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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 93

    Wise Emissary (Middle)

    Translated by Green Cake
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    “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you visit the inn directly.”


    A palace in the center of Yuritania, the capital of the Yuri Empire.


    In the reception room, Yuri greeted her guest, Sofia Theodore.


    “No, not at all. But if you had called me, I would have come myself.”


    “For my part, it would have been quicker to pick you up myself.”


    In response to Sofia’s words, Yuri replied with a slight chuckle.


    Yes, it was Yuri, not Sofia, who visited the other party this time, even though she was receiving a guest in the palace reception room.


    For Yuri, who can use transfer magic, it’s less troublesome to visit the person itself at the pick-up and drop-off point, rather than waiting to come while doing something else.


    “I’ve never experienced this before. Transfer Magic is really useful…… Did you also use this magic to go to the Duchy’s evening party the other day?”


    “Yes, I do. So, if Sofia wants to go back to the principality, I can give her a lift by magic if you want. It must be a bit difficult to travel around in a carriage for days on end.”


    “I’m sorry to trouble you with that… but it would be much appreciated…”


    In response to Yuri’s suggestion, Sofia responded with a lowered eyebrow.


    The trade routes that connect the cities and villages of this world are not particularly paved, so when traveling in a carriage, you will suffer from constant shaking. ―――Yuri knew, having been told by Rubetta and Ados before.


    “…… Oh, um… Your Majesty, Yuri.”


    “What is it?”


    “Today……. are there any guards or other personnel present?”


    Yuri took out teapots and cups from her [Inventory] and poured tea for two.


    She had just noticed that there was no one in the large reception room, not even a guard or a maid. The female knight, the captain of the guard, asked quizzically.


    From the point of view of the knights of the Principality, they must feel uncomfortable that Empress Yuri, who is the most important person in the Yuri Empire, is alone without an escort.


    And Sofia’s guard knights hadn’t even been disarmed.


    If the Empress of a hostile country was alone and defenseless, with a pot in her hand, right in front of her who were wearing swords. From the point of view of those whose duty it is to protect her, it might be understandable that they would want to say something.


    “I’ve asked my guards and maids to leave me alone. Sofia and I have a few things we’d like to discuss in private.”


    “Yes, it would be my pleasure.”


    Sofia smiled happily at Yuri’s words.


    Of course, it was probably just a social smile, but it never feels bad when a woman smiles at me.


    While looking at the smile on her face―――Yuri used her [Appraisal] to look at Sofia.


    Sofia’s ability value has been restored to its original state. In other words, her [Wisdom], which had fallen to 3, now seems to have recovered to 251.


    The ability absorption drain by the Succubus is a permanent effect, but if the Succubus wishes to return it, the absorbed ability value can be returned to its original owner.


    So, if commanded by the Lord, the child of <Kuroyuri>, their follower Succubus will be forced to return the ability absorption drained [Wisdom] from Sofia.


    Yuri’s discipline of all 24 <Kuroyuri> children throughout the night, from the end of last night’s broadcast to this morning, took about eight hours. It seems that the results of Yuri’s thorough discipline of all 24 of <Kuroyuri> children have been reflected in the results.


    “Then we’ll be out of the way if you don’t mind.”


    When Yuri said that he wanted to talk to Sofia alone, the knights of the guard suggested it themselves.


    It would certainly be preferable if you could leave the room.


    “Hmm…… Yes, please do, if you don’t mind.”




    As soon as she replied, Sofia’s knight guards quickly tried to leave the room.


    The reason why the girls seemed to be moving a little fast was probably that they felt uncomfortable being in the presence of another country’s leader while carrying weapons.


    From Yuri’s point of view, a knight from a duchy with a level of only 48, isn’t a threat at all. Perhaps it would have been better for the girls if they had been allowed to keep their weapons.


    “Oh… I’m sorry, can I ask you something before I leave?”


    “Oh, yes. What can I do for you?”


    “I believe I asked you earlier to give a message to Duke Cadain Theodore. Have you given it to him yet?”


    “I’m sorry, but I haven’t been back to my home country since……”


    “No, it’s better if you haven’t told them yet. I’m sorry, but can I take back that message?”


    When Yuri met Sofia and the others in the Audience Room, she left a message for her, the captain of the envoy’s guard, with the caustic words, “I had hoped that Lord Theodore would be a wise man, but it was a vain expectation when he sent a foolish messenger to our country. “


    ―――But this was a mistake.


    When I met her, Sofia’s wisdom had already been taken away by <Kuroyuri> children, and it was Yuri who unilaterally dismissed her as stupid without realizing it, who was truly foolish.


    “Yes. I’d be happy if you didn’t have to tell the Duke.”


    “I’m sorry it took so long.”


    “No problem. Now, if you’ll excuse me.”


    The knights of the guard immediately agreed to Yuri’s withdrawal and left the reception room.


    I guess she was planning to wait outside the reception room until I finished my conversation.


    There is a [Sound Barrier] in the reception room, so if get out of the room, the contents of the conversation in the room would not be heard by the guards.




    “Yes, what is it, Your Majesty?”


    “I would like to apologize to you for the trouble my subjects have caused you.”


    Yuri hung her head and apologized to Sofia, who was sitting on the sofa on the opposite side of the room.


    I understand that it is not an easy situation for Yuri to bow to a messenger from another country. If the knights escorting her are already out of their seats and no one but Sofia can see them, then it’s fine.


    “Your Majesty, Yuri…? Please raise your head!”


    In response to Yuri’s sudden action, Sofia screamed in panic.


    It was an understandable reaction. Yuri understands that this will only embarrass Sofia, but she also understands that this is not the right thing to do.


    Still―――I want to make sure that my intention to apologize first is clear.


    “Sofia. The fact that your body has been ‘abnormal’ for less than a month is entirely due to the actions of my subjects.


    I did not order them to do so, but it is no less my fault that they did it on their own. I’m sorry.”




    When Yuri apologized to her, she was blindsided and Sofia was speechless.


    Sofia was probably aware of the fact that she had been acting strangely for a while now. That’s why she didn’t know how to answer.


    “In the meantime, I’m made sure that they understand・・・・ and have stopped attacking Sofia last night. I hope you’re back to normal now.”


    “Yes, yes. I think so.”


    “It’s overlapping. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel sorry at all for attacking the Principality itself. As a result of their selfish actions, I think it’s perfectly fine no matter how the dignitaries and people of the Principality are killed. It is the duchy that has declared war on our country. Isn’t that obvious?”


    When Yuri smiled at her, Sofia’s face rapidly turned pale.


    She had a record of filling the area around the capital of the Principality with ‘Heavy Snow’. She probably thinks that this opponent might do it.


    “But attacking the Emissary, no matter how hostile it is, is wrong.


    So, as the lord of the nation, I sincerely apologize for the fact that my subordinates attacked you without permission, and I intend to prepare a suitable apology.”


    “Emm, an apology for ……?”


    “Yes. Whatever you want me to do, say it out loud and ask for it. If it’s reasonable for me to ask, I’ll do it as an ‘apology’ to you.”


    “So, you mean… you want to make peace with the Principality?”


    “Yes. For once, if Sofia wants to make a ‘pain-sharing’ peace, I’m willing to do so.”


    <Kuroyuri> children seem to think that it is better to continue the war with the Principality. As for Yuri, she is willing to accept the peace with the Principality unconditionally this time, as a reminder of her failure to follow diplomatic protocol in allowing the attack on the envoy of another country.


    According to Erin, Ados wife, says, when nations make peace in this world, they usually include a five or ten-year truce period in the terms of the agreement.


    Of course, Yuri is willing to abide by that ceasefire period. If the children of <Kuroyuri> want to attack the Principality, they will have to wait until the ceasefire expires.




    Sofia pondered over Yuri’s words.


    Seeing this, Yuri wondered, “What in the world is she thinking?”.

    I knew that since she was coming from the duchy as an envoy for peace, there was no way she could want anything other than unconditional peace.


    So what is Sofia thinking and worrying about? Yuri didn’t know.


    “I have one wish that I would like to have fulfilled.”


    “Yes, anything you want.”


    Yuri braced herself a little, wondering what exactly it was that he wanted.


    I’m not going to change my mind when I say I’m going to give you what you want.


    If it is a wish that will harm her beloved wife or her subjects, she will not accept it. Other than that, most things can be accomplished.


    “Your Majesty, Yuri, please take me・・・could you do that for me, please?”


    “……………… What?”


    She looked straight into Yuri’s eyes with her eyes full of will.


    Yuri couldn’t help but be surprised when Sofia told him that.


    The demand―――to ‘take her’ is unexpected.

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