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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 90

    Sofia Theodore (Front)

    Translated by Green Cake
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    TN: Here’s your long awaited Sofia chapter (=‐ω‐=)


    ―――Today is the 37th day of the Autumn Moon.

    Today, just three days before the scheduled completion of the new city, you could feel the end of autumn approaching. Yuri was unusually alone in her office, looking over some documents.

    Normally, someone who is on “love duty” for the day takes on the role of “escort” and “secretary” throughout the day, so there is always someone by Yuri’s side. But today, she was truly alone.

    The reason for this was simple: Yuri had told the girl on “love duty” today to postpone the occasion until tomorrow.

    Normally, when Yuri postpones her “love duty” to the next day for her reasons, she has her accompany her for two days, the day of and the day after. But for today, she refused, saying, “Sometimes I want to spend time by myself.”

    The reason why Yuri wanted to be alone was related to what was written on the document in front of her.

    This document had been delivered this morning by a representative of the women living as ‘quasi-citizens’ in the city of Yuritania.

    At the beginning of the document was the title ‘About Sofia Theodore, Duchess of Selsia’, and over the next thirteen sheets of paper, various information about the person ‘Sofia Theodore’ was written in many aspects and detail.

    The ‘quasi-citizens’ of Yuritania who wrote this report were women who had previously been ‘secret agents’ belonging to the Kingdom of Eldard.

    They have been trained by the <Kuroyuri> girls and have completely lost their loyalty to the kingdom. Now they live in the streets of Yuritania, but they are still Yuri’s loyal servants.

    Yesterday, Yuri had asked them to compile information about Sofia Theodore into a document and submit it by tomorrow.

    Before the establishment of the Yuri Empire in this other world―――that is, until roughly last year, when the Kingdom of Eldard spoke of an ‘enemy nation’, was referring to the Principality of Selsia.

    After all, eleven years ago, the Kingdom of Eldard had waged war against the Duchy of Selsia, won, and had a portion of its land ceded to it.

    Naturally, the conclusion of peace was made in conjunction with the cession of land, so the two countries, the Duchy of Selsia and the Kingdom of Eldard, are no longer in wartime relations.

    Although there are no relations between the two countries, it is clear that the Duchy of Selsia is holding a grudge because its territory was taken from it, and everyone understood that this was a temporary peace relationship.

    Therefore, at that time, the Kingdom of Eldard was always wary of the Duchy of Selsia as a ‘virtual enemy’.

    Most of the secret agents belonging to the Kingdom’s army were sent to infiltrate the Duchy of Selsia and extract all kinds of information, including military equipment, food reserves, the economic situation and value of money, and the state of security.

    ―――Because of this, the women who were formerly secret agents of the kingdom and are now living as quasi-citizens of Yuritaniaknow a great deal about the Duchy of Selsia.

    When Yuri asked for information about Sofia Theodore, she received a 13-page report the next day, which was very impressive.

    The following is a summary of what the report says about Sofia Theodore.

    • Even she is very young, she has a brilliant mind, and when people talk about the “Duchess of the Principality,” they are referring to Sofia.
    • At the recommendation of the minister of state and several ministers, she began to take part in the internal affairs of the duchy and foreign policy negotiations before she turned 20, despite being the daughter of a duke.
    • She has a very rare vocation as a <Sage> and can use a variety of [Magic]. She is actively working with the knights of her domain to defeat the demons that live around the duchy, and her level of skill has grown considerably for someone who is still so young.
    • At the age of 21, she develops a special silver alloy called [Magic Silver] that does not degrade over time.
    • She is also the head of the Theodore Trading Company, which runs several stores selling magical silver trinkets and furnishings in the major cities of the principality.

    (―――You’re not a very bright kid, are you?)
    (TN: This may be inaccurate. The RAW is “(―――大変な麒麟児ではないの)”. I use many MTL and each has a different result.)

    That’s the first impression Yuri had when she finished reading through the report.

    Every piece of information in the report was full of praise for Sofia, and not one of them undermined her talent or personality.

    That’s why Yuri’s suspicions were finally confirmed.

    (Sofia Theodore is receiving an ability absorption drain from someone)

    Yuri has always maintained [Spatial Grasp] over the entire city of Yuritania, which allows her to check information about people and goods that exist in the city.

    The group of messengers that came from the Principality the other day.―――That is to say, the group from the Duchy, represented by Sofia Theodore, are still all within the city of Yuritania, so that information can of course be confirmed on an ongoing basis.

    Sofia Theodore

    Race: Human / 26 years old ・ Female / Propensity: Neutral

    <Sage> – Lv.22

    Life: 236 / 236

    Magic: 171 / 171

    [Strength]: 102

    [Toughness]: 87

    [Agility]: 110

    [Wisdom]: 3

    [Charm]: 168.

    [Blessing] 170

    In Sofia Theodore’s status, there is one part that is so unusual that it is obvious at a glance―――It’s the fact that she has only 3 [Wisdom].

    Yuri’s not very familiar with this world’s unique system [Vocation]. But even so, she can somehow understand that the vocation of <Sage> contributes greatly to the growth of the owner’s [Wisdom].

    In addition, Sofia’s career up to now is that of a genius. It seems that her [Wisdom] value should be at least 200, and Yuri guesses that it should be around 250.

    And yet―――Sophia’s [Wisdom] is only 3.

    This small amount of [Wisdom] is abnormal, even though the level is 22.

    If the value is unreasonably low, the first thing to suspect would be some kind of weakening debuff. The information through [Appraisal] and [Spatial Grasp] will include all the information about the strengthening buffs and weakening debuffs that the person currently has.

    Since there’s none, it means that Sofia is not currently receiving any kind of strengthening buffs or weakening debuffs.―――No matter how you look at it, Sofia’s abnormal [Wisdom] value is affected in some way.

    Yuri had an idea of the effect of lowering one type of ability value of others in a way that was neither a strengthening buff nor a weakening debuff.

    It’s called [Ability Absorption Drain], and it’s a special ability that can only be used by special races like succubus and incubus.

    The [Ability Absorption Drain] is a [Permanent Effect] that transfers one type of ability value from another person to you and is not included in [Abnormal Conditions] or [Weakening]. So Yuri’s [Spatial Grasp] and [Appraisal] skills can not accurately detect it.

    (If this is due to an ability absorption drain as I know it…)

    Again, Yuri is not an expert on [Vocation].

    So if the effect Sofia is receiving is something unique to this world that Yuri doesn’t know about. Yuri’s guess is completely wrong.

    But―――if Yuri’s guess is correct.

    The reason why Sofia’s [Wisdom] is lowered to the very limit is probably because of the succubus ability absorption drain.

    This means that the crime was committed by one of the children belonging to the <Kuroyuri>, who can summon a succubus as a follower.

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