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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 69

    Principality’s Evening Party (Before)

    Translated by Green Cake
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    Led by the knight of the Principality, Yuri and the others walked through the palace.

    For some reason, they climbed the stairs twice along the way and moved to the third floor. Yuri wondered why they had to go up the stairs twice on the way to the third floor when a large hall like this would normally be built on the first floor.

    However, Pope Altorius didn’t seem to think anything of it.

    Pope Altorius must have attended the Principality’s evening party many times in the past. If he doesn’t think it’s suspicious, it’s probably nothing to be concerned about.

    Eventually, the guide knight stopped at the end of the third-floor corridor.

    There is a massive double door with six knights waiting by its side.

    From the far side of the door, I could hear many lively and gorgeous voices through the walls. It seemed that the venue of the “Night Party” was beyond this door.

    “Would you like to enter together?”

    “……? Yes, I don’t mind.”

    Yuri replied, wondering why she asked me that.

    At Yuri’s words, the guide knight looked a little troubled.

    “I don’t mind either.”

    “Yes, sir!”

    When Pope Artorius nods and says so, the knight reacts immediately.

    It seems that the Knight asked Pope Artorius, not Yuri.

    This in itself doesn’t mean that the Yuti Empire is being taken lightly, it just means that the Principality of Selsia is placing that much importance on the friendly country of the Holy Land of Nimun.

    Even so―――a country with a long history and a country that has been in existence for less than two months. It didn’t take much thought to figure out which country should be treated with more respect.

    The knights on either side of the door pushed open the massive door.

    In response to the sound of the doors opening with a loud creak, the bustle of the hall quieted down a bit. In the meantime, one of the knights stood in front of the door and announced in a loud voice to the audience.

    “Your Eminence Altorius, Holy King of the Holy Land of Nimun! Your Majesty, Yuri, Empress of the Yuri Empire!”

    What kind of stunt is that Yuri thought inwardly in disgust.

    As if he understood Yuri’s feelings, Pope Altorius also smiled somewhat dryly.

    “Let’s go, Yuri-sama.”


    Walking alongside Pope Altorius, Yuri enters the hall.

    Of course, Macaron and Primula, and four pope-guarded knights, followed Yuri into the hall.

    (Oh―――I see, so that’s why the entrance was on the third floor.)

    Looking down at the view inside ・・・・・Yuri immediately understood.

    The hall where the evening party was being held seemed to be on the first floor, as Yuri had expected.

    However, the hall could be accessed not only from the first floor but also from the third floor, and if you were to enter from the third floor, you would have to come from the top of the stairs inside the hall.

    “……? For some reason, I seem to have been welcomed, too.”

    “It would appear so,……?”

    Seeing the reaction of the audience, Yuri and Pope Altorius tilted their heads.

    It must be a pleasant fact in itself that two heads of state from other countries will come to the country’s Foundation Day, and I know we’ll be greeted with applause.

    Nevertheless―――in this case. Apart from Pope Altorius, Yuri is clearly the “Head of Enemy Country.”

    Normally, if one of the lords who appears is the enemy, you will hesitate to welcome them with applause.

    “I’m sure the people here…… don’t even know that the two countries are at war, do they?”

    “Hmmm, I don’t think so……, do you? As expected……”

    “Would you mind if I made my position clear?”

    “That would be fine.”

    With the consent of Pope Altorius, Yuri begins to talk.

    It’s a telepathic message to be delivered to the people on the grounds of the Dellane Palace, the people I’ve just classified as “Group A”. It’s a great way to make sure that the people watching the broadcast don’t leave behind because they can’t understand what’s going on.

    “Good day, ladies and gentlemen in the evening party.”

    When the applause had died down, Yuri sent out telepathy.

    All the people in the hall quieted down at once as if they were astonished to hear the voice directly in their heads.

    “My name is Yuri, and I am the Empress of the Yuri Empire. I was invited by the God of Healing, Lydina, about a month and a half ago, and I am currently one of the eight main gods. I would like to thank you for inviting me to the evening party commemorating the founding of the Principality. I would like to participate in this event together with our ally, Pope Altorius.”

    Yuri said in telepathy. The response was delayed for a moment, perhaps due to confusion. Eventually, the venue of the evening party was filled with loud applause.

    If I was told by a strange girl that she is one of the main gods. Normally, there would be no credibility in that. But now, right next to Yuri is Pope Altorius, the “Holy King” of the Holy Land of Nimun.

    If the Pope, who reigns at the pinnacle of the Church’s power that transcends national boundaries, does not say anything and quietly nods in approval. This is more than enough evidence to back up Yuri’s words.

    “Thank you for your applause, I was quite surprised when I received a letter from the Duchy of Selsia a month ago declaring war ・・・・ and advising surrender ・・・・. I’m going to have fun today, so I look forward to working with you.”

    With a big smile on her face, Yuri concluded her speech.

    After Yuri’s words, the audience quieted down for a moment, but then the opposite happened, and the place suddenly became noisy with a loud buzz.

    “…… It looks like they really don’t know.”

    “Looks like it……”

    Yuri spits it out in a really ridiculous voice behind her smile. Pope Altorius also responds in a very confused voice.

    In addition to declaring war, he even recommended surrender. Is it possible that the aristocrats of the other country don’t know the fact?

    “I wonder if that personal letter was written at the discretion of the Duke Drapon……”

    “It’s hard to believe, but that’s all I can think of.”

    She had such a conversation with Pope Altorius as he walked down the stairs of the hall.

    Well, even if no one but the prince knew about the declaration of war. The fact that the two countries were at war remains the same, provided that the letter was undoubtedly sent by Duke Drapon, the Prince of the Duchy.

    (…… Ah, it’s good to be in a place with lots of girls.)

    Yuri, who had somehow lost her spirits, felt a little healed when she looked down at the beautiful ladies and lovely girls overflowing in the hall.

    In fact, half of the people at the party were supposed to be men, but perhaps it was because her mind was so tired that the men naturally disappeared from her eyes.

    The sight of so many well-dressed women in a glamorous hall was almost like paradise to Yuri.

    “―――Excuse me, Your Majesty Yuri!”

    As soon as Yuri descended the stairs of the hall, she was greeted by a voice. Yuri, who had been escaping into a brief moment of happiness, was immediately pulled back to reality.

    At the same time, a voice called out to her, two men came running up to her, dressed in splendid attire typical of a high-ranking nobleman. One was a tall man who looked like a civil servant, and the other was a man with a very well-built physique.

    (……Why is it that all I get involved with men?)

    Inwardly, Yuri let out a deep sigh, but of course, she didn’t show it on her face.

    “What can I do for you?”

    “Is it true that our country declared war on your country!?”


    Yuri tilts her head with a mystified face.

    Of course, It just deliberately acting out that expression and gesture.

    “Excuse me, but I don’t understand what you mean…… Well, may I ask your name first?”

    “……Yes, I’m sorry, my name is Argus from the House of Augrot.”

    “My name is Cadain Theodore.”

    In response to Yuri’s words, the two men each identified themselves.

    The good-looking one is the “Augrot” and the civilian-looking one is the “Theodore”, Yuri knew the names of both of them.

    “Oh, you two are from the Duke of Selsia.”

    “You know that? That’s right.”

    Without hiding his impatience, Duke Augusto bowed his head several times.

    The Duchy of Selsia, as the name suggests, is a state-run mainly by the Duchy. There are three dukes in the duchy: the Augrot family, the Theodore family, and the Drapon family, so the monarchs of the duchy are to be determined by the councils of these three families from time to time.

    Until eleven years ago, the House of Theodore would have been the monarch of the Duchy of Selsia. Now, the sovereignty has been changed to the Drapon family, so neither the Augrot’s nor the Theodore’s are sovereign families.

    “Long time no see, Duke Augrot, Duke Theodore.”

    “Oh…… I haven’t heard from you for a long time, Your Majesty Altorius.”

    Pope Altorius joined the conversation between Uri and the others.

    The Pope asked Duke Augrot, with a sincerely curious expression on his face.

    “I have one thing to ask you in public……  Why did the duchy declare war on a country ruled by Yuri, who is one of the pillars of the main god?”

    “……!! Did the duchy really declare war on Her Majesty’s country!?”

    “That’s a strange thing to say. You are the one who declared war, aren’t you? I don’t understand why you’re talking as if you’ve only just found out about it.”

    “Well, that’s…… really the first time I’ve heard of it……”

    “It’s impossible, isn’t it? I don’t think it’s a good idea to tell lies.”

    Pope Altorius snapped at the words of Duke Augrot, who had leaked them in a confused voice.

    If the religious leader condemned him, there would be no room for rebuttal. In place of the completely speechless Duke Augrot, Duke Theodore now took the floor.

    “With all due respect, Your Majesty, Yuri, but do you still have the letter of intent in which we declared war on your country?”

    “Yes, I do. If you want, I can show it to you right now.”

    “Well, would it be possible for me to see it? Well……  I and the Duke of Augrot have not quite understood the situation.”

    “Yes, of course―――”

    Just as Yuri was about to reply to Duke Theodore. The door creaked loudly and the sound of the door opening echoed through the hall.

    “Duke Drapon is entering!”

    The same knight as Yuri and the others announced in a loud voice from behind the door.

    It’s a good thing he came out at the right time, Yuri thought, laughing inwardly.

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