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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 73

    God Visits

    Translated by Green Cake
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    Yuri wakes up from her nap and regains her ability to think quickly.

    Recalling the conversation they had had in the garden of the 『Sanctuary』, Yuri immediately started to act.

    “Welcome home, Master.”

    “Lullaby. I’m sorry, but I need you to arrange a house for me in Yuritania.”

    “Understood. What kind of mansion would you like?”

    “I want a luxury mansion in a prime location near the center of the city. I would appreciate it if it were not too large so that it would not be too difficult to clean. Also―――”

    Yuri, who had returned to her office, requested this from Lullaby, the <Nadeshiko>, today’s “love duty” and escort. Lullaby took out a memo pad from her bag and wrote down the details of Yuri’s request.

    “It sounds like they’re being treated pretty well. Who will be living here?”

    “It will be habited by the God of Healing, Lydina, and the God of Entertainment, Arcana.”

    “……………… Yes?”

    Lullaby rolled her eyes at Yuri’s casual reply.

    No wonder she’s surprised, but it’s an undeniable fact.

    “To be precise, they’re only going to let their『Avatar』here in Yuritania. The main body will stay in『Divine Realm』, and the bodies will be activated only when necessary.”

    “『 Avatar 』, huh?…… God is capable of amazing things. Is it possible that master can do the same thing?”

    “I don’t know about that…… I’ll ask next time.”

    “I would very much appreciate it. There may be times in the future when you want Master to command multiple bases.”

    “Oh, I see. It would certainly be convenient if I could divide myself into multiple bodies.”

    However, judging from what Ludina said, it seemed that it would be difficult to make the 『 Avatar 』and 『Body』work at the same time.

    In the end, if you can only move one of them at a time, it’s not much different from using Transfer Magic to move Yuri herself to the necessary location.

    (Oh… but if it’s an『 Avatar 』, does it matter if it’s defeated?)

    Yuri and the rest of the Yuri Empire are characters in a game, so even if they die, they can be resurrected.―――This is very important, so I asked Lydina about it and got confirmation.

    But, of course, there will be a “penalty” for doing so, according to the rules of the game. You can’t lose your maximum level, but you can lose your abilities for a certain amount of time, or you can lose some of the items in your inventory.

    If the『 Avatar 』is a no-penalty even if it is killed, it may be worthwhile for disposable operations.

    For example, it may come in handy when used as a decoy.

    Leaving the preparations for the mansion to Lullaby, Yuri summoned Primula, the <Red Rose> and traveled with her to the duchy’s capital, Dellane, using [Transfer Magic].

    And at the destination, she had Primula use [Weather Manipulation] to completely remove the current state of [Weather Manipulation] from [Heavy Snow].

    After that, Yuri sent out a reminder to the citizens of the principality, announcing in voice only that the snow was being lifted because the God of Healing, Lydina, had sympathy for the people of the principality.

    This will further increase the faith of the citizens of the Principality in Lydina.

    However, all the clergy who worked at the cathedral in the duchy’s capital, Dellane, have been taken away by Yuri, so even if their faith increases now, the cathedral will still be an empty shell.

    When she returned to the lord’s mansion after finishing her work, Lullaby, who was waiting for her in her office, informed that the arrangements and cleaning of the mansion had been completed, so Yuri took another nap and revisited the『Sanctuary』.

    “The mansion is ready.”

    “Thank you, sister!”

    Yuri told Arcana, who is waiting for her in the garden with its dazzling new greenery. Arcana bowed her head again and said thank you.

    Seeing her smile made me want to do anything for her.

    “You’ve gone to a lot of trouble, Yuri.”

    “It’s not much trouble at this level. I’ve also brought in a good amount of money in the mansion I prepared for you, so you can spend it as you please.”

    “I don’t think I’ll be able to afford that much……”

    “To be honest, there is too much money in the treasury. If you can help me consume it, I’d appreciate it.”

    Rubetta has not returned from her trip to the kingdom yet. Even so, there seems to have been a sufficient amount of work done, and the payment for the demon meat wholesale to the Rostine Trading Company continues to profit.

    Therefore, even though the Yuri Empire has no tax revenue, there is a stable income in the treasury.

    I’ve told everyone in the Yuri Empire that they can spend the money in the treasury as they please. Even so, the amount of money being stored in the treasury was still far greater than the amount being consumed.

    Money should be circulating in the market rather than being stored. I was thinking of doing some kind of public works project to get the money out of the treasury, so if they would spend it, I would be grateful.

    Yuri is back from『Divine Realm』after treating herself to a cup of Lydina’s tea. In the bed where Yuri was taking a nap, there were two women.

    Both of them seemed to be asleep, but their appearance was familiar to me.―――They had the same face and physique as the two women I had met just a few minutes ago in『Sanctuary』.

    It seems that the『 Avatar 』of Lydina and Arcana is the same as the original body.

    “Mmm…… Good morning, Yuri.”

    Lydina’s『 Avatar 』woke up first, so Yuri quickly took her lips.

    In an instant, a blush appeared on Lydina cheeks, who still had a debauched look on her face.

    “Good morning, Lydina. The next morning ・・・・・・ after that night, you didn’t wake up very well, but this time you’re up very early.”

    “Oh, please forget about that time……!”

    In response to Yuri’s words, Lydina’s crimson deepened.

    Arcana watched the scene with a curious look on her face.

    “What happened last time?”

    “…… Nothing, Arcana, don’t worry about it.”

    “I was just indulging Lydina’s cute side.”

    “Yuri! Don’t say anything unnecessary!”

    She got angry while her face turned red, but her angry face was also cute.

    I’m going to tease you again soon, Yuri wrote down in her mind.

    “Wow! Is that the food stall, sister?”

    As she left the lord’s mansion with Lydina and Arcana, Arcana squealed with delight when she saw a food stall operating near the center of Yuritania.

    “Yes, they are. But the stalls are open late, so let’s go to the house first, okay?”

    “Yes, sister!”

    The house that Lullaby had arranged for them was not far from the lord’s house.

    When they arrived, Yuri gave them a tour of the mansion. Arcana was very pleased, but on the other hand, Lydina looked a little troubled.

    “Yuri, I appreciate the sentiment, but it doesn’t have to be this fine of a house, you know?”

    “There’s plenty left over anyway, so feel free to use it.”

    In the center of Yuritania, the children of <Kikyou> have built many magnificent mansions worthy of prime locations. But at the moment, there are not that many renters, and many houses are still empty.

    House that is not inhabited will deteriorate quickly, so it is better to have two people use it.

    “Would it be possible for me to pay at least the rent?”

    “Then the rent will be ‘one night’ a month.”

    “………………. Okay.”

    That’s what Lydina agreed to, so that’s the deal.

    Arcana was looking at me curiously with her head tilted. It’s still a little early for children, so I won’t explain anything.

    I think that Arcana is much older than Yuri.

    That evening, I immediately ‘broadcasted’ with both Lydina and Arcana about our visit to the food stalls spread throughout the city of Yuritania.

    This is because two main gods have come to Yuritania, and one of them is the most well-known God of Healing in this world, Lydina. This ‘broadcast’ was received by the viewers with a great response.

    In particular, the viewers of the Holy Land of Nimun were said to be quite envious.

    『I’d like to invite you, Lord God, to Farrata as well!』

    Later that day, Estoa immediately requested me to do so using the [Telepathy Bracelet] that I had handed her earlier, and I gave her a good answer based on Yuri’s judgment.

    『I’m sure you’ll be able to find some good food that is unique to the Holy Land.』

    『Yes! You can count on me, sister!』

    If I use my [Transfer Magic], I can visit Farrata right away, and I’m sure neither Lydina nor Arcana will mind. Arcana, in particular, seemed to be very interested in food, so I’m sure she’ll agree as long as she can eat delicious food.

    I’m sorry for taking advantage of Lydina and Arcana. If the friendship between the Yuri Empire and the Holy Land of Nimun deepens through the diplomacy of the Lord God, Yuri will be very happy.

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