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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 84


    Translated by Green Cake


    TN: Wowiee~ Looks like you guys emphasize Sofia a lot o_o , there will be some chapter about Yuri and Sofia in the future. Stay tuned (゚3゚)~♪


    In this world, there is a system called [Vocation].

    If a person undergoes a ritual at a temple facility, such as a cathedral, he or she can obtain a single [Vocation] that is randomly drawn.

    In addition, one can gain from one to three skills that are related to that vocation. In addition, since the vocation is a seed of talent, you can acquire additional [Skill] by gaining experience and growing your level.

    It’s not a bad system by any means. The biggest problem is that you can’t freely choose the vocation you get.

    However, if it has been more than a month since you last received your vocation, you can go through the rituals again and receive your vocation again, in other words, you can [Redraw].

    However, it seems that there are at least 150 different kinds of [Vocation]., and redrawing many times does not guarantee that you will get what you want.

    However, the people never complain about this.

    This is because there is a deep-rooted belief among the people that their [Vocation] is a blessing from God, and they should be grateful for it and not complain about it.

    This is why many people choose to compromise and live with their vocation, even if they don’t get the one they want. Some people even give up on the future they have been longing for, believing that the vocation they have been given is the path that God has pointed out to them, even if it is an unwanted one.

    I wanted to work as a cook, but the vocation I was given was blacksmith, so I had no choice but to look for a job in that field.―――It’s not uncommon for people to do that.

    ―――“I’ve been complaining about this for a while now”, she said.

    Arcana, the Goddess of Entertainment, wishes for people to enjoy their lives and live happily every day.

    From her point of view, the system of [Vocation] that creates many people who are forced to work in unwanted occupations is not something that she can accept.

    Whenever Arcana had tea in the garden of the『Divine Realm』, she would often complain about this to Lydina, the person she was talking to.

    In the meantime, it had become both Arcana’s and Lydina’s wish to improve the [Vocation] system.

    As the God of Healing, Lydina couldn’t help but wish that her best friend Arcana’s heart-wrenching anguish could be ‘cured’ from within her.

    “So, Yuri. I’m going to carry out the ‘Great Transformation’ tomorrow.”

    “Yeah, good luck with that.”

    I’m not sure what to say. Yuri’s reply was quite blunt.

    The ‘Great Transformation’ is one of the highest level miracles performed by the Lord God, and has a huge effect in rewriting the rules of this world.

    It seems that all the ‘faith’ that will be spent to carry out this great transformation was earned by Yuri. However, Yuri is not interested in the use of the ‘faith’ itself.

    Yuri only cared if she could repay Lydina by transferring her ‘faith’ to her. It didn’t matter to Yuri what Lydina did with it.

    In addition, it was explained to her beforehand that this major change was to implement the [Class] system from the『Atros Online』in this world.

    Even though I was dissatisfied with the [Vocation] system and wanted to improve it, I heard that the cost would be quite high if they had to rip the already established system out of the world, modify it, and implement it anew.

    Rather than that, it would be much cheaper to build a system separate from the [Vocation] and simply ‘add’ it to the world. Therefore, Lydina is trying to solve the problem by using the knowledge of the game system of『Atros Online』, which she had obtained when she had granted Yuri’s wish and transferred every one of the Yuri Empire to this world, and introducing that system to this world.

    I think this in itself is a good thing, and Yuri supports it.

    However, Yuri and the rest of the Yuri Empire, the original game characters of『Atros Online』, already have a [Class] (and are level 200), so they are not in a position to be affected by this major change.

    In a way, it was inevitable that Yuri would not be interested in the matter at all.

    “Since this is such a great opportunity, why don’t you try to create your blessings?”

    “…… What would that [Blessing] be?”

    “It’s a special favor that can only be bestowed upon one’s followers. There are a lot of people who believe in Yuri, so why don’t you give some back?”

    In short, [Blessings] are [Magic] or [Skill] that are automatically granted to believers depending on who they believe in the most among the main gods.

    For example, a believer who has the most faith in Lydina will gain the magic [Pain Relief] and the skill [Healing Hands].

    The former has the effect of relieving the pain felt by the target for a while, while the latter has a passive effect that can be activated at any time by touching the affected area with the hand when injured.

    Such a blessing is very useful, especially for scavengers who have a lot of opportunities to face danger. Of course, anyone can get injured in everyday life, so it is a benefit to have for non-sweepers as well.

    In the case of Arcana, faith will give you skills such as [Musical Instruments], [Sleep Well], and [Joy of Wine].

    [Musical Instruments] is a skill that will allow you to play a variety of instruments to a certain degree, and it will also give you a certain sense of sound.

    [Sleep Well] is a skill that makes it easier for you to get a good night’s sleep and wake up the next morning. [Joy of Wine] is said to be a skill that keeps you just the right amount of drunk when you drink and keeps you from having a hangover the next day.

    All of them are simple, but they are all nice benefits to have.

    That’s why I’ve heard that not a few people in this world choose their main deity after evaluating the blessings they can get.

    “At the moment, there is no [Blessing] to be gained by believing in Yuri. It’s a good idea to think of something and give some back to the faithful. It doesn’t take much in the way of faith to create a few blessings.”

    “Hmm…… I’m not sure what kind of blessings I can make.”

    “Yuri is the Goddess of Love, so it should be something related to love.”


    Yuri is still not convinced why she is the ‘Goddess of Love’ in the first place. It is true that, as Lydina said, there is something different about the Lord God granting blessings to its followers that are unrelated to what they control.

    But what exactly are the [Skill] and [Magic] related to ‘love’?

    (…… Oh. Come to think of it, Aurence was in a bit of trouble.)

    The other day, Yuri suddenly remembered the conversation she had with Aurence, the head of the Hayes Trading Company, which runs a brothel.

    Aurence, who had come to the palace to exchange pleasantries with Yuri since she had officially joined her side, had been telling her various stories about running a brothel. One of the stories was that the contraceptive pills she had imported from the kingdom were no longer available at all.

    The reason for this is that the kingdom has collapsed.

    Furthermore, Yuri’s sending of the skeleton soldiers was even the direct cause.

    A brothel is a place where men and women can have sexual intercourse, so if contraceptives are not available, the business will not be viable.

    Aurence said with a bit of sadness, “we have a good amount of stockpiled contraceptives, so we’re still in business, but if we can’t get more, we’ll have to close down soon.”

    Yuri was planning to solve this problem by having <Rindou> make birth control pills. It was a good opportunity to try and solve the problem with the blessing.

    ―――So, I created the [Birth Control] skill.

    It’s a passive skill that can be turned on and off at will, and while it’s on, you’ll never get pregnant.

    With this, prostitutes will be able to work hard without worry.

    The amount of ‘faith’ consumed in the production of this [Blessing] was only enough for Yuri to earn in a couple of days. It seems that the cost of making the blessing is much less than I had imagined.

    So I also created a skill called [Blessing of Love].

    This is an always-on skill with no switching function, and its effect is to ‘slightly’ increase the [Blessing] of someone you love strongly.

    Although it’s a small effect, the increase in the [Blessing] ability value will improve your luck and make you less prone to bad luck. It’s a modest but beneficial effect.

    Also, since [Protection] is an ability value used to resist abnormal conditions, the higher the value, the less likely you are to suffer from illness. It’s good to know that the person you love will be able to maintain good health.

    Incidentally, the amount of ‘faith’ consumed in the creation of this blessing was also very small.

    In a fit of excitement, Yuri also created a new skill called [Affectionate Bond].

    Like contraception, this skill can be turned on and off at will, but the effect is almost the exact opposite of contraception: depending on the depth of your love, it will either increase your chances of conception or increase the chances of conception in your partner.

    The effect is the opposite of contraception. I also added that as a result of this, the child to be born will be healthy, and there will be less danger at the time of birth.

    I used a little more faith than I should have because there are so many effects, but I think it made the skill that much more interesting.

    “It’s a good thing that the grief of parents mourning their children is reduced, even if only a little”, Lydina said, fully agreeing with me.

    “As for the blessings that Yuri has created, I’ll inform the world about them tomorrow when I send out the oracle about the ‘Great Transformation’.”

    “…… Yes, I understand.”

    The fact that she was the Goddess of Love was still a little embarrassing for Yuri, so she didn’t want it to get out.

    However, after creating three [Blessing], it would be impossible for her to refuse to make them known. Yuri had no choice but to accept Lydina’s words.

    ―――In this world, the most required role of a woman who marries a nobleman is, after all, to bear children.

    Conversely, a woman who cannot fulfill this role, even if she is a member of the royal family, will immediately be labeled as incompetent in aristocratic society. That is how important and necessary it is to have a child in aristocratic society.

    That is why aristocratic women make every effort to have children. In addition to maximizing the frequency of sexual intercourse, they also make sure to exercise daily to reduce the risk of childbirth.

    They also make sure that the wives get enough energy and enough strength. They even hire professional cooks for this purpose.

    For these noblewomen, Yuri’s [Skill] in making the [Affectionate Bond] was a blessing in disguise.

    ―――At that time, Yuri did not know it yet.

    She didn’t know that the next day, as soon as Lydina issued the oracle, she would receive overwhelming faith from the ladies of royalty and nobility all over the world.

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