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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 257

    Second Concubine (2)

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    The facility of the Explorers’ Guild in the city of Ulysses.


    After parting ways with the man who showed her around, Melfalude went to the reception desk on the first floor and told them that she had an appointment to meet with a woman from Your Majesty’s『second concubine』. Immediately, Melfalude was guided by a guild employee to the guild master’s room on the eighth floor.


    “―――You must be Melfalude-san, I’ve heard so much about you.

    I’m Sofia Theodore, the second wife of my master, and I’m in charge of the management and operation of the city of Ulysses. I look forward to working with you.”


    The girl in the blue dress who was waiting for her in the room bowed deeply to her first, and Melfalude also bowed hurriedly.


    She was a girl who could be recognized as a nobleman at a glance.


    She was still young in appearance, probably less than 30 years old. This woman, who called herself Sofia, was so refined in her gestures that there was not a single flaw.


    The woman Melfalude met yesterday, Estoa, was also quite young―――she wondered if Your Majesty Yuri was one of those people who liked to play with young women.


    If that’s the case, then Melfalude doesn’t think Yuri would be very interested in her, who is over 500 years old.


    “Fufu, I see… This is another woman that Master seems to like.”


    “………? Me?


    Sofia’s words seemed to see right through her mind.


    Melfalude was more than a little surprised, and asked back.


    “Yes, she loves all women. However, she does have some preferences―――she likes intelligent women.”


    “Intelligent? Do you mean you like scholars and the like?”


    “No, I don’t mean knowledgeable, but women with a lot of wisdom. Like someone who is always thinking and never gives up.”


    “……I’m not that great, you know?”


    “Fufu, that’s a lie. Melfalude-san’s gaze was quick to check various things, starting from my appearance―――to the clothes I was wearing, to the way I sat on a chair or bowed. It’s not the kind of look a shallow person would give.”


    Sofia giggled as she replied.


    Melfalude was horrified to discover that all of her gazes were being watched. It is not easy for even the most experienced scouts to read the eyes of others.


    (Even though not as good as Your Majesty Yuri, the people in the concubine are not to be underestimated……!)


    Even after all this time, Melfalude still feels that way strongly inside.


    Whether it was Estoa, who she met yesterday, or Sofia, who is standing in front of her right now, she looks like an elegant woman, but she is unfathomable.






    She couldn’t help but think that her voice turned upside down when she replied.


    Sofia smiled somewhat happily at Melfalude’s reaction.


    “There is something I want to give to you. Can you take this?”


    As she said this, Sofia placed a ring on the table.


    It was a plain silver ring. It was a very simple ring, with no jewels or ornaments on it.


    “……This is?”


    “It’s a trinket called the『Explorer’s Ring』that is given to everyone who registers with the explorer’s guild. I thought it would be a hassle, so I took the liberty of registering Melfalude-san with the guild myself. You can take the ring with you as proof of registration.”


    “This ring… seems to have magic power?”


    Melfalude, who has some knowledge of spiritual magic, keenly senses that the ring contains a small amount of magical power.


    When she asked her about it, Sofia immediately nodded her head.

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