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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 256

    Second Concubine (1)

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    In Yuritania, the capital of the Yuri Empire, there are a total of three wards that surround the entire city at all times.


    One is the【Barrier Ward】, which functions as a barrier to block the entry of unwanted beings by the caster who deploys the warding. They are mainly set up to prevent demons from entering the city, but if they wanted to, they could prevent insects from entering or even prevent rain and wind from entering the city at all.


    The second is the【Temperature Control Ward】, which has the effect of adjusting the temperature inside the warding to the temperature desired by the caster. This keeps the temperature in Yuritania at a level that is desirable to the people living in the city. Even though it is now the『summer month,』the fact that we don’t feel the summer-like heat at all is undoubtedly due to the effect of this ward.


    The third is the【Purification Ward】which has the effect of keeping the inside of the warding clean. Whenever there is any dirt or filth in the city of Yuritania, it will be quickly removed due to the effect of the wards.


    ―――Last night, Melfalude was forced to confirm the effects of the third of these wards, in the form of actual experience.


    This is because Melfalude, who stayed in Estoa’s room, the first concubine of Your Majesty Yuri, was made to feel the end of her fingertips several times that night.


    She remembered up to the fifth time, but the rest is too disturbed to remember much. The only thing she remembered was that the cum that leaked out of her body as a result of her body repeatedly tensing and relaxing as she was forced to cum over and over again stained Estoa bed twice.


    Every time the bed got dirty, it was restored to its『clean』state in less than 10 seconds.


    By seeing the effect of the purification wards right in front of his eyes, Melfalude experienced firsthand the amazing effect of the wards.


    Melfalude wonders if any other nation can reproduce any of the effects of the three types of wards she mentioned above.


    The Yuri Empire, a nation that can easily prepare wards with such tremendous effects, is unfathomable.


    The existence of Your Majesty Yuri, the empress of that nation and one of the『eight gods』, is something else. Melfalude felt like she is reminded once again of the fact that she was at a height far removed from her.


    ―――You’ve been very reckless, fighting with Yuri sister.


    That’s what Estoa said yesterday morning.


    After all this time―――it seems that she is absolutely right.


    By the way, when Melfalude woke up this morning, Estoa was no longer in her room, and there was only a note in her room that said, “I’m going to do some work at the cathedral.”


    Yesterday, Estoa was in her room until the afternoon, but Melfalude guess she was just waiting for her visit, and she usually goes to the temple in the morning.


    Melfalude was well aware of the fact that many of the visitors to the cathedral were old people, having worked as a healer for a day yesterday. Old people come early in the morning, so the cathedral seemed to be more crowded in the morning than in the afternoon.


    After leaving the Yuritania Palace, where Estoa’s room was located, Melfalude used the『Transfer Gate』in the central square of Yuritania to fly to the city of Ulysses.


    Because she had received a『Transfer Gate Pass』from Your Majesty Yuri that allowed her to travel freely to any city in the country, Melfalude was able to travel freely to almost any city in the Yuri Empire and its allies.


    Needless to say, being able to travel across the country as much as possible without spending any time traveling is an amazing thing.


    In fact, she now realizes that if she had wanted to, Your Majesty Yuri could have easily sent a huge army to the High Elves’ villages.




    Those were the words that Melfalude unconsciously spat out as she looked around after transferring to the city of Ulysses.


    Unlike the capital city of Yuritania, where there are many waterways and the sound of babbling water and cleanliness is pleasant. The city of Ulysses was like a『forest of skyscrapers』with many tall buildings standing in a row.


    (I wonder how many talented architects are needed to build such a city…)


    Because of the abundance of tall buildings that must be at least ten stories high, Melfalude could only see a very small area of the sky. The countless streetlights along the streets are lit up during the day, keeping the city very bright even without sunlight.


    The city seems to have a large population, and the streets are much more crowded than those in Yuritania.


    Moreover, the people we encountered on the streets were very diverse, and while there were brown-skinned people who looked like『desert people』walking around over there, there were also groups of dwarves, which are said to be common in the southern part of the continent, walking around here.


    The city is like a crossroads of races and ethnicities, and it is somewhat fun just to walk around and look at it.


    (Oh, I see. These people are all from different places, aren’t they?)


    It seems that anyone can easily visit Ulysses by using the『Transfer Gate』that has been set up in each city of the country and its allies.


    So it’s no wonder that the people walking the streets are so diverse. In fact, they use the『Tansfer Gate』to come to Ulysses from all over the world to do their shopping.


    Melfalude heard that the transfer gate was set up by Your Majesty Yuri herself, and is maintained by her own magic power.


    The power to make direct contact with people in distant places is something that she admires, and it’s certainly worthy of being named one of the Eight Gods.


    Today, Melfalude is scheduled to meet with Yuri’s second concubine at the Explorers’ Guild building in Ulysses.


    It seems that the Explorers Guild is located near the center of the city of Ulysses.


    Estoa didn’t tell her exactly where it was, but she said it was a building that everyone in Ulysses knew, so we could easily find it by asking around.


    “Excuse me. I was wondering which building is the『Explorers Guild』?”


    So, Melfalude immediately approached a random person and asked.


    The man in question was wearing leather armor and a sword at his waist.


    It is said that explorers earn money by diving into『Labyrinth』and fighting demons, so this man, who is clearly armed, is probably one of those people.


    “Ahh, I can show you around if you want. I’m on my way there myself.”


    “I’m sorry, but I’d appreciate it.”


    “No problem. I can see from your bow and quiver that you’ve come to Ulysses to become an explorer, haven’t you? You have to be nice to your juniors.”


    The man gave a pleasant smile as he said this.


    If she looks closely, she can see that he also has a rather short sword on the opposite side of his waist.


    Melfalude could see from this man that he had a certain amount of training and experience, as he had prepared a spare weapon.


    “You look like an elf to me. Do you fight with only a bow?”


    The man seemed to have misunderstood that Melfalude was not a High Elf, but just an Elf. However, she won’t bother to correct it.


    “I can use some spirit magic, but basically I rely on my bow.”


    “Oh, that’s great. It’s not uncommon for elves who work as explorers in this city to not be able to use any kind of spirit magic.”


    “……Eh? There are elves in this city?”


    “You can see a few of them on the street, right?”


    Melfalude hurried to check the surroundings. As the man said, there were a good number of elves in the area.


    For every fifty to sixty people walking around the city, there was probably one Elf. It’s a small percentage, but the city of Ulysses has a lot of people, so it’s easy to find them if you look for them.


    “I’m surprised…… I thought that elves never leave their residential settlements in the forest and spend their entire lives holed up.”


    “……Ha? Hey, hey, hey. Check the outfits of the elves in the vicinity again. You can at least tell that they’re not dressed like a bunch of lazy bums, right?”




    When the man said that, Melfalude once again checked the appearance of the elves walking along the street.


    She soon found two elven women walking side by side―――


    They were both wearing sleeveless jackets and leather armor with their navels exposed, and they were wearing incredibly short skirts.


    It was really extreme, maybe 20cm above the knee. This would mean that if they bent their knees, the underwear would be in full view of everyone around them.




    A sigh escaped from Melfalude’s mouth.


    It’s not that she doesn’t like to see her own kind dressed like this.


    ……No, of course, elves and high elves are two completely different species. Even so, she didn’t want to see her fellow “elves” like this.


    Of course, people who live in the forest usually wear clothes with long hems, both top, and bottom. If they didn’t, they would get hurt by the branches of the trees and get useless raw wounds.


    It was obvious that neither of the two elven women in Melferude’s line of sight was living in the forest.


    The completely immaculate look would fit in with the urban atmosphere.


    “…You’re right about that.”




    The man smiled as he answered.


    It’s clear to see that he’s right, it’s not an outfit for the lazy.

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