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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 79

    You Still There?


    Three days have passed since I visited the Holy Land with Lydina and Arcana.

    Today is the 19th day of the Autumn Moon. As usual, after waking up and doing the bare minimum of grooming, Yuri moved to the palace office. This morning, in addition to various documents and reports, she had received a progress report on the construction of the new city from Meteora, <Kikyou> captain.

    It was on the 17th day of autumn that <Kikyou> began building the new city. Although only two days have passed since then, according to the progress report, the ‘regular hexagonal barrier’ surrounding the entire city has already been completed at the planned construction site.

    In any case, since the entire city will be protected by a [Barrier Ward], there is no need for a [Barrier Wall]. The children of <Kikyou> had already explained to me that they wanted to build a far more magnificent wall for this new city than the one in Nildea

    The reason for this is two. The first is to create an atmosphere where the wealthy people who use the “Tourist Resort Section” on the north side of the city can see for themselves that the city is protected by a solid barrier and enjoy the resort without worry.

    The other reason is to make the “Labyrinth Dungeon Area” on the south side of the city look like a “City of Explorer” or a “Labyrinth City” by making use of the majesty of the tall and solid walls to create a rather somber atmosphere.

    In other words, the wall was built just to create an atmosphere for the new city.

    This would be unthinkable in other countries. But for the children of <Kikyou>, who are willing to work hard for what they want to build, it is nothing.

    The report also stated that water and sewage systems had been installed underground in the city. According to Meteora’s notes, it was a little difficult to adjust the underground location so that it would not overlap with the [Labyrinth Dungeon]  that was to be built underneath the city in the future, but I must say that the construction speed was threatening.

    I’ve been in this other world for a while now. The most extraordinary cheats in the Yuri Empire are the children of <Kikyou>, I think.

    At this pace, the new city will be completed by the ‘end of this month’.

    The selection of the servant beasts to be placed in each [Labyrinth Dungeon] is left up to Yuri, so she will need to start thinking about it a bit now.

    At the recent discussion in the Holy Land, Pope Altorius has already requested that we let the priests of their country use the [Labyrinth Dungeon] as soon as it is completed and the [Transfer Gate] is set up.

    Arcana, the God of Entertainment, has also told us that she is looking forward to the broadcast that focuses on explorers exploring the [Labyrinth Dungeon].

    It would be better to prepare what Yuri can do beforehand, to be able to use the [Labyrinth Dungeon] without delay after the city is completed.

    “You seem to be in a good mood, Yuri-sama.”

    It was Shaula of the <Blue Rose>, today’s “love duty” and escort, who said this as she placed a cup of freshly brewed medicinal tea on her desk.

    It’s not just about Shaula, either. The <Blue Rose> usually wears very revealing clothes that look like a dancer’s outfit, so it’s a little hard to keep an eye on them when they’re working like this.

    ―――I’m sure Shaula won’t mind if Yuri stares at her, though. That’s a problem because it makes me want to put aside my work for the day and take her to bed right now.

    “My beasties are about to have their moment.”

    “Oh, you’re talking about the [Labyrinth Dungeon] they’re building in the new city?”

    “Yes, that’s right. I use almost all of the monsters in『Leangard』as my beasts of burden, but I’m especially fond of the cute ones. It would be great to have a place for them to play.”

    As is the case with most RPGs, there are many demons with a feminine and pretty appearance in『Leangard』, the in-game world of『Atros Online』.

    When I was playing the game, I used to summon these lovely demons, fight with them, or even summon them in situations with nothing to do with fighting and just spend time with them.

    But since coming to this other world―――I haven’t been doing those things as much―――though not for any particular reason.

    So at least, when the [Labyrinth Dungeon] is completed, I would like to summon and place many of Yuri’s cute and favorite service animals and watch them valiantly fight back against the scavengers.

    If it’s ‘broadcasted’, everyone will probably be cheering for the explorers. At least one of us, Yuri, should be cheering for the demons.

    (Oh―――Good news that the brothel’s business is picking up.)

    Then, Yuri read the report that came from the former secret agents of the kingdom and found out.

    According to the report, the brothel, which at one time was deserted after losing both its main customers, the ‘soldiers’ and the ‘scavengers’, had recently started to see a gradual return of customers.

    However, the ‘return of customers’ does not mean that the people who originally used the brothel have returned. The ‘scavengers’ still rarely come to the cities of Yuritania, and the people who used to be ‘soldiers’ in Nildea were wiped out by Yuri when she took over the city, so it’s not surprising.

    Recently, it seems that the number of people who visit the brothel is increasing, even from a different clientele than before.

    Merchants, artisans, and even peasants are now visiting the brothels, which they had no interest in before.

    The report speculates that this is probably because of the increase in the number of ‘small rich people’ in Yuritania.

    Since Yuritania is tax-free for the rest of the year, there is no small amount of money left in the hands of its citizens. The speculation that some of the men who saw their enriched wallets would be willing to buy a night’s dream in a brothel certainly did not seem to be out of line.

    At any rate, it was good to see that the brothel was not in danger of going out of business.

    From the point of view of maintaining the city’s public morals, it might be wiser for the government to get rid of the brothels. As for Yuri has no intention of denying the people who get their energy from the sex industry.

    Some men like to use brothels, and some women like to work as prostitutes for a living. Of course, women should not be forced to become unwanted prostitutes because of debts. However, I think it is acceptable for a woman to make a career of it at her own will.

    (…… At any rate, I think it’s safe to discontinue giving money to secret agents to use the brothel at the end of this month.)

    For a little over half a month now, Yuri has been handing out support money to the former kingdom’s secret agents, informing them that they must use the brothel at least twice a week.

    How effective this was in supporting the management of the brothel is questionable, though. Anyway, if the brothel’s management seems to be in good shape, it’s probably time to stop giving them money.

    “By the way, there is one thing I would like to report to Yuri-sama.”

    “……? What is it, Shaula?”

    “Do you remember the emissary from the duchy that you met with the other day?”

    “It was about a week ago. I still remember it. …… I think her name was Sofia.”

    “Yes, I’m talking about Duchess Sofia and her bodyguards. It seems that she has not yet left the city of Yuritania.”

    “……………… What? They still here?”

    “Yes. We have been checking on them every day, but as of yesterday, we have not received any reports of them leaving Yuritania.”


    Hurriedly, Yuri searched the city of Yuritania with [Spatial Grasp], which she still maintains, and confirmed the information of the emissaries of the duchy.

    There is only one person with the grand title of ‘Duchess’ in Yuritania, so it was easy to find her.

    Indeed, at this point, they still seem to be staying within Yuritania.

    “……I’ve heard that she’s in the Central Square with her guards. The place is just around the corner.”

    “It seems that they are very fond of the food stall culture in Yuritania. I think that’s why she hasn’t returned to the principality and is still here.”

    “It’s a shame that a duchess would prioritize the enjoyment of food over her duties……”

    Holding her eyebrows, Yuri let out a heavy sigh.

    A messenger is usually a person who values speed. I think it’s only natural for them to return home as soon as they get a response from the other party, regardless of whether it’s acceptable or not.

    I remember that she looked very stupid for a girl with the name ‘Sofia Wisdom’. Well…… Yuri personally doesn’t mind stupid children

    “I’m not sure what to do. Do you want me to kick her out?”

    “…… It’s only been about a week since the meeting, so it’s fine to leave her alone for now. If she stays too long, I’ll use my [Transfer Magic] to visit the duchy and complain to them……”

    Aside from the daughter, her father, Duke Theodore, seemed to be a person that she could talk to without any problems. If you complain frankly that you are having trouble dealing with your daughter, you may be able to meet her, even though you are enemies.

    She could always just kick her out, but it was not Yuri’s intention to treat women so disrespectfully. If possible, he would like her to return home of her own free will.

    Suddenly, there was a knock on the door of the office.

    Wondering who it was, Yuri called out to the other side of the room, “Come in.” Immediately, Sonatine, Deputy Captain of <Nadeshiko>, walked into the office.

    “Master, excuse me for interrupting your business. I have a visitor who wishes to see you. How may I proceed?”

    “A visitor from……? I don’t have an appointment, but who’s here?”

    “It’s an elderly woman who introduces herself as Aurence Hayes. She presented her Merchant’s Guild registration card as proof of her identity, so we believe she is a merchant.”

    “Hmm, I’ve never heard that name before. I’m not particularly busy at the moment, so let’s just meet her. Bring him to the reception room, please.”

    “Yes, master.”

    Sonatine bowed deeply and left the office.

    After seeing off the figure for a while, Yuri once again utilized [Spatial Grasp] to find out information about the merchant named ‘Aurence Hayes’.

    The spell [Spatial Grasp] can collect ‘information about objects’ that exist within its area of effect. If you are a member of the merchant guild and your first and last name is known, it is not difficult to sort out useful information.

    “I see―――you’re practically a brothel keeper, aren’t you?”

    According to the documents kept in the commercial guild, Aurence is the Hayes Chamber of Commerce president, a business association that mainly deals with the management of brothels.

    If that’s the case. Yuri might be able to understand the reason for her visit.

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