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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 68

    Three Kingdoms Broadcasting

    Translated by Green Cake
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    Yuri has no qualms about increasing the number of people to whom she broadcasts.

    Up until now, she has been broadcasting to her own people first, and then to those of her allies. It might be surprisingly interesting to try to deliver the broadcast to the people of the enemy country.

    I’m only going to do it tonight because it’s really troublesome.

    “… It’ll take some time to get ready, is it fine?”

    “No problem. We still have a long way to go before our turn comes anyway.”

    “All right, let’s do it.”

    When Pope Altorius immediately confirmed it, Yuri nods as if she had given up.

    To deliver ‘broadcasts’ to the citizens of Dellane, a [Bond Link] must be formed with all citizens first.

    To establish a bond, Yuri needs to be able to recognize the other party correctly. For example, if the other party is already someone from Yuri, it is possible to connect the [Bond] directly, so there is no particular difficulty.

    However, when it comes to forming a [Bond] with all the residents of the city, it is essential to accurately recognize all citizens by using the magic of [Spatial Grasp].

    The city of Dellane, the capital of Dellane, has a long oval shape to the north and south, but the area itself is much smaller than that of Nildea, the former stronghold of the Yuri Empire.

    So, just like when you exercise it to Nildea, if you expand the range of effects to 200 times and exercise the magic of [Spatial Grasp], you will be able to capture the whole city.

    [Spatial Grasp] Since the casting time of [Spatial Grasp] is 3 seconds, 600 seconds is required to expand the effective range to 200 times.

    Yuri continued to concentrate on magic for exactly ten minutes.

    “―――Expose everything to me, [Spatial Grasp]!”

    He chanted [The Magic Word Nessiant] and joined the chant to invoke magic.

    From the side, it would seem that Yuri’s magic just now worked. All the information brought about by the magical effect of [Spatial Grasp] flowed into Yuri’s head like a flood.

    “……This is a terrible city. More than ten percent of the population is slaves.”

    According to the information obtained by magic, the population of Dellane, the capital, is 21,336.

    The population seems to be too large for the size of the city, but this is probably because passengers from surrounding cities and villages are gathering during the National Foundation Festival.

    Among them, there are 2,529 slaves. Moreover, more than 80% of slaves are women.

    Moreover, there are quite a few young girls among the women who are less than 20 years old. In this world, where there are only 160 days a year, under 20 years old is equivalent to a girl under 9 years old in Yuri’s sense.

    Yuri doesn’t mean to call slavery itself “evil”, but.―――Even so, from the point of view of Yuri, who loves women, there is no doubt that this is a situation that cannot be overlooked.

    After this time is over, it will be necessary to collect them back to her own country as soon as possible.

    “Sister, now.”

    “Oops… that’s right, let’s prepare for the broadcast first.”

    Yuri, who was about to fall into the sea of thoughts, is drawn back by Macaron’s voice.

    The magic of [Spatial Grasp] will be maintained unless Yuri’s magic power is depleted or deliberately canceled. Researching and considering the city information of the official capital Dellane can be done later.

    Yuri establishes a [Bond Link] with all about 21,000 Dellane citizens.

    After that, she decided to divide them into two groups: Group A for those who are within the premises of the Dellane Palace, and Group B for those who are outside.

    Tonight’s broadcast will be delivered only to the citizens of Yuritania, Farrata, and Dellane who are classified as Group B.

    In this way, the broadcast will not reach those who are inside the palace, so they will not be aware of the fact that it is being broadcasted until much later.

    On the other hand, I will not deliver the broadcast itself, but will continue the [Bond Link] with “Group A”.

    I’m sure this will come in handy during the evening party.

    “Good day to you, residents of the Divine City of Yuritania and the Holy City of Farrata. My name is Yuri, and I am the Empress of the Yuri Empire.”

    As soon as the preparations were complete, Yuri began her usual ‘broadcast’.

    I’ve gotten so used to it lately that it’s even become a part of my life.

    “I am now in Dellane, the capital of the Principality of Selsia. For this reason, we are also sending this broadcast to the citizens of Dellane, the capital of Dellane. ―――It’s a pleasure to meet you, residents of the Principality of Selsia. My name is Yuri, and I’m the monarch of a country called the Yuri Empire, which was recently established right next to the Principality. I became one of the main gods of this world on the 23rd of last month or the 23rd day of the Spring Moon, so if you have a strong faith in the eight main gods, you may know me.”

    Smiling, Yuri said this to the citizens of the royal capital, Dellane, who were probably watching the broadcast.

    I think it’s better to make it clear who Yuri is at this point.

    ―――It is better to make it clear who Yuri is at this point so that when people understand that Yuri is an enemy, their confusion will be greater.

    “Also, I’m not alone today. I’m visiting the Duchy of Selsia with a certain person.”

    As soon as Yuri said this, Sylph moved a little and floated to a position where he could see Pope Altorius and Yuri sitting on the opposite side of the sofa.

    However, since Sylph disappeared, Pope Altorius could not see it. So Yuri marked Sylph with ‘white’ and shared the information with Pope Altorius through the [Bond Link].

    The object marked by Yuri’s ability will always be visible in a translucent form, even if it is indoors, underground, or hiding behind a shield.

    This is also the case when the figure is made invisible by the effects of sorcery, magic, or magical tools. So, when Yuri shared her marking information, Pope Artorius was able to see Sylph’s figure vaguely.

    Pope Altorius seemed to have noticed this.

    Yuri gave a small nod. The Pope responded with a nod, and then immediately began to speak to the audience.

    “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen of Dellane, and, of course, the citizens of Farrata and the Divine City of Yuritania. My name is Altorius, and I am the Pope of the Church of Eight Gods and the Holy King of the Holy Land of Nimun. Thank you for your cooperation.”

    The Pope greets Sylph, who floats at the same level as his eyes.

    This is the first time I’ve ever heard of the “Eight Gods” religion, although I knew that Pope Altorius had faith in all the main gods.

    In addition, I thought he was the head of state because of his position as Pope, but apparently, he has the proper title of “Holy King” as head of state. Yuri had even allied, but she had never known such a fact.

    “I am also visiting the Duchy of Selsia with Yuri-sama today. The Duchy of Selsia holds a four-day Founding Festival from the first day of autumn, and on the first night of the year, a party is held to celebrate the foundation of the country. It is customary to invite the heads of friendly countries to this evening party, so I, the Holy King of the Holy Land of Nimun, received an invitation this year as well.”

    In this way, Pope Altorius unfolds the invitation to the guards when he enters the palace so that viewers can see it.

    “Oh―――is it customary to invite the lord of the ‘Friendship’ to this evening party?”

    “Yes, that’s how I understand it.”

    “That’s strange. Then why did I get an invitation?”

    Yuri, like the Pope, spread out the invitations.

    “Oh, Yuri-sama, you received the invitation, didn’t you? This is unexpected.”

    “Well, why did the Duchy send me an invitation? My country, the Yuri Empire, has already declared war on the Duchy of Selsia…”

    I didn’t particularly discuss the flow of the conversation with the Pope in advance―――as if we had agreed, the conversation between Yuri and Altorius progressed without a hitch.

    I think the Pope is quite vicious to act as if he had just learned that Yuri had received the invitation.

    “That’s right. This is the first time I’ve heard of sending invitations to an evening party to an enemy country.”

    Furthermore, it is really obscene to use the word “enemy” to clarify the relationship between the Yuri Empire and the Duchy of Selsia.

    I always thought the Pope was a smiling and gentle person. I’m sure his stomach must be filled with incredible dark matter.

    ―――As Yuri was thinking about this.

    Suddenly, there was a knock twice on the door of the guest room where Yuri and her friends were.

    “Oh, it seems that it’s our turn.”

    “Well, now we’re going to attend an evening party at the palace. Please enjoy the atmosphere of the evening party through the show.”

    After telling the audience so, Yuri and Pope Altorius stand up.

    It’s time to go to the battlefield.

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