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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 86

    New City Planning Progress (Northern)

    Translated by Green Cake
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    “Wow……. Did you really build such a beautiful and splendid city in just one month?”

    “I hear it’s not quite finished yet.”

    “It looks like it’s already finished……”

    Aurence let out a few words of admiration as she gazed mesmerized at the surrounding scenery. Yuri was also admiring the scenery, while she was also talking.

    ―――Today is the 33rd day of the Autumn Moon.

    Yesterday, I received a report from Meteora, the captain of <Kikyou>, that the construction of the new city was almost complete, except the [Labyrinth Dungeon] on the north side, so I immediately came to inspect it today.

    The means of transportation was, of course, transfer magic. If we send a messenger ahead to record the [Transfer Point], then Yuri can easily move by just using magic.

    If you’re going to travel by magic, it’s the same whether you go alone or have someone accompany you, so this time I invited Aurence, the head of the Hayes Trading Company, to join me.

    “It’s beautiful……! I’d love to live in a place like this, just once!”

    “The lake is crystal clear! I can’t wait to swim in it!”

    “A city floating on a lake is very stylish.”

    “I wonder if any fish are living in this lake? I’d like to catch one”

    “The slightly damp breeze is pleasant. I’m glad it’s not a sea breeze.”

    Then―――not only Aurence but also five of her ‘best friends’ came along.

    The women, all of whom were close friends of Aurence, were looking at the scenery of the new city’s tourist resort area on the lake and were expressing their thoughts.

    All of them were madams who, judging from the Japanese Yuri’s senses, looked to be around 40 years old. Of course, in reality, they are probably all well over 80 years old in this world.

    To Yuri’s eyes, all of the women looked quite attractive, even though they were old.

    It was simply because they were still beautiful, even at their advanced age. But more than that, there was a strong sense of sexual attraction in all of the women.

    They seem to have the kind of charm that could easily win over a few to a dozen men. It’s a good thing they are former prostitutes, Yuri thought with admiration.

    Even now, when they are suitably aged, they still have a strong appeal. Perhaps when they were younger, they would have had a more powerful ‘demonic’ charm.

    ―――In fact, according to what I heard from Aurence. Until about ten years ago, they were the dominant women in each of the brothels that Aurence ran, and they made a lot of money.

    These women have now retired from the brothel business and are now the executives of the Hayes Trading Company.

    So this time, I was accompanied by five of the executives along with Aurence, the president of the Hayes Chamber of Commerce.

    “Hey, you guys! It’s a good idea to admire the scenery, but shouldn’t you be thanking Yuri-sama first?

    “………! Oh, yes, I should have.”

    “Thank you, Yuri-sama, for the [Rejuvenating Potion] the other day!”

    “Thank you very much!”

    “If I could just get a little younger, I’d be back on active duty in no time!”

    Prompted by Aurence, the five executive women bowed deeply to Yuri.

    It seems that the [Ochimizu] that they had entrusted to Aurence the other day had been safely handed over to their good friends.

    The [Ochimizu] has the effect of rejuvenating the age of those who drink it by one year.

    Strictly speaking―――it has the effect of rejuvenating one’s age by 365 days, so in this world where there are only 160 days in a year, it has the effect of rejuvenating one’s age by 2 years and 1 month.

    I’ve already told the girls that I don’t recommend taking it continuously for a short period, so they’ve probably only taken one bottle. But even so, the effects were still noticeable enough.

    “That was the price for ‘buying’ Aurence loyalty, so you don’t have to thank me, okay?”

    “That’s not how it works. As long as we’ve been given this favor, our loyalty should also be offered to you, Yuri-sama.”

    The woman who was the most polite of the five executives told Yuri that.

    She’s a woman named Eirene, and she seemed to be one of Aurence’s closest friends. She’s about the same age as Aurence, so she should be old enough to be her best friend―――but she doesn’t look that way at all.

    If Eirene pressured Yuri, she would probably take her to bed right away.

    She had a powerful beauty and charm that made me think that.

    “Hmm……. If you’d like to thank me for a little. Eirene, would you be willing to run a ‘High-Class Brothel’ in this city?”

    As she said this, Yuri pointed to a magnificent building that seemed to be a bit of a palace, built in one of the ‘Tourist Resort Section.

    That building was designed to be used as a store for a high-class brothel in this new city. To create a sense of ‘luxury and magnificence’, the roof and the exterior walls were made to be suitably luxurious.

    “This is a high-class brothel, isn’t it? The building certainly looks luxurious, but…… when you say high-class, how much do you plan to charge your customers?”

    “Well, it’s about 40,000 a night. If you were to get a client, I’d say 200,000 beth.”

    Eirene, Aurence, and the other four executive women all rolled their eyes at Yuri’s words.

    According to what Aurence had told them before, the price for a night in a brothel was usually around 2,000 beth for a prostitute.

    Therefore, the amount of money that Yuri offered was 20 to 100 times higher than the market price.

    I don’t have to tell you how absurd the price is.

    “…… With all due respect, this is not a price you can pay for a prostitute.”

    “Yes, that may be true. But―――I’m sure there are plenty of wealthy and aristocratic people who would not mind paying this amount if they could afford the ‘best prostitute in the world’.”

    “…… in the world? That’s a big thing to say.”

    “I’m saying that Eirene can do it, right?”

    Eirene was again stunned by Yuri’s words.

    Eirene has all the refinement and dignity of an aristocratic woman, but she also exudes sexuality that is far more intense than that of any other former prostitute in the room.

    If she regains her youthfulness with [Ochimizu] and adds to it the most advanced cosmetics developed by Rupia of <Rindou>.

    ―――Eirene could be the best prostitute in the world.

    That’s what Yuri was convinced of.

    “Do you think I’m worth that much ……?”

    “Yes, you are. I guarantee it.”

    Eirene was unsure of her words, but Yuri strongly assured her.

    Yuri had originally thought of setting up a high-class brothel in the tourist resort area. Even so, she hadn’t planned to go this far with her proposal at this point.

    And yet, here I am, trying to persuade Eirene. The reason why I’m persuading Eirene now is that Yuri thought she was the best material when he saw her.

    She would become the ‘Empress of the Brothel’. That’s what Yuri, the ‘Empress’, thought.

    “Well, I’m not asking you to decide right now. Can you think about it for a while?”


    “I’m hoping for a good answer.

    Meeting Aurence the other day was so beneficial that it seemed fortuitous to Yuri. Perhaps meeting Eirene today was even more of a blessing in disguise.

    Yuri had never imagined that among the ‘best friends’ that Aurence had talked about, there would be such a remarkable one.

    “Ehh! It’s not fair that Eirene is the only one!”

    “Yuri-sama, do you have something for us too?”

    “Oh, of course, there’s plenty to go around. Because I’m thinking of entrusting almost all of my business in this part of the city to the Hayes Trading Company.”

    As Yuri spoke, a blinding expression filled the room for the umpteenth time.

    Aurence her his eyebrows and spoke in a low tone.

    “Wait……. I’ve never heard of that before, have you?”

    “I’m sure you’re right. Because I just said it for the first time.”

    Aurence cheeks twitch lightly when Yuri tells him this with a smile.

    Yuri is planning to turn this new city’s “Tourist Resort Section” into a trendsetting city that caters to the wealthy and aristocratic.

    Specifically, she plans to use the high-class brothel as bait to attract the male heads of the wealthy and aristocratic families both at home and abroad, and to lure the accompanying women and girls to the city’s stores, making them come back frequently.

    The ‘cosmetics’ we developed the other day is just one of the milestones for that purpose.

    The cosmetics themselves will be sold in Yuritania, but the top-quality cosmetics, in particular, will be available only in the new city’s “Tourist Resort Section”.

    In addition, there will be a high-class clothing store in the city that sells dresses designed by the children of <Rindou> and sewn by craftsmen from the Rostine Trading Company, as well as a high-class beauty salon that uses the elixir developed by Rupia from <Rindou>.

    There is no such thing as a woman who is not interested in beauty. Especially when it comes to the wealthy.

    By offering the finest products and facilities to enhance women’s beauty, which can only be purchased and experienced in this new city, it would be easy to captivate the hearts of noblewomen and ladies.

    And what man wouldn’t love to see his wife or daughter become more beautiful?

    As we walked through the scenery of the “Tourist Resort Section”, Yuri explained her plans one by one. She immediately met with a favorable response from Aurence and all of the executive women who listened to her until the end.

    After all, this new city would be at the forefront of fashion, and the Hayes Chamber of Commerce would be handling all of it. As the heads and executives of the business association, they will be able to enjoy all the benefits that exist only in this city.

    Again, there is no such thing as a woman who is not interested in beauty.

    This is especially true for a woman who has lived her life using her beauty as a weapon.

    “I’ll give you all the money you need. It’s a dream come true, don’t you think?”

    “Hehehe. We’ve all been prostitutes for years, you know. We are the ones who know the pleasure of controlling other people’s minds better than anyone else in the world.

    ―――I can’t stand the thought of someone else telling such an interesting story. I’ll gladly take you up on your offer, and this time we’re not just talking about men, we’re talking about women of all kinds.”

    Aurence said with a chuckle.

    It was obvious from the bewitching smiles on their faces that the women in the top echelons of the Chamber of Commerce also fully agreed with these words.

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