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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 87

    New City Planning Progress (Southern / Front)

    Translated by Green Cake
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    “…… Are you sure Altorius is going to join us?”

    “Yes. If he is killed・・・・he won’t die・・・・will he?”

    “I can assure you that.”

    “Well, then, this is another opportunity for me.”

    Now in front of Yuri’s eyes was Pope Altorius, not in his usual white robes, but rare leather armor.

    Moreover, he was wearing a one-handed sword at his waist. Based on the RPGs she had played, Yuri had a vague idea that the weapon of choice for clergymen was either a hammer and mace or a staff, so she felt a bit betrayed.

    ―――Today is the 35th day of the Autumn Moon.

    Yuri and her friends were on the south side of the planned new city, in other words, in the “Labyrinth Dungeon Area”.

    To be more precise, Yuri and her friends are right in front of the [Labyrinth Dungeon], which is categorized as a [Beginner II], located at 4 o’clock in the new city.

    In addition to Yuri and Pope Altorius, there was also a Saint named Estoa, a male priest working at the cathedral of the Holy Land of Nimun, and a female holy knight belonging to the Holy Land army.

    Of these, those excluding Yuri and Eshtoa. In other words, the priest, the holy knight, and Pope Altorius had formed a party, and they were going to challenge the [Labyrinth].

    The Priest and Holy Knight are level 22 and Pope Altorius is level 21, so there is little difference in their abilities. The Labyrinth dungeon [Beginner’s II] with the recommended level of [21-35] would be just right for them.

    As usual, last night Meteora, captain of <Kikyou> informed me that the construction of the labyrinths in the southern part of the new city was completed, three of them from the lowest recommended level, so why don’t you try to place some demons there?

    However, Yuri and the rest of the Yuri Empire are all at a level of 200, which is far too high to test a low-level [Labyrinth]. If I were to summon a follower who was weaker than myself, it would be the same thing since they would have a level of 150 or higher.

    If that’s the case, I’ll have to find someone with a lower level and ask them to do the test search.

    So Yuri contacted Estoa from the Holy Land of Nimun using [Telepathy Bracelet].

    Pope Altorius, the head of the Holy Land of Nimun, was originally interested in the [Labyrinth Dungeon] that Yuri is creating, thanks to Lydina’s recommendation. So I was sure he would be happy to help me with the test run.

    I asked her to convey the request to Pope Altorius through Estoa. There was one thing that happened that was completely unexpected, even for Yuri.

    As you can probably guess from the situation, Pope Altorius himself came forward as a test explorer for the [Labyrinth Dungeon].

    “I’m not going to say anything about it. But if you are killed by a demon, you will suffer the same pain as dying.”

    In an attempt to make the Pope change his mind, Yuri threatened him.

    I’m not lying. This morning, the <Red Plum> put up a [Life-Saving Ward] around the entire new city, which is sure to save the lives of anyone who loses their life within its limits, but it won’t eliminate the pain and fear you feel at the moment of death.

    “I don’t want to be killed easily, but I’m looking forward to it. The opportunity to experience the pain and horror of death without dying is something I would never normally have the chance to do.”

    However, the Pope responded happily, so there was nothing Yuri could do about it.

    At least you and your men should stop the Pope.―――When Yuri glared at Estoa, the priest, and the holy knight with a fierce look, they all responded by quickly looking away.

    After all, it seems that even they are not in favor of the lord of the country challenging them in person.

    “…… We’re going to ‘broadcast’ what we’re exploring, okay?”

    “Then we can’t show the people our pathetic appearance, we have to do our best.”

    In response to Yuri’s words, Pope Altorius became even more determined.

    It’s impossible to change the Pope’s will, Yuri thought, giving up quickly.

    Well―――if Pope Altorius experienced it, more people will be interested in the [Labyrinth Dungeon], so it’s not all bad.

    There are hardly any ‘scavengers’ left in Yuritania anymore. If we think that this will bring out some ordinary citizens to challenge the [Labyrinth Dungeon], it will be beneficial enough.

    “Sister, it’s time to go.”

    Estoa told me while checking her pocket watch.

    Incidentally, her pocket watch was a gift from Yuri in the past.

    “Thank you, Estoa.”

    When Yuri gently stroked her head, Estoa eyes narrowed happily.

    I feel like stroking it for a while, but I can’t do that because it’s time for the broadcast.

    In the past, people in this world didn’t have a clear division of time, so we used to broadcast when the area was dark.

    Since the ‘clock’ has recently become a part of the citizens of Yuritania, it is no longer possible to be too loose with the broadcast time.

    This was because clocks had been installed in every house in Yuritania built by <Kikyou>, and the citizen’s understanding of clocks increased and their convenience spread rapidly.

    From the point of view of Yuri, who is in charge of broadcasting, it is more convenient to be loose with time. Nevertheless, I’m glad to see that another convenient culture has taken root among the citizens.

    “Good day, subjects from all over the Yuri Empire and the Holy Land of Nimun. My name is Yuri, and I am the Empress of the Yuri Empire.”

    From the perspective of the messenger beast that she had summoned beforehand, Yuri immediately began her ‘broadcast’.

    She then explained to the viewers the story of how the [Labyrinth Dungeon] in the new city was to be tested, and how the Pope himself volunteered to be the one to experience it when she asked the Holy Land for help.

    “And today, we will be doing a trial broadcast. In other words, we’ll be showing you how Pope Altorius and his party members explore the [Labyrinth Dungeon], and we’ll be judging whether or not it’s something you’ll enjoy watching.

    Of course, I would like you all to support Pope Altorius. However, only I will be supporting the side of the demons.―――Because the demons that I have placed in the Labyrinth are my cute beasts. Please forgive me for this.”

    Yuri tells me, smiling.

    About a third of the demons we have placed in the Labyrinth are demons that look similar to human women. When fighting with these girls, Yuri would especially strongly support the demon side.

    “As I explained earlier, you will never lose your life in this labyrinth, but it is possible to get injured. In some cases, you may even lose a limb or two to enemy attacks.

    Such scenes will be broadcasted, so you may have to watch some shocking scenes. If you don’t want to see people bleeding or injured, as I explained before, please remind yourself to ‘stop watching’ to stop watching the broadcast. I won’t apologize if you can’t choke down your food tonight because you saw someone just before they died, okay? I’ve warned you.”

    I’m sure that many families have their meals around this time. Even if you are not a faint-hearted person, you might vomit if you are shown a gross video while eating.

    Viewing is at your own risk. This is an absolute rule that I would like to adhere to as I continue to broadcast the scenes of exploring the [Labyrinth Dungeon].

    “So let me introduce you to the three courageous challengers who will be diving into the labyrinth this time.

    ―――First of all, I would like to introduce Pope Altorius, who is well known to all the subjects of the Holy Land, as well as the Yuri Empire. Could you please introduce yourself then?”

    “Ah, yes. My name is Altorius, the Pope of the Holy Land of Nimun. Well, what should I introduce myself……? I’m a <Priest> by vocation, level 21, and I can use simple attack magic and healing magic. And I recently acquired the <Swordsman> class.”

    “Oh, so that’s why you have a sword on your hip. It’s a little surprising that the Pope would choose to be an <Swordsman> if I do say so myself.”

    “Haha, everyone in the palace said the same thing to me. I enjoy watching knights train―――but I’ve also been fascinated with swords for a while now. I’m still a bit of a novice, but I’m looking forward to the actual battle today.”

    While answering Yuri’s interview, the Pope pulled out the sword at his waist.

    Surprisingly―――and it may be rude to say this―――his sword-pulling gestures were refined, indicating that he had a good amount of sword training.

    Also, the sword is not cast iron but seems to be a properly forged one. It’s not a magic sword, but it might be enough to serve as a vanguard.

    “Thank you very much, then let’s talk to the next man.”

    “I’m Sarum……. I have a vocation <Priest>, so I usually work in the cathedral of the Holy Land of Nimun. My level is 22. A few days ago, I acquired the class of <Sorcerer>.

    “So you’re a <Priest> and <Sorcerer>, which makes you a complete rearguard.”

    “Yes, that’s why I chose a staff as my weapon of choice. It seems that the magic attack of <Sorcerer> class increases the speed of [Fireball] when you hold a staff.”

    “Yes, that’s right. You’re studying well.”

    In『Atros Online』, the ‘staff’ weapon itself didn’t have any special magic-enhancing elements. Instead, there are many skills that the magic classes acquire that only benefit you when you are holding a staff.

    If you’ve mastered this skill, you can double the speed of your projectile magic while you’re holding your staff.

    For example, the [Fireball] that Salm mentioned is magic that attacks the target by flying a cone of fire.

    Well, the projectiles flown by magic and sorcery are guided to some extent towards the target, so even if the bullet speed is slow, the hit rate itself is not bad. Still, there are times when it is necessary, for example, to interfere with sorcery or magic that an enemy sorcerer is about to use or to reduce the chance of hitting an enemy who is in a position to shoot an arrow. There are more situations than you might think where a higher bullet speed is more useful.

    “I’m a little nervous that I won’t be able to do anything without consuming some magic.”

    “I’m going to use this when I can afford it and not consume too much magic.”

    Sarum says and showed Yuri something on a string that he was wearing around his waist.

    “I see, a stone thrower sling.”

    “Yes. I’m rather good with these things.”

    “Not a bad choice, I think. You have the ammunition?”

    “I only have enough for ten rounds, but I’m prepared.”

    This time, he removes the leather bag from the opposite side of his waist and hands it to Yuri.

    I opened the bag and peeked inside to find three stones a little smaller than the size of my fist. The remaining seven stones must have been in the backpack he carries.

    Unlike a bow, which requires the use of arrows, a stone thrower sling has the advantage that it can be used as a projectile for almost any object of a reasonable size.

    If you are in a Labyrinth where stones are scattered, you may be able to replenish your ammunition by picking up stones of a reasonable size along the way.

    It’s also good to know that once a stone has been flown, it can be retrieved and reused if it hasn’t been broken. Sarum is small for a man, but he can be more powerful than a normal thrower with the use of a stone-thrower sling.

    Of course, there are some drawbacks. The stone thrower sling is a difficult weapon to handle, and it requires skill and proficiency to use it. If you handle it poorly, you might even hit an ally in the back of the head.

    Also, the sling itself is just a string, so it is not a burden at all, but the bullets are bulky, which is another problem. You can only carry about six to ten rounds, so it is not as easy to carry as a bow, which can shoot dozens of rounds if you carry a quiver

    “Thank you, Sarum. Now let’s talk to the last woman.”

    “Hi, I’m Annette. I have the vocation of <Priest>, but I am a member of the Holy Knights. My level is 22, just like Sarum, and I acquired the <Knight>, class, seven days ago. My level in that class is 4.”

    “Are you armed with a one-handed sword and a shield?”

    “Yes. I’m going to stand at the front and try to keep the demons at bay.”

    Since Sarum is a complete rearguard, the two vanguards would probably be Altorius and Annette. Altorius, who is quite skinny, does not have the physical strength to take on a demon’s attack, no matter how you look at it.

    Probably because Altorius is more like a light warrior with his agility, Annette is prepared to take on the role of the tank instead.

    “That’s bold. I think it’s wonderful to be a brave woman like you.”

    “Thank you very much. It is a great honor to be praised by Yuri-sama.”

    “You’re wearing metal armor, is it heavy?”

    “Yes, it’s fine. I usually wear this armor while running in the desert around the perimeter of the city, so it’s no problem.”

    “Well, that’s very encouraging.”

    You seem to have confidence in your endurance, though. In the [Labyrinth], where you never know when you will be attacked by a demon, you may feel a different kind of fatigue.

    However, I’ve heard that some of the healing magic you learn in your vocation is not for injuries or illnesses, but for healing ‘fatigue’. Since all three of them have a vocation that allows us to use healing magic, they should be able to reduce Annette’s burden by making good use of such magic.

    “This time, the three of you will be doing a test exploration of the [Labyrinth Dungeon]. And although she won’t be participating in the search, Saint Estoa will be here as well.

    ―――Estoa, please introduce yourself to the audience.”

    “Yes, Yuri Sister! I am a Saint in the Holy Land of Nimun, and my name is Estoa. I’ve already raised my level a little bit, so it doesn’t match the difficulty level of the [Labyrinth] where we’ll be testing this time, so I’m going to watch and not accompany the exploration.”


    Estoa’s level is as high as ’64’, not ‘just a little’ by any stretch of the imagination.

    Perhaps Estoa is capable of beating Pope Altorius and the other three at the same time, but I don’t think I need to explain that much to the viewers this time.

    “Estoa will be working with me to explain the situation to the audience as we watch Altorius and his team explores. Will that be all right?”

    “Oh, yes! I understand. I don’t know if there’s anything I can do to help, but I’ll do my best to help!”

    “Oh, and don’t worry, Altorius and the others won’t be able to hear me and Estoa whispering to each other. Then―――you may enter the [Labyrinth] at any time you see fit.”

    When Yuri gave him a look, Altorius nodded his head.

    “Sarum, Annette, are you ready?”

    “It’s all right, Your Eminence.”

    “Yes, no problem!”

    “I understand. All right, let’s explore slowly and not get too carried away.”

    After confirming the will of the two-party members, Pope Altorius entered the gateway of the [Labyrinth]. Yuri and Estoa saw him off at his back.

    Even if you go under the gate on the ground, you won’t see any demons right away. After descending a reasonably long staircase and passing through a metal door on the first basement floor, that’s when the real action begins.

    “Estoa. I’ve prepared something sweet for you, why don’t you join me?”

    “Wow, I’m so happy! What will you be treating us to today?”

    “It’s a sweet dish called zenzai. I made it all by myself, so if it doesn’t taste very good, I’m sorry, but please bear with me.”

    “Sister’s cooking! Wow, I’m looking forward to it……!”

    At the food stall the other day, I only served it to a lot of people and didn’t get to taste it myself. So today, I made it just for myself and Estoa.

    Euro prepared the white egg powder, so this time we could also enjoy the white egg zenzai together.

    I’ve prepared a bowl of magic tools so that the food won’t get cold even if I eat it slowly, so today I’d like to enjoy it slowly while watching the exploration and enjoying what I couldn’t enjoy the other day.

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