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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 67

    The Palace of Dellane

    Translated by Green Cake
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    “It doesn’t suit you.”

    “I understand that much myself……”

    Pope Altorius responds with a wry smile to Yuri’s blunt words.

    When Yuri and the others visited the cathedral in the capital, the Pope had already changed into his evening attire.

    It’s not the clergyman’s white robe that he usually wears, but the black robe with a dark blue base, which has a calm atmosphere.

    Sadly, this robe did not suit Pope Altorius at all.

    The color of the clothes has changed, but there is not much difference in the design itself.

    “…… You’re too thin. I think I’d look better in that suit if you had gained a little more weight.”

    With a sigh, Yuri tells Pope Altorius so.

    Yuri understood the reason why it didn’t suit him right away. Pope Altorius is very thin and narrow for his height of nearly 180cm, so when he wears a black robe, he gives the impression that he is wearing clothes.

    The color of the robe that Pope Altorius usually wears is white. White is an expanded color, so it has the property of making it look a little larger than it should be.

    The Pope, who was too thin for a man, looked a little taller and had some dignity in his white robe.

    On the other hand, the current Pope Altorius is wearing a black robe with dark blue added.

    Low-brightness colors such as black and cold colors such as navy and blue are “shrinkable colors,” so they look a little smaller than their original sizes.

    It makes the Pope’s body look even thinner, even though he is tall and thin. It gives the impression of being unreliable and skinny.

    Clothes that cover the body loosely, such as robes and gowns, are originally more attractive to people of some thickness. In any case, it’s better to say a little.

    The Pope is not able to bring out the charm of the clothes at all. This makes it look like you’re just wearing a costume―――what we call “clothes”.

    “I’ve been eating quite a bit lately though…… I’ve always enjoyed the chocolates that Yuri-sama donated to Farrata.”

    “I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying them, and I hope you’ll make an effort to eat more, whether it’s food or sweets.”

    “I’ll do my best to be positive……”

    Yuri chuckled at the politician-like response.

    When I give them chocolate, they make a freezer in the Holy City of Farrata. It might be a good idea to give something that can be frozen and has calories.

    “To be honest, the guards are better looking than Pope Altorius”

    “I am well aware of that…”

    The Pope nodded further in response to Yuri’s words.

    The four Holy Knights, who guard the Pope, are now dressed in evening dress.

    As expected, all four of us have very muscular trunks, perhaps because of our daily training, and the black evening dress looks great.

    Surrounded by these four, the Pope is likely to lose his presence.

    “By the way, why don’t you get ready, Yuri-sama?”

    “Yes. My preparations are already done.”

    Yuri instantly changed the equipment she was wearing to the “Black Butterfly Dress”.

    Macarons and Primula also changed their equipment to evening dresses they had prepared in advance.

    If you just change the equipment, you don’t have to take off your clothes once, so there’s no problem doing this in front of men.

    “I was surprised… but it suits you very well.”

    “Thank you”

    Yuri responds with a smile to Pope Altorius’ words.

    I know it’s a compliment, but I don’t feel bad about being praised.

    “Are you ready, then?”

    “Yes, please.”

    Yuri uses the magic [Group Long-Distance Transfer] and warps all eight to the [Transfer Point] recorded in front of the palace in Dellane, the capital.

    Some Holy Knights seemed to have experienced transfer magic for the first time, and after a moment’s darkness, it changed to a completely different view―――they seemed excited about the experience.

    The security of the palace in the royal capital of Dellane was on even stricter alert than usual, as the night party was to be held.

    Then, out of nowhere, a total of eight men and women suddenly appeared. The guards guarding the front of the palace suddenly became noisy.

    “Stop there, all of you! This is the palace of the royal capital, the capital of Dellane!”

    “Yes, sir. I’m here because I got an invitation.”

    Yuri takes an invitation to the evening party from the inventory and hands it over to a person who seems to be the leader of the guard. A moment later, Pope Altorius opened the invitation he had also brought to the guard.

    “I am Artorius, Lord of the Holy Land of Nimun. This is Yuri, the Goddess of Love, one of the main gods, and she is here as the Empress of the Yuri Empire.”

    “What……? Goddess of Love, is it?”

    The leader of the guards looked as if he had been caught by a fox as he heard Pope Artorius’ words.

    Apparently, he doesn’t know that Yuri is one of God’s pillars.

    Behind Yuri, Macaron and Primula are whispering in response to the word “Goddess of Love.”

    It’s only a matter of time before this spreads to everyone in the Yuri Empire―――Yuri thought inwardly. If possible, she wanted to hide the title of “Goddess of Love” to herself.

    “I’m sorry, but the invitations are both genuine. Open the gate! The Pope of the Holy Land of Nimun and the Empress of the Yuri Empire! Politely escort them into the palace!”

    As soon as the guard leader shouted, the gate of the palace opened.

    The leader of the guard immediately returned the invitation to Yuri.

    “Let’s go, both of you.”

    “Yes! Goddess of Love, sister!”

    “Yes, Princess Goddess of Love!”

    “…… Let alone Primula, but don’t think that Macaron will be safe tonight.”

    Macarons are on duty tonight, so the chance of revenge will come soon.

    Macaron shivered at Yuri’s words, but it doesn’t matter.

    “I’ll show you around.”

    A knight with a sword seems to guide them, so he leads them through the palace in Dellane, the capital of Dellane.

    The palace is well-built in proportion to its appearance. Of course, it’s nothing compared to the Palace of Yuritania built by the children of <Kikyou>.

    “Please wait a little longer in this room.”

    I was expecting to be taken directly to the venue of the evening party. Yuri and the rest of the group were taken to a particularly VIP guest room in the palace.

    When Yuri tilted her head, Pope Altorius explained to her why.

    “It’s not just an evening party. In a duchy, people who hold a certain rank or higher have a fixed order of entry into the order in which they enter the venue is determined.”

    It seems that only nobles and knights below the rank of the count are allowed to stay in the venue from the beginning.

    From there, the exact order of entering the hall is determined, with the Marquis appearing first, starting with the families with the shortest history. Next, the two Dukes other than the sovereign families appeared.

    Then the Dukes and Duchesses, and finally the current monarch, Prince Drapond, and his princess appear in the hall.

    “What a load of crap.”

    “Haha……. We are the sovereign of another country, so we will enter the hall around the front of Lord Drapon. We’ll be waiting in this room until then.”

    “I see. Thank you, Pope Altorius, for explaining it to me. I’m sure there will be many opportunities for me to show my embarrassing ignorance, but I would appreciate it if you could explain it to me each time, even if it’s a hassle.”

    “It’s all right.”

    In response to Yuri’s words, Pope Altorius smiled cheerfully.

    I’m not sure what to do with it. It’s great to have someone like the Pope to teach us about it.

    (In any case―――if you have some free time, it’s a good thing).

    Thinking about it, Yuri said in advance, “I’m going to use magic now,” and then concentrated her attention on magic after saying to Pope Altorius and the Knights.

    “Appear in response to my call――[Summon the Messenger] Slyph!”

    In response to Yuri’s summoning magic, a palm-sized fairy appeared.

    Of course, the reason for calling Slyph is the same as usual.

    “Please take good care of the photographer again today, right?”

    When Yuri says so, Slyph’s body shakes happily as usual.

    Then Slyph disappeared as if to be confused by the fluctuation of the air in the room. Of course, Yuri, the summoner, knows exactly where the messenger is, but Pope Altorius will no longer know the existence of fairies.

    “Filming… Are you going to do that ‘broadcast’ now?”

    “Yes, because I was invited all the way to an evening party in a foreign country. There is no reason not to show it to the citizens of Yuritania and Farrata, is there?”

    “If you have something to show Pope Artorius and the citizens, of course, I can cancel today’s broadcast.”

    “There’s nothing like that at all, but……. May I suggest Yuri-sama?”

    “Oh, what is it?”

    “Since we have this opportunity, why don’t we make it available to the citizens of both countries as well as the citizens of the royal capital, Dellane?”

    When Pope Altorius said this, Yuri couldn’t help but peel her eyes away.

    Pope Altorius must have known through Lydina’s oracle that Yuri was planning to “fight” with the Principality today.

    He understands and urges the citizens of the royal capital, Dellane, to be included in ‘broadcast’ as well.

    “……You’re unexpectedly vicious”

    “Well, I’ll take it as a compliment.”

    The Pope responds to Yuri’s words with a smile.

    The more gentle a person is, the scarier it is to make him angry.――All of a sudden, such words seemed to have slipped into Yuri’s mind.

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