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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 77

    Trip to the Three Pillars of Holy Land

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    That afternoon, Yuri decided to use [Transfer Magic] to visit Farrata, the capital of the Holy Land of Nimun.

    It was not a visit by Yuri alone. In addition to the presence of Lachesis, the second-in-command of the <Shirayuri>, who is escorting her today, Lydina and Arcana are also accompanying her on this visit to the Holy Land.

    Yuri has recorded the [Transfer Point] properly last time, so if Yuri uses [Transfer Magic], she can immediately reach the front of Farrata palace.

    “―――Yuri Sister!”

    As soon as the girl who was sitting in the corner of the palace entrance recognized Yuri, she immediately ran up to her, waving her hands in the air.

    “Estoa. I’m sorry I kept you waiting.”

    “No way! But still…… really….. Lydina-sama and Arcana-sama are with you…”

    “Hmm, Estoa. It’s the first time I’ve spoken to you outside of the oracle.”

    Smiling gently, Lydina spoke to Estoa.

    It’s not just that she’s Yuri’s saint, she’s also Lydina’s saint. I’ve heard that she often speaks to oracles, but this is probably the first time she’s ever met one face to face.

    “If you want, you can be my saint too.”

    “Oh, please don’t do that. Halper will hate me for it.”

    At Arcana’s suggestion, Estoa hurriedly declined.

    It seems that the person called “Halper” is the current saint of Arcana.

    Only one saint or saintess is appointed for each pillar of the main god, so if Estoa is appointed, Halper will immediately lose her position. It’s true that in some cases she might be resented.

    Estoa led us through the palace of Farrata, and Yuri and her group were taken to a room that looked like a “Guest Room”.

    Estoa knocked twice on the door, and a voice answered, “Come in”.

    “Welcome aboard.”

    “You look well, Altorius.”

    “Thanks to you, I’m feeling much better. I’m sorry to say that, as a citizen of the desert, I’m…… constitutionally uncomfortable with temperature differences. Every day I’m keenly aware of how much I appreciate the wards Yuri-sama has put up.”

    The desert is extremely hot during the day and extremely cold at night, regardless of the season. It’s a fatal weakness to be uncomfortable with temperature differences while living in this environment.

    If [Temperature Control Ward] seems to be useful, then it’s good.

    “Welcome, Lydina-sama and Arcana-sama.”

    “I’ve been wanting to see the country of Altorius first hand.”

    “I’m also interested in the food stalls in the Holy Land!”

    It seems that Arcana is here for the food.

    With Yuri’s donation of 100 stall kits, the number of food and beverage stalls in Farrata has suddenly started to increase. The taste of food is completely different when the land changes, so I’m sure we’ll have a fresh experience here as well.

    “Thank you, Yuri-sama. Of course, we are grateful for the food stalls, but we are also very grateful for the wards that you have deployed throughout the Holy Land.”

    Since the beginning of this month, Yuri has been visiting the cities and villages in the Holy Land, especially those in the desert, and has had the children of <Koubai> accompany her to deploy two wards: [Barrier Ward] and [Temperature Control Ward].

    This was previously requested by Pope Altorius. It seems that in the desert, there are many opportunities for people to be injured because of the appearance of flying demons. This is why we put up [Barrier Ward] to ensure the safety of the residents of the cities and villages.

    There is not much difference in the labor involved in putting up one or two wards, so I also deploy [Temperature Control Ward] at the same time. If we can ignore the heat and cold even when living in the desert, our livelihood will be greatly improved.

    “You don’t need to worry about it, because you’re getting exactly what you promised.”

    “…… I don’t see how something like that can be considered compensation.”

    “Our allies don’t talk about details.”

    Yuri flatly rejects Pope Altorius with an apologetic expression.

    Yuri receives tea leaves, a specialty of the Holy Land of Nimun, in return for the ward.

    The Pope would dismiss it as ‘something like that’. It’s a good thing that you can drink the tea that Lydina used to make in『Sanctuary』at any time in her office.

    In addition, the residents of the cities and villages where she has set upwards are linked to her through a [Bond Link], adding the audience to her daily broadcasts.

    It’s already obvious that broadcasting is an effective way to gather faith, so it’s not like Yuri doesn’t get something in return.

    The more faith Yuri gathered, the more he could repay Lydina for her kindness.

    “By the way, why are you all visiting the Holy Land this time?”

    “One of the reasons is that Estoa had asked me to invite both Lydina and Arcana to Farrata.”

    After ‘broadcasting’ the scene of the three main gods eating at the food stalls with Lydina and Arcana. This is the first thing that was requested through the [Telepathy Bracelet] that I had given to Estoa.

    Lydina and Arcana were willing to visit the Holy Land itself, so I took the opportunity to bring them along.

    “The other reason is that I don’t want to have to explain the same thing over and over again.”

    “What is……?”

    “Yes. The Yuri Empire is planning to build a new city this month, and it will also have a [Labyrinth Dungeon]. I didn’t want to have to explain it twice, once in Lydina and once in the Holy Land.”

    Once everyone was in one place, there would only be one explanation.

    So, in response to Estoa’s request, we all went to the Holy Land for a visit.

    “A dungeon?……. I’ve heard that it’s a ‘demon’s nest’ where a lot of high-level demons live.”

    In response to Yuri’s words, Pope Artorius spoke up.

    (…… Dungeons exist in this world too, right?)

    This is the first time that Yuri has heard that murmur.

    At least as far as Yuri knew, she had never heard of anything like a [Dungeon] in this world.

    To be honest, I’m quite interested in them, if they exist at all.

    However, it would be better to talk about it in detail later.

    “The [Labyrinth Dungeon] I’m going to build will probably be quite different from what Altorius imagined, though. I’m going to make it a place where people will never die.”

    “…… How is that even possible?”

    “If I can get my people to put up the wards, it will be no problem.”

    “Do you plan to place demons inside? Do you capture them from somewhere?”

    “I will place my beasts inside the [Labyrinth Dungeon]. I have a large number of demons that I use.”

    After answering Pope Altorius’ question, Yuri uses [Summon Messenger Beast] and summons one goblin inside the room.

    Both Estoa and Pope Altorius seemed quite surprised by the sudden appearance of a demon in the room, though. As soon as they saw that the beast under Yuri’s control had no intention of fighting, they immediately let their guard down.

    “Sister can do anything, can’t you……?”

    “I can’t do everything. I can only do things related to [Space Magic], [Summoning], and using demons. Other than that, I can’t do anything without the help of my subordinates.”

    Without any modesty, Yuri replied to Estoa words with honesty.

    Well, in the sense that her beloved children generously lend their help, Yuri could be said to be able to do anything.

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