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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 255

    First Concubine (3)

    Translated by AmaLynne
    Edited by AmaLynne


    “Please come inside.『Hall of Divine Statues』is not normally a place for more than one person to enter, but… I’m sure that Melfalude-sama will have big questions once she enters the room, so it’s better that I accompany her so that I can answer them.”


    “……? I’m not sure, but I’m glad you’re coming with me.”


    With Estoa leading the way, Melfalude entered the『Hall of Divine Statues』.


    It was a circular room. There are a total of eight statues lined up along the walls of the room, which is about the same size as the rest of the room, surrounding Melfalude and the others as they entered.


    The statues were probably imitations of the『eight gods』that are often worshipped in human nations.


    As a result of their race, high elves are often indifferent to religious beliefs, and Melfalude is no exception, though she knows very little about it.


    Still―――Melfalude could tell that the statue of the god on the right side of the room, dressed similarly to the priest’s uniform that Esota was wearing, was a statue of Lydina, known as the『Goddess of Healing』.




    The statue was placed to the right of the statue of Lydina.


    Melfalude stiffened when she saw it.


    It was the first time she had ever seen a statue of a god, and yet it looked so familiar. She knew a woman who looked very much like this statue.


    “Your Majesty, Yuri……?”


    ―――Yes. The statue in front of Melfalude eyes is very similar to the figure of Your Majesty Yuri, who claimed to be the Empress of the Yuri Empire.


    No, the resemblance wasn’t even close. The statue was more elaborate than the other statues of the gods, and Melfalude could only assume that it was a living copy of Your Majesty’s appearance.


    “This statue is a replica of Your Majesty Yuri, the『Goddess of Love』, who was the last of the eight gods to join the current seat. You know her well, don’t you, Melfalude-sama?”


    “……D-Do they worship Your Majesty Yuri in this country?”


    “Yes, in the Yuri Empire and other countries as well. You can say that any nation that recognizes the Eight Gods Religion as its state religion also worships Yuri-sama.”


    Your Majesty Yuri is one of the eight gods―――


    This fact was hard for Melfalude to believe. But on the other hand, it also made sense in his mind.


    The overwhelming disparity in power that her arrows had been unable to reach. it makes sense if you think that it is due to the absolute separation between man and God.


    “To get a class, pray to one of the statues of the gods, it doesn’t matter which one, and visualize in your mind the class you want to get, and that should be enough to complete the ritual.”


    “……I-I understand”


    Since it was a good opportunity, Melfalude knelt in front of the statue of Your Majesty Yuri.


    Melfalude’s current body belonged to Your Majesty Yuri. Even though she didn’t have any faith, she didn’t mind bowing to the statue of her master.


    As Estoa said, Melfalude closed her eyes and prayed, hoping in her heart that she would be able to obtain the <Spiritualist> class.


    Then―――so clearly that she could see it even with her eyes closed. Melfalude felt a new power that had never existed before spring up in her body.


    “The ritual is complete, thank you for your time.”


    “……I didn’t know it was so easy to finish.”


    “Yes. Since it is a ritual that everyone undergoes, it should be somewhat easy, or else the temple facilities will be overcrowded.”


    Well, that may indeed be what Estoa is saying.


    None of the Melfalude friends in the High Elf village have taken a class. This is heresy, because most of the people in the world have already undergone this ritual.


    “I’d like to try out my newfound powers right aw―――”


    “I’m sorry, but Yuri-sama’s second concubine, who will be taking care of Melfalude-sama tomorrow, will be in charge of that. Can you please bear with me today?”


    “Yes. I’m a little disappointed, but if that’s the case, I guess I have no choice.”


    “By the way, can you use spirit magic for healing, Melfalude-sama?”


    “I can use some simple ones, but……?”


    There are some water- and wind-based spirit magic that can heal the wounds of others.


    The high elves of the village teach each other spirit magic of all attributes, and Melfalude, of course, had mastered it, if only the simple ones.


    “So, today, in this cathedral, will you please help me with the treatment? The more healers we have, the more room we have to work, and the more we can listen to the stories of those who come for treatment.”


    “You’ve taken care of me in many ways, so of course, I don’t mind that level of labor. However, my spirit magic can only heal minor wounds, so please keep that in mind, okay?”


    “But it’s still a great help. Can you purify or relieve pain?”


    “Unfortunately, purification is impossible. I can use wind healing magic for pain relief.”


    Although the healing effect itself is higher with the water attribute, the wind attribute healing spell comes with an analgesic effect, which can be useful when silencing a child who is crying out in pain from an injury.


    Of course, it also has an extraordinary effect on old people who complain of back and shoulder pain daily.


    Incidentally, Melfalude doesn’t really know why the wind attribute has an analgesic effect.


    The wind attribute includes『Lightning』, so maybe it has something to do with that. Maybe being numbed by lightning dulls the senses and makes it harder to feel pain.


    Then―――Melfalude worked as a healer in the hall of the cathedral until night.


    Many of the cathedral’s patrons were elderly, so the wind-attribute healing magic came in handy. Also, thanks to her high level of 97, Melfalude had a lot of magic power and recovery speed to spare, so she never ran out of magic power until the end.


    At the end of the workday, the high priest of Badanterre paid her well.


    Melfalude had already received enough money from Your Majesty Yuri to spend freely. As a slave, she wanted to return the money given to her without spending as much as possible, so she is grateful for the extra income.


    “Shall we go back to the Yuritania Palace?”


    “All right. You’ll let me stay in your room today, won’t you?”


    “Yes. I have been instructed by Yuri-sama to have Melfalude-sama stay with me and educate her. Of course, you can stay there.”




    “You’ll find out soon enough.”


    Estoa smiled as she said this.


    Melfalude doesn’t know what『education』is. Perhaps it’s to teach Melfalude how to prepare herself to serve Your Majesty Yuri.


    “I see. It’s an honor to be educated directly by the first concubine.”


    “Fufufu. You can look forward to『fun after dinner』.”




    Estoa smiled meaningfully at her, though she couldn’t tell what she really meant.


    If she says it’s okay to expect it, I’ll definitely look forward to it after dinner, Melfalude thinks.

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