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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 72


    Translated by Green Cake
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    “Please take your dispute with the Principality in moderation.”

    Since Yuri became one of the main gods, she has been able to visit the 『Sanctuary』whenever she wants to when she sleeps.

    So after Colar from <Water Lily> told me about the oracle, Yuri immediately took a nap in her room and visited the『Divine Realm』. Lydina told me to meet her in the usual green garden.

    “You don’t like that I made it snow so much?”

    “Quite frankly, yes.”

    Lydina immediately agrees to Yuri’s question.

    The current duchy is surrounded by snow within a radius of 30 kilometers by the magic of [Weather Manipulation] exercised by Primula.

    Since it is a heavy snowfall caused by magic, the weather in the principality will not recover until the effect of the [Weather Manipulation] wears off. In addition, Yuri ordered Primula to increase the duration of the snowfall as much as possible, so the snowfall is expected to last for 80 days―――or two months.

    “There are citizens who are suffering from the heavy snowfall you cause. I’m not asking you to stop now, but…… I would appreciate it if you could make peace with the Principality as soon as possible and end the unnecessary suffering of the citizens.”

    “If Lydina asks me to stop, I’ll stop immediately…… I’m not sure what to say…… but it seems strange that Lydina is restraining me this time. You didn’t say anything to me when I killed a lot of kingdom soldiers.”

    “I’m not saying that what Yuri doing is ‘evil’ and that I want Yuri to stop. I don’t like pain, and I don’t like it when I suffer or when others suffer. No matter how many people Yuri kills, I don’t care at all. The pain of death is momentary, and I can overlook it.”

    “……I’m sorry to say this, but that’s not very God-like of you.”

    I swear I don’t care how many people I kill―――for that much talk.

    Lydina smiled with a small, funny smile as Yuri made a ridiculous expression.

    “I’m one of the main gods, but I don’t consider myself to be a good god at all. If anything, I am ‘evil’ in the sense of being selfish. In other words, I’m just like Yuri.”

    “Oh? It’s a pity that there are two evil gods in this world.”

    “That’s right.”

    Lydina giggles and laughs even more funnily.

    Yuri reflected a little inwardly on herself when she realized that she was prejudiced against Lydina, saying that she must be a good person because she was a god. Yuri herself is not, so it is no wonder that Lydina is the same.

    “I don’t like not only my suffering but also the suffering of others. I don’t like to see other people in pain, especially if it can’t be solved with healing magic. The duchy where you caused the heavy snowfall was originally a place where it rarely snows even in winter, so few homes are equipped with heating systems. For me, it is unbearable to listen to the prayers of people who are wrapped in blankets and struggling to endure the extreme cold.”

    “All right, then. If Lydina doesn’t like it, I’ll have it stop immediately.”

    “……What can I do for you to do it yourself? If the snow continues to fall, this autumn’s harvest will be wiped out, the land will be closed, the army will not be able to move, and the duchy will soon dry up.”

    “I don’t need to resort to unorthodox methods to win.”

    If I want to destroy the Principality, there are many easier and faster ways to do so.

    The snowfall in that country was just harassment by Yuri against Duke Drapon for insulting her beloved children.

    She did not expect it to have any strategic effect.

    “I see――thank you, Yuri. I’m sorry to trouble you, but that’s all I’m saying.”

    “All right. From now on, I will take your will and be careful not to cause unnecessary pain, even if you are a citizen of the enemy country. except for the Duke Drapon and the aristocrats of the duchy. Sometimes those who are in position are rewarded accordingly.”

    “That can’t be helped. It’s worse to provoke Yuri’s anger. Oh, come to think of it, I didn’t even serve Yuri a cup of tea. I’ll get it ready now, so could you wait a little longer?”

    “Thank you, always.”

    “No, I’m happy to have someone to serve.”

    With a smile on her face, she walked away towards the western-style house by the garden.

    Lydina always makes tea for me in 2-3 minutes without much time. Is there any modern hot water supply in that Western-style building?

    All Yuri knows about that Western-style house is that there is a bedroom upstairs.

    That’s the only room I’ve used with Lydina, so I know・・・from experience.

    (But this place doesn’t have a sense of season……)

    Yuri thought inwardly as she gazed at the surrounding scenery.

    The garden in the『Sanctuary』is always filled with dazzling fresh greenery.

    I think it’s from the end of spring to the beginning of summer that plants are colored with this fresh greenery. Today is the third day of autumn―――meaning that the season is already in autumn.

    At this rate, it will probably remain the same even when the calendar enters winter.

    That’s what Yuri thinks. In less than three minutes, Lydina returned to the garden table where Yuri was, carrying a tray of tea.


    Yuri noticed that there were three teacups on the tray that Ludina was carrying.

    When she took a closer look, she saw that there was a pretty, brown-haired girl who seemed to be hiding right behind Lydina, and who seemed to be a bit timid.

    “Yuri, may I introduce you to one of the girls?”

    “You’re always welcome to introduce me to girls.”

    Yuri smiled in response to Lydina’s words.

    I think that when I visited the principality, the only people I met were men. When I meet a cute girl like this, I feel like I’m being healed mentally.

    “It’s nice to meet you, Yuri Sister! My name is Arcana!”

    The girl jumped out from behind Lydina and immediately bowed deeply.

    “Nice to meet you. As you already know, I’m Yuri. Nice to meet you, Arcana.”

    “Yes! Please take good care of me.”

    Arcana held out one of her hands, and Yuri gladly shook it gently.

    She seems to be a weak-willed child, but she speaks in a surprisingly energetic tone.

    But her voice seems to be shaking a little, perhaps because she’s nervous.

    “Yes, I am always watching your ‘broadcasts’!”

    “Oh, thank you. But…… How do you watch?”

    “I went to the duchy capital only the other day, but basically Yuri’s ‘broadcast’ should only be broadcasted to the citizens of Yuritania and Farrata.”

    “Let’s see…… we can feel what our people see as if we were seeing it ourselves. So, we are borrowing the eyes of the people of Yuritania.”

    “I see.”

    I’ve never heard the name “Arcana” before, but since she’s in this shrine, she must be one of the main gods.

    Then, of course, there will be some of her followers in Yuritania, and, understandably, they can watch ‘broadcasts’ through their eyes.

    “Arcana is the main god that controls ‘Music’ and ‘Art’”.

    “Yes! So when I saw your broadcast, I was very impressed!”

    In affirmation of Lydina’s words of introduction, Arcana insisted to Yuri.

    She looked at him with eyes filled with deep respect, and Yuri flinched slightly.

    Well,――it seems that there is not much entertainment in this world. I wonder if that kind of ‘broadcast’ provides some entertainment.

    “If possible, please increase the frequency of the broadcast, not just once a day! I would be very happy to be able to watch it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

    “I’m sure I’ll die from overwork…”

    Yuri’s cheeks twitched at Arcana’s innocent request.

    Broadcasting is always done through Yuri’s hands. Unfortunately, it is unrealistic to allow people to watch some kind of program 24 hours a day, as is the case with modern Japanese television.

    (But, not――. Not necessarily?)

    As long as it’s just a ‘broadcast’ of the vision of the Sylph and other messengers, there’s no need for Yuri to expend any effort.

    However, the broadcast would be the same as the so-called ‘fixed-point live camera’, so it’s doubtful that it would be enjoyable to watch.

    “You can’t do it, after all. That’s too bad…”

    “I’ll see what I can do. Don’t get your hopes up too high.”

    Yuri comforts Arcana, who is openly depressed.

    For example, it is possible to put a Sylph on one of the food stalls in the street and broadcast the conversation and images that are taking place there.

    If the owner of the stall is a good talker, then it might be possible to make the content enjoyable to watch.

    ……Well, I can’t think of any such shopkeepers.

    “By the way, why do you call me ‘sister’? Maybe, but isn’t Arcana older than me?”

    Except for Yuri, who had recently joined the gods, I had heard from Ludina that all of the main gods had been “Gods” for quite some time.

    If you think about their actual age in modern Japan, Yuri is not a very young person. But even so, I don’t think it’s necessary to compare her to someone who has been a god for a long time.

    “Well, you know,……. I was jealous when I saw a person from the Yuri Empire calling Yuri ‘sister’ in the broadcast. I can’t……?”

    “No, you can call me whatever you want.”

    Arcana seems to have been influenced by the child of <Himeyuri>, Parfe who calls Yuri that way on ‘broadcast.’

    It’s not that she doesn’t like to be called ‘sister’, of course, so she immediately agreed to it.

    The Saintess of the Holy Land of Nimun, Estoa, also calls Yuri ‘sister’, and I’ve noticed that lately, I’ve been getting more and more calls from girls other than ‘Yuri Princess’.

    “Yu, Yuri Sister, I have a favor to ask of you!”

    “Oh, what is it? I’m not afraid to give in to a pretty girl’s pleas, you know?”

    Smiling gently at Arcana, Yuri told her so.

    It’s not a lie or an exaggeration, it’s just a fact.

    “I’d like to try a ‘food stall’ too, so please give me a home in Yuritania!”

    “A house……? Are you going to live there?”


    “Oh, I’ll live with you, so please make it a bigger house.”

    Taking advantage of Arcana’s words, Lydina asks for them.

    Because of the slaves that were kidnapped from the duchy, the number of vacant rooms in the housing complexes in Yuritania has dwindled considerably. But, there are still a lot of empty houses that are not inhabited, so it is not difficult to get one.

    “I don’t mind that much, but……”

    “Thank you very much! I love you, sister!”

    Arcana, a very small and cute girl who is only about the height of Yuri’s waist, hugs Yuri vigorously with a big smile.

    (I need to prepare the best house…)

    It was needless to say that Yuri had made such a decision at once.

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