also have branches in all the major cities of the Yuri Empire and the Holy Land of Nimun.


    You can register as an ‘Explorer’ at these branches as well. Those who register are given a magic tool called [Explorer’s Ring], and if they wear it, they are allowed to use the [Transfer Gate] that allows them to travel from each city to the new city in an instant.


    Anyone can use the gate as long as they have registered, so it is up to the individual to decide whether or not they want to work as an explorer.


    Some people may register just for sightseeing, especially to travel to the Tourist Resort Section.


    The [Explorer’s Ring], is equipped with a function that records how many demons the wearer has defeated in the labyrinth.


    Yuri had originally planned to have it recorded by a beast that would act as a [Camera]. Rather than that, <Rindou> suggested that it would be more efficient to have each explorer have a magic tool that automatically records the number of demons.


    The ring has several other functions, for example, the wearer of the ring will be able to ‘see’ detailed information about themselves at any time, as if they were using the [Appraisal] skill on themselves.


    In addition to being able to check various ability values and the amount of life and magic remaining, the wearer will also be able to check the details of the skills they have mastered and even the amount of experience needed to grow to the next level.


    However, the ability to ‘see’ is limited only to yourself. This was because if anyone could accurately measure the abilities of others, it might encourage crime.


    In addition, if you showed the ring, you would be able to freely use the money deposited in the Explorers Guild at stores in the new city, a function that is almost equivalent to what we call ‘electronic money’.


    For the time being, it can only be used in stores in the new city, but eventually, it will be able to be used in all cities of the Yuri Empire. Since the ring can only be used by the person who registered it in the first place, its widespread use will eliminate the need to carry cash around, and it will also eliminate the possibility of others stealing or robbing.


    Since it is useful in many ways, if this becomes more widely known, more and more people may want to register themselves as explorers to get the [Explorer’s Ring].


    ―――That’s what Yuri’s aiming for.


    If you can always ‘see’ your condition, you will not remain unconcerned about yourself.


    It is well known in this world that if you can grow your level and increase your ability value, you will be able to improve your work efficiency and comfort in your daily life.


    I’m sure there are a lot of people in this world who are ‘gamers’ and would be motivated to dive into the labyrinth if they can see that they need more experience to level up.


    Yuri hopes that these people will be able to conquer the labyrinth and bring the demon materials produced from it to the country.


    For the first few months or at least a few weeks, it may be deserted. It’s only a matter of time before the new city will be bustling with visitors from the cities of the Yuri Empire and the Holy Kingdom of Nimun, which are connected by the Transfer Gate.


    Needless to say, it’s not the “Tourist Resort Section” that will be especially crowded, but the “Labyrinth Dungeon Area”.


    That’s why the Explorer Guild, which manages the labyrinth area, will be an absolutely powerful organization in the new city.


    Yuri wanted to leave the responsibility to Rubetta or Ados if possible.


    If it was left to someone from the Yuri Empire, it was obvious that the organization would act with Yuri’s interests as the top priority. So if at all possible, I think it’s best to leave it to someone outside the organization that you can trust.


    However, Rubetta and Ados had left for the kingdom quite some time ago and had not returned, so I could not rely on them.


    So Yuri has been puzzling over who to entrust with this task lately.


    It has been proven by the numerous testimonies reported by former secret agents of the kingdom that they are very capable. As it turned out, she had come to me from the other side. I had no choice but to take advantage of it.


    After finishing her morning duties, Yuri used her transfer magic to the New City.


    She entered the building of the Explorers Guild in the center of the new city.


    As she walked through the familiar surroundings of the Explorers Guild, the women working there, who were preparing for the opening of the guild tomorrow, bowed deeply whenever they saw Yuri.


    The guild’s staff was conveniently made up of former secret agents of the kingdom. 

    The guild was expected to be an organization that handled secrets, so it was very convenient to have former secret agents who knew how to handle information and who had pledged their absolute loyalty to the Yuri Empire after being trained by the children of <Kuroyuri>.


    She waved to the staff. Yuri moved to the eighth floor of the Explorers Guild and knocked twice on the door of the room at the far end.


    There was a ten-second pause, and then the door slowly opened from the inside.


    There was Sofia Theodore, the girl who had just been appointed by Yuri yesterday as the Guild Master of the Explorers Guild.


    “I’ve been waiting for you, Master.”


    “…… I thought we didn’t have an appointment to visit today?”


    “I was hoping that you would come.”


    Sofia told her and smiled.


    Seeing her smile, Yuri felt a sudden fondness for her……. I embraced her.


    She’s only 26 years old, from Yuri’s point of view, she looks as young as a 12-year-old. Even at such a young age, you would think that she already knows how to control people’s minds.


    “Don’t be too happy about it. I might push you down, you know?”


    “I am a ‘slave’ given to me by my master, so that is part of my role. If you will allow me, I would be happy to serve you.”


    The expression on Sofia’s face as she immediately replied to Yuri’s words looked like a big smile that had no hidden side to it.


    That’s why Yuri is so confused. The only reason why Sofia is so friendly to Yuri is that she thinks it will be in the best interest of the Principality.


    For some reason, Yuri couldn’t help but think that Sofia’s feelings for her were the same kind of fondness that she felt for everyone in the Yuri Empire.


    “Please come inside. I’ll have some hot tea ready for you.”


    “Oh… I’m sure it’s a lot of work to make a tea, so why don’t I prepare one for you?”


    “Please don’t say that. It’s a skill I’ve acquired, and I want to put it to use.”


    Sofia then took two cups and a teapot out of nowhere and quickly prepared tea for the reception table in the room.


    “Oh, Sofia took the <Maid> [Class], didn’t you?”


    “Yes. It’s very convenient, and I’m benefiting from it immediately.”


    From level 1, a <Maid> can acquire the [Maid Bag] skill, which allows her to store items in a time-stopped state.


    Judging from the steam in the mouth of the teapot, it must have been freshly brewed and stored in the [Maid Bag].


    How well prepared, Yuri thought admiringly.


    “I brewed it with tea leaves I brought from the duchy, I hope it suits your taste.”


    “Yes, it is very good.”


    “I’m glad to hear it.”


    It was a tea with a slight bitterness. It seemed to have a taste similar to that of Japanese tea, which matched Yuri’s taste to a certain extent.


    As Yuri savored her second sip, she thought to herself, “Maybe I’ll visit the Principality later and buy some.”


    “Master. I’m not wearing any underwear at the moment.”




    With a slight blush, Sofia suddenly confessed such a thing to me. Yuri unintentionally spurts out a little bit of tea that she had been holding in her mouth.


    “What are you saying all of a sudden, you ……”


    “I’ve been taught that if you’re going to be a slave to your master, this is the natural way to be.”


    “…… From who?”


    “Cassia-sama and Raquel-sama.”




    Sofia mentioned the names of captain and deputy captain of <Kuroyuri>.


    Apparently, the discipline of the other day was not enough for these girls.


    “I’ll make them cry one more time later”, Yuri wrote down in her mind.


    “The beds are ready in the next room if you’d like.”


    “I’m not using it……”


    “Is that so? As for me, being pushed down on the cold floor is also very exciting, so I welcome it.”


    “I told you I wouldn’t……”


    “In my skirt, wouldn’t you like to see if I’m wearing one?”




    If you say something like that, it makes me want to check, so please stop.


    It was obvious that Yuri would not be able to control herself no matter what the result was once she confirmed it.


    If she knows all this and is tempting me, she’s a really scary kid.


    “Of course, since I am a ‘slave’, I would gladly lift my skirt right now for you to see, if Master would command it.”


    “…… I have no intention of making Sofia my ‘slave’ in the first place……”


    “So, please quickly decide how you will ‘take’ me, Master.


    It doesn’t matter if you get me as a wife, concubine, vassal, or even as an adopted daughter. Until Master decides otherwise, I’ve decided to think that Master has given me the form of a slave.”


    Sofia tells me with a giggle and a happy smile.


    I was treated like a child by a girl no older than me. Yuri couldn’t help but think which one of us is the ‘Top’ in this relationship?

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